Why My New Palette is CANCELLED... and Revealing Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson

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Hey everyone, welcome BACK to my channel! Today we are going on a makeup adventure of trying new products, full of conversations, emotions and surprises. I discuss why my the next Jeffree Star Cosmetics palette is cancelled, Shane Dawson and I reveal some NEW makeup items! The new JSC green mirrors and merch are available exclusively on my website starting tomorrow at 10AM PST!
There is also a HUGE giveaway in today's video! I'm going to be sending $2,500 to TEN people... AND also sending $5,000 to TWO people on CASHAPP! THE RULES? Just be subscribed to MY channel, and leave a comment down below! I'll announce on my social media in a few days!
This is for people who really need help right now with bills and life. Let's try and share the love, help a stranger and make someone else smile. We are all going through a lot right now.
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jeffreestar - 7 måneder siden
HEY EVERYONE! I didn't mean you have to literally leave a comment saying "high, how are ya?" hahah I was just saying come say HI and leave you feedback here!!!! I'll announce the CASHAPP winners on IG and SnapChat in a few days! LOVE + LIPSTICK!
petteflat2 - 2 måneder siden
Emma Coleman
Emma Coleman - 2 måneder siden
Dreaming Fish
Dreaming Fish - 2 måneder siden
I loved your wig
Jasmine - 5 måneder siden
I love you Jeffree❤️ you are the best business woman I ever met in my life keep up the good work👍🏼 and don't listen to hater's cause we know you got it👍🏼❤️
Mad Moo
Mad Moo - 6 måneder siden
Heidi Winters
Heidi Winters - 18 timer siden
19:40 happy to wait my love
Heidi Winters
Heidi Winters - 18 timer siden
bruh i'm still waiting on this redbull keg...
Kristina Beddaoui
Kristina Beddaoui - Dag siden
Jeffree: “high how are ya”
Me: on my 5th special cookie
Brandi Miller
Brandi Miller - Dag siden
I would name that blonde one teddy ❤️ because it is a sweet unisex name... could work for boy or girl and that puppy looks just like a teddy bear 🧸
Brandi Miller
Brandi Miller - Dag siden
Those puppies are so cute 🥰
Anne Lynn
Anne Lynn - 3 dager siden
Jeffrey! Loved your Blood Money transformation with India and cute pups in this video... I have an elderly Chihuahua with the same trachea problems... I have a spray for her from the vet that helps with discomfort... Hope your little one is ok now... Take care and glad to see you are doing well... Thanks for your charitable work!
Btw I just bought your Morphie Eye brush set but yikes have no idea how to fully maximize their potential😂. Have you done a video on help with using these? ❤️🌈🙏
Sean Lukachyk
Sean Lukachyk - 4 dager siden
This video makes me so happy
Krystal Huston
Krystal Huston - 7 dager siden
Love how Jeffree literally throws every box once he opens the product 💨📦
CALLIE K - 7 dager siden
i love the mint sweatshirt i need it! i love you got me through a rough couple years thank you for being there since way back in my middle school days!
THANISHA M.K - 7 dager siden
who all thought it was hi instead of high.
Ellie - 8 dager siden
i know that he like did some stuff wrong and whatever and that hes still friends with shane, which i dont like but if youre friends, youre freinds and i dont want anyone to ruin that relationship, but jefree is like really funny and very talented. Yes, ofc there are a few bumps in the road but overall, he has my respect
John H
John H - 8 dager siden
my sunshine, the little one in this picture has that issue with the backwards cough sneeze i hate it the collapsing treck
Natasha Gibson
Natasha Gibson - 9 dager siden
I'm absolutely in love with the mint green mirror!! As always your makeup 💄 is phenomenal, pigmented and luxe. Hope all is well Jeffree 🙏 Going through it with my kiddos in this Pandemic. If you ever ever can help me, my family would appreciate you more than words could express 💯. My cash app is $CherokeePrincess88. Hope all the puppies are doing great!!! They are so stinking cute!!! 😍🥰🤗😇
Jasmine Bergman
Jasmine Bergman - 10 dager siden
Man I love sitiva I can’t do anything but sitiva
Jasmine Bergman
Jasmine Bergman - 10 dager siden
Aww I’m late😞 well either way I love you so much jeffree! I didn’t get a check lol
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 10 dager siden
I've noticed since wearing these damn mask is making my chin break out pretty freaking bad now.
Yobanny Gonzalez
Yobanny Gonzalez - 10 dager siden
Hi how hi are u . Are u still high . Jeffrey hope all is well with u and yours , if I would of won I would of took my baby Genisis witch I adopted her 4 years ago going to be 5 . She’s my baby yorkie she’s I think 10 to 12 years old . Has a crazy bad cough . I’m trying to safe for her . To take her to the vet 😌 stay fly cute creative positive god bless 💋❤️🌹🍷🌱🌿☘️🍀🎄🍃
Nicholas Girga
Nicholas Girga - 10 dager siden
Momma... been following since MySpace days. Thank you for keeping us all under your wings of love and positivity... you may never know the true impact you have had on me over these years... but I just want to say thank you for all you do to keep us happy! I hope that you always feel your best, lookin' that good it'd be a sin to feel any less ♡ Stay you MISS THANGGG!
Stephanie - 10 dager siden
Girl, you cud b an Alien & still be frsh and beautiful....Ur SO Inspiring and motivationAl
Jayden Bowen
Jayden Bowen - 12 dager siden
Jeffree: "hi, how are ya"
Me: "lets not get into *that* now, 𝒔𝒘𝒆𝒆𝒕𝒊𝒆"
Dawn Lavy
Dawn Lavy - 13 dager siden
Who is the picture on the middle of your chest??
Dawn Lavy
Dawn Lavy - 13 dager siden
Love you in the green hair
Kelsie Ahern
Kelsie Ahern - 13 dager siden
GURL, Shea moisture has a moisturizer that has cannabis sativa seed oil,and vitamin e oil and is 12 dollars
Santiago Bonilla
Santiago Bonilla - 13 dager siden
"Like Pablo Escobar powdery" 😂 Queen of references.
Devin Taylor
Devin Taylor - 14 dager siden
Hi, how are you....... do I get free money now
Betty Parker
Betty Parker - 14 dager siden
Hi I love your blood sugar palate
Lyndsey Carr
Lyndsey Carr - 14 dager siden
I know Tom Ford is pretty pricey but why is the foundation so fkn much? For that price that shit better make me look like I was 17 again! Lol
007 Qureshi
007 Qureshi - 14 dager siden
Your look so fresh, dashing gorgeous ..... sweet
007 Qureshi
007 Qureshi - 14 dager siden
hi hello, am avid follower of you, Goodluck, God bless!
Daydreamz17 - 15 dager siden
When you see them in person you’re like 🤔.. 😅😅😂.. I love your honesty 🤣🤣
Marc Espinoza
Marc Espinoza - 15 dager siden
High how are you
Adrienne Bolles
Adrienne Bolles - 15 dager siden
I've been harvesting my herb. She's (cannabis is the female plant) I can just scrub face in nugs and its cheaper than $125. My 2nd season growing legal medical. I only manage 2-3 plants but with a medical card and condition You or I can grow 12. But thats like a small forrest. Even without a card in CA I'm in Santa Cruz you can grow 6. Not at my residence as its not allowed. Love and light to Santa Cruz County we lost 925 family homes in the fires. Yes my girls (the pointer sisters plants) choked. I love that you love cannabis I have chronic pain pinched nerves and only started at 44. Late to the party. Gosh I want that chrome leaf mirror. They were all stoney.
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom - 16 dager siden
That was an awesome give away - right now people needed it
Amy Martinez
Amy Martinez - 16 dager siden
Hi Jeffrey, I know I'm like 6 months late on your giveaway, but still wanted to show you some love, so Hi, how are ya lol I've been following you for many many years you're such an inspiration, I love your work I love your aesthetic I love your quirky personality and everything about you and your channel. I literally watch you while I get ready everyday, and you give me that extra little sass that I need during this crazy time. Xoxo
Jasmine Villarreal
Jasmine Villarreal - 16 dager siden
High, How Are Ya Jeffree Lynne?
I love your content and appreciate your transparency here in the future Nov 2020! SECOND shut down here in New Mexico, I hope it will help dwindle the numbers. $jasmvil
Jacob J. Mendoza
Jacob J. Mendoza - 16 dager siden
Ooooooo myyyyyy lordddddddd i fucking love the vibe of this video, thank you Jeffree we neeeded it
Tracy Mia
Tracy Mia - 16 dager siden
My zodiac sighn is capricorn ♑
Melinda Ayers
Melinda Ayers - 16 dager siden
All right girlfriend here ya go... High Honey, your still the best love ya still just as much as a few min ago. HEYYY (LOL)
Melinda Ayers
Melinda Ayers - 16 dager siden
Your the best! The biggest game changer ever you make this little thang yes a lot or a little older than 50+. Thanks to Jeffery Star yes you look even hotter with age only with Jeffery. Your the best. Mimi
Jeannie princetta
Jeannie princetta - 16 dager siden
What was the last item you held up called?
KATHY KENNEDY - 17 dager siden
High How are you?? I would love to try the jawbreaker palette and truly Jeffree how are you gorgeous and the fur babies? I’m so happy you’re not missing a beat💥 ❤️kathykenney9@icloud.com
Chasity’s Artistry
Chasity’s Artistry - 17 dager siden
I dig the soft look on you 🥵
Chasity’s Artistry
Chasity’s Artistry - 17 dager siden
The Tom Ford foundation looks flawlessss
Chasity’s Artistry
Chasity’s Artistry - 17 dager siden
Omg you’re dogs are so freakin cute 😩😩😩😍
S. BinX
S. BinX - 17 dager siden
RIGHT !! the stimulus smh- i don't want to complain for something is better than nothing -
First time i really felt the loss of my own parents and grandmother all at once hit me all at once after my son- 4years old - started tp worry that i would get covid and leave him and our dog " Ice" alone in this world with no one :(
I will never forget that day and our pinky promises...
sorry no idea why i just told ya'll that -
Chad Thieke
Chad Thieke - 17 dager siden
Hi uhow are you let me just say this I admire you for living your true self I wish I could one afford your makeup and two I wish I could have your makeup to use for myself I lost both of my legs one of them I lost 3 years ago and lost my second one in March so I am confined to a wheelchair and would love to play with your makeup I know I keep saying that sorry just wanted to say your the best for giving back to people I wish you could do my makeup that would be iconic I love your videos and have watched them all and have missed you making new ones thank you for listening to all this I know it won’t make it to you but just know I love you man keep up the good work
Kelly Biddulph
Kelly Biddulph - 17 dager siden
You need to change the” Hi, how are ya?” To “ how, high are ya?”.👍
aaron james
aaron james - 17 dager siden
Anyone else barley seeing this video 🤭 I thought I’ve watched every vid 👀👀👀
MurMade0312 - 17 dager siden
Hey. my love, hope your doing well. I dreampt in another life we were bffs. LOVE & LIGHT - Meriah H. xxoo
Kenzie Foxx
Kenzie Foxx - 17 dager siden
Hey Jeffree! I'm a student drowning in debt; I've started an OnlyFans to help! It would mean the world if you could give me a shout out in hopes of growing my following to afford bills! https://onlyfans.com/kenzieexoxo (Sorry for the spam, I'm desperate!)
Kyleigh MacDougall
Kyleigh MacDougall - 17 dager siden
Love you Jeffery
Tara Ann
Tara Ann - 17 dager siden
Please stay on YouTube!!! I LOVE your videos Jeffree Lyn!!!
Chazz Bagola
Chazz Bagola - 17 dager siden
Hi how are ya?! I love your highlighters money honey, have had it for a year and is immensely wet!
Jo Ann Jaques
Jo Ann Jaques - 17 dager siden
Hi how are you Amazing mint green sweat shirt.. $mixanmatch
Lisa Duuglas
Lisa Duuglas - 17 dager siden
Hi how are you?
The BookSteller
The BookSteller - 17 dager siden
Everyone: jeffree Hi how are ya? 2020 , hi how are ya 🙄
Me : why the comments like this 💤
Amber Kallenberger
Amber Kallenberger - 18 dager siden
girl i just ate 3 edibles and shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
Tracy Cordova
Tracy Cordova - 18 dager siden
You rock!! You’re my hero. You always stay true to yourself and I love that!
Mae Bella aka Mae
Mae Bella aka Mae - 18 dager siden
I just love your channel your makeup everything about you you're very down to earth. You help a lot of people. ♥️✋💋💅💄👠💋💅💄👠
Destiny Bierman
Destiny Bierman - 18 dager siden
Hello my name is Destiny. I am from Florida. I have two boys and one in heaven. We’re struggling to pay for his memorial service and bills. If you’re willing to help me and send me money please it would be such a blessing for my family ❤️ thank you god bless 🙏🏻 $MrsNicholson823
Dora osko
Dora osko - 20 dager siden
I'm a single mommy drowning in bills. I love and watch every video, love love love makeup and yours of course!!!! ♥️♥️♥️😜
Carolyn D
Carolyn D - 20 dager siden
So good to c u.
Isabella M
Isabella M - 20 dager siden
Sooo cute dogs and I would die for that couch!
Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain - 20 dager siden
Jeffree: “High, how are ya?”
Me: struggling as a single mama with everything going on but grateful for you for taking my mind off things for 38 min 💚💚
SamAsm - 20 dager siden
He should rename Mini-controversy. Call it 2020. I'm glad he and Shane still speak. What a year.
Yosaira Gomez
Yosaira Gomez - 20 dager siden
Omg I LOVED this video. I am re watching all your videos cause I miss your reviews 😭😭 and this one is just so cool! Love this video.. I love ur personality and how it shows here!
LEAD BELLY - 20 dager siden
Looking handsome here...jefree looks a lot like eleven from stranger things in this wig and bare face,that is not a bad thing as she is a gorgeous actress!
Angela Hayes
Angela Hayes - 20 dager siden
Jeffrey Star...You are such an incredible inspiration on makeup! 👁 💕 U
Tammy Cromwell
Tammy Cromwell - 20 dager siden
Jeffery, What about having an older person on your cite. I would volunteer for this.
Tammy Cromwell
Tammy Cromwell - 21 dag siden
Hi Jeffery, I love you so much.
Fancy A Holte
Fancy A Holte - 21 dag siden
Hi! Love you!
Raco Moore
Raco Moore - 21 dag siden
Jeffery gives me life when my life is😳😭💜👑
Alana Imboden
Alana Imboden - 21 dag siden
High how are ya I love the green mint mirror so beautiful
John & Jessica Hunt
John & Jessica Hunt - 21 dag siden
I absolutely love it! Don't worry about the negative comments! Focus on the positive comments!💚 We love you!
SavvyFrog - 21 dag siden
i love your new collection
Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones - 21 dag siden
Just want to say I think you are beautiful. Continue being you love it..
Lauren Quinn
Lauren Quinn - 22 dager siden
Jeffree , you are a role model !!!! Your amazing and I just love you so so so so much
Saucy Joex Diamond
Saucy Joex Diamond - 22 dager siden
Love u Jeffre
Conaday Sweet
Conaday Sweet - 22 dager siden
I hate my skin
Iñigo Medina de la Portilla
Iñigo Medina de la Portilla - 22 dager siden
Jefree can you make a yellow pallete, because I’m obsessed with the colour please
Joy Saunders
Joy Saunders - 22 dager siden
Jeffrey I was wanting you to try that it cosmetic and has the marijuana in it and I'll tell you what it's one of the best I ever hear so give it a try it came with my Ipsy sample you have to try it out on your channel it is very nice
Joy Saunders
Joy Saunders - 22 dager siden
I just want to give a shout out to you Jeffrey I'm so glad you're back on YouTube such a weird feeling woke up at 3 this morning was Braun Center YouTube jumped up because I seen that you were back on their congratulations girl glad you're back on their wish I could afford your makeup but I can't love you keep up the good work love your dolls you are so beautiful girl don't want no one take that from you you are gorgeous very gorgeous awesome personality always hanging out and smoking with you always smoking on my pain with you always keep up the good work you are beautiful Jeffrey don't let no one take that from you never
Kitten Gem
Kitten Gem - 22 dager siden
Love The Mirrors!
Xanderr Monroe
Xanderr Monroe - 22 dager siden
Love you jefffree ❤️❤️.
Xanderr Monroe
Xanderr Monroe - 22 dager siden
Jason Flores
Jason Flores - 22 dager siden
Your amazing and such a great person..
Maria Canto
Maria Canto - 22 dager siden
There you are Jeffree, with your brown eye!
Did you go a little heavy on the eye shadow?
Nancy Lopez
Nancy Lopez - 22 dager siden
I loved, You are amazing!
Ishbel Willow
Ishbel Willow - 22 dager siden
* pupdate 😂
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie - 22 dager siden
Love this jacket!! Where’s it from - can I have it?? Xx🥰
Sam Stevenson
Sam Stevenson - 22 dager siden
Hiiii! I’d totally buy this palette, but priorities come first. I love this whole vibe though! Glad to see you back in your domain jeffree!! 😭 $samix014
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie - 22 dager siden
9:28 Random but hilarious! Sort of thing I’d do so can mega relate to that reflex!!
R B - 23 dager siden
Wish I would have seen this video months ago. 420 wasn’t the best this year. Hope you have been well. House is looking amazing from the renovations! Thanks for making a crappy quarantine a lil bit more bareable
ben doyle
ben doyle - 24 dager siden
Hey lovely... you look amazballs! 😎The puppy’s are just “life” ❤️👌🏻Congratulations on your Blood Money! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Liz Lute
Liz Lute - 24 dager siden
Hi, how are you
yasmine Tanase
yasmine Tanase - 25 dager siden
Hi love the makeup and the new sweat top
SoSpecialTaurus - 25 dager siden
i hate when people come for jeffree saying she doesn’t give back when she gives away A LOT on cashapp. besides it’s his money which She made. so instead of begging people for money. go and start your own makeup brand or whatever.
Kirah Chengebroyen
Kirah Chengebroyen - 25 dager siden
So like blood money or money blood love your vids 💙💙💚💚😻
Bena Bang
Bena Bang - 25 dager siden
Wow, That Tom Ford make up bottle is everything 🙌 😍 🤩 Wonder if it's in my skin tone, will Google now.