Trying Dollar Tree Makeup For The First Time

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm going on another adventure to try and find great, affordable makeup! After my testing TJ MAXX makeup video, I've gotten so many requests to try Dollar Tree makeup so here we are! I haven't been to a Dollar Tree in years so I didn't know what to expect! The Yelp reviews were scary but does the makeup work??? Watch and find out the REAL truth...
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Sameeksha Rajeev
Sameeksha Rajeev - 5 timer siden
Miss gurl rlly went to the dollar store wearing gucci-
XYou_GurlAvaX 03
XYou_GurlAvaX 03 - 8 timer siden
Lets all take a moment and realize nathan is now gone... Im so sorry jeff I cant XC
Skylar Sheets
Skylar Sheets - 9 timer siden
You ain’t got no cycle boiiii
MACI CARRUTHERS - 9 timer siden
My dollar tree is the best because I know every one in the store I also live in Columbus I love going there I am ten too and they are acutaly Apollo nice I love the dollar store.😁 and I feel like I'm rich when I go to the dollar tree 🤑🤑 even tho I have ten dollars.
MACI CARRUTHERS - 9 timer siden
I meant really not apollo
Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper - 22 timer siden
We have poundland lol
sugar bear
sugar bear - 23 timer siden
Hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
Ian Kurk Maniquiz
Ian Kurk Maniquiz - Dag siden
why did they break up??
mek nganu
mek nganu - Dag siden
he remix

billie eilish n tailor swift..
Jessica Charles
Jessica Charles - 2 dager siden
the dollar tree by me has almost good skin care 😐
Evan - 2 dager siden
Did you know that staying near a siren for two minutes will make you go COMPLETELY Deaf.
Aria D.
Aria D. - 2 dager siden
you can actually store milk out of the fridge if it hasn't been open.. I love how stupidly dramatic some people are
maddie wes
maddie wes - 2 dager siden
I miss Jeffree doing these kinds of videos 😢
BootsMcNab - 2 dager siden
I miss seeing nate hes adorbs
Claire Paulsen
Claire Paulsen - 2 dager siden
Boxed milk can be ok shelves it doesn’t need to be in a fridge and that was boxed milk
Jules Peaches
Jules Peaches - 3 dager siden
I love this dollar tree cashier she’s great lol
liz Ann
liz Ann - 3 dager siden
Drug test hell amazing 😳 hilarious
liz Ann
liz Ann - 3 dager siden
Dollar tree make up no no no never try it again👎👎👎👎👇🏼
liz Ann
liz Ann - 3 dager siden
That’s funny
That you didn’t know how to say Ramen noodles I don’t know how to say it either just help me😅😅
Diana Gandara
Diana Gandara - 3 dager siden
Hey Jeffree you are so cute! and cool te mando un abrazo
Aashi G.
Aashi G. - 4 dager siden
yo dollar tree ain't that bad
GlossyBlushy Role plays
GlossyBlushy Role plays - 4 dager siden
Next do Walgreens!
Kiwi Stauffer
Kiwi Stauffer - 4 dager siden
Jeffree be like, “Hey poor people, I’m going to Dollar Tree! HA! Can you believe it?”

Have a laugh, it’s a joke.
Hattie Maxwell
Hattie Maxwell - 4 dager siden
My dollar tree has lashes. Setting spray. Primer. Literally everything. Eyelash curlers.
Karen Rodriguez
Karen Rodriguez - 4 dager siden
Not trying to give shade to jeffrey star but that foundation looked kinda white in his face again not trying to throw shade at Jeffrey
Premeplug London
Premeplug London - 4 dager siden
Here are 15 oddly specific classroom moments you completely forgot about but totally experienced :
Thanuja Santha
Thanuja Santha - 4 dager siden
I still won’t buy dollar tree makeup it’s hard to trust but makeup tools and accessories are ok
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson - 5 dager siden
I would never be able to tell that jeffrees boyfriend is gay, like if I didn’t already know I would legit never be able to tell I don’t get the gay vibe at all from him ..trippy
Lucero McComas
Lucero McComas - 5 dager siden
You are a boy or a girl?
Sarah Williams
Sarah Williams - 5 dager siden
Omg it is not bad
Anais Duggan
Anais Duggan - 5 dager siden
Go Cardi
Go Cardi - 6 dager siden
My dollar tree has nothing but messy broken shit but I still go
kat puryear
kat puryear - 6 dager siden
Tbh it seems like he shops their every other day because one day I saw him in a car while security went into dollar tree and then jeffree start took it
Eva Beasley
Eva Beasley - 6 dager siden
What the fuck.a ovulation kit.Now I've heard it all.ur a dude not a girl.reality.cum on
Aly San
Aly San - 6 dager siden
I miss this relationship
Angela_1881 - 6 dager siden
I thought the pole was to try and find your parent easier 😂
Amanda MALCOLM - 6 dager siden
jeffree: goes into dollar store with gucci clothes on
me: going into dollar store with a rag on
leetowse covers
leetowse covers - 7 dager siden
Stop bragging
grace jochman
grace jochman - 7 dager siden
emo wolf
emo wolf - 7 dager siden
My dollar tree doesn't have poles on the cart lol
Madison Bedell
Madison Bedell - 7 dager siden
Are we going to talk ab the fact that he says he has period
Hawa Haji
Hawa Haji - 7 dager siden
I loved the cashier!! She was so nice and very pretty 💕
Galazy Starlight
Galazy Starlight - 7 dager siden
When you are beautiful and skillful like Jeffree, make up from $1 and $100 is similar to no diff
Hana - 7 dager siden
LA colors used to make these little palettes with a super opaque white, a bright color like blue, a slightly lighter and darker shade, and a black and i literally learned how to do blended smokey eyes in high school with those things. Pigmented AF and suuuper soft
Agha khizar KHAN
Agha khizar KHAN - 8 dager siden
jefree: This brand can't have three shades!
also jefree: This brand has three shades *throws box*
Danielle Wahlgren
Danielle Wahlgren - 8 dager siden
When dollar store make up goes on million dollar skin. I’d be looking like fun fetti birthday cake. All flops
Serenity Demon2
Serenity Demon2 - 8 dager siden
Dear god when he was walking into the shop i was like "Wheres his mask? Bitch wheres his mask?" Coronas been here too long my face feels naked lol.
Julia Wilczkiewicz
Julia Wilczkiewicz - 9 dager siden
wait his was posted 5 may but coronavirus was around why does no one have masks ?
emoboy༄ - 8 dager siden
it's 2019 when he posted that video.
Jaylen Southern
Jaylen Southern - 9 dager siden
this was before coronavirus
Cassandra Przekop
Cassandra Przekop - 9 dager siden
last year.
joannie rice
joannie rice - 9 dager siden
The lines r not just horrible at the dollar tree it is also Dollarama. I remember that I was standing in line in Dollarama for 30 minutes it was horrible
তৃপ্তি Cooking
তৃপ্তি Cooking - 10 dager siden
That makeup is my everyday makeup I use😂
Kaylie play's Roblox
Kaylie play's Roblox - 10 dager siden
You should do your nails with dollar store products
Beyza Yaman
Beyza Yaman - 11 dager siden
Omg i have that rainbow lipgloss 🥳
Morgan Dalton
Morgan Dalton - 11 dager siden
not me wearing half of this makeup lol.
C F - 11 dager siden
wow JS content used to be top tier... i miss this era and gorgeous Nate
Jessica Rhodes
Jessica Rhodes - 11 dager siden
Go to family Dollar store you will like of that makeups I have a lot of eyeshadows lovely sticks a lot of browner primer and lots of liquid eyeshadows peace
Malloree Carlstead
Malloree Carlstead - 11 dager siden
26:50 Jeffery- *sniffs mascara super hard and starts coughing* oo fuck I just lost a few brain cells
Literally me 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Rayleigh Senkirik
Rayleigh Senkirik - 11 dager siden
Who’s watching this in 2020.
Mia Montoya
Mia Montoya - 11 dager siden
Why do you have to throw everything tho😂 like there’s no need to be so aggressive
Benedikt Schulz
Benedikt Schulz - 11 dager siden
Sometimes you look like Legolas from lord of the rings
Marexi Subeliani
Marexi Subeliani - 11 dager siden
Sry but i hate him😑
Xxmoolight lovexX
Xxmoolight lovexX - 11 dager siden
Why are you watching his content then huh
The carr Family
The carr Family - 12 dager siden
That milk don’t have to be refrigerated
Sophia and coco the pug Happy pug
This is many people hate his
Starr Sky child of light
Starr Sky child of light - 12 dager siden
Ok I have to say this you have the most beautiful teeth in the world I’ll never smile again
Sara Takkoush
Sara Takkoush - 9 dager siden
Hes had it done.. he wasnt born with it fam dont worry
Casey Tyree
Casey Tyree - 12 dager siden
Yall have never seen rich people go to dollar tree? A lot of rich people find it even more thrilling to buy cheap stuff because they know they have the money to "waste". Worse case scenario, they lose $20 of money 😂
Just Madz
Just Madz - 12 dager siden
I thought jeffry was a boy🤔
Brandi Wilson
Brandi Wilson - 12 dager siden
Thicker than a Snicker like the good stuff
Brandi Wilson
Brandi Wilson - 12 dager siden
I think your brilliant
Brandi Wilson
Brandi Wilson - 12 dager siden
High light is cute
Brandi Wilson
Brandi Wilson - 12 dager siden
Box milk is brilliant for cooking
Matt Cochran
Matt Cochran - 13 dager siden
Check those expiration dates
Matt Cochran
Matt Cochran - 13 dager siden
The pole is so the workers can see wherever the customers are
J Young
J Young - 13 dager siden
you're so funny, just go back to your old man and start making videos with shane again and give no fucks. just be like trisha paytas and dgaf about people okay love?
Heaven Mae
Heaven Mae - 13 dager siden
Lol I like when he complained that the eyeshadow was broken but then he kept throwing all the items in the cart 🤣
Brylie Whiffen
Brylie Whiffen - 13 dager siden
Me: why aren’t they wearing a mask.
Me: oh, it’s not corona time yet! This was made last year!😂
Andres Ramon
Andres Ramon - 13 dager siden
They have dollar tree at los angels I thought dollar tree was only at Texas
Xxmoolight lovexX
Xxmoolight lovexX - 11 dager siden
Dollar tree is everywhere
Vlb33ss 0.0
Vlb33ss 0.0 - 14 dager siden
We miss n8
Rebecca Pacheco
Rebecca Pacheco - 14 dager siden
Jeff girl love you
Amber’s ALERT’s
Amber’s ALERT’s - 14 dager siden
Real talk- I wish he would do like a “what he recommends” for drugstore make up
Liana Melatparast
Liana Melatparast - 14 dager siden
Everyone’s acting like he didn’t say the n word-
Serenity Demon2
Serenity Demon2 - 8 dager siden
@ale yeah when?
ale - 12 dager siden
wait when what
Mariam Elkholy
Mariam Elkholy - 12 dager siden
I KNOWWW I’m rewatching this cause I remember it being funny but everyone is complimenting him in the comments like okay?? We’re just gonna ignore his problematic ass?? Okay
nnioop nnioop
nnioop nnioop - 14 dager siden
Hard to dislike someone who gets excited over the littlest things
Meghan Austin
Meghan Austin - 14 dager siden
You should do a video with only using kids makeup
Jessica Giron Castellanos
Jessica Giron Castellanos - 15 dager siden
Aw I miss Nate
adoptmeplayz90 - 15 dager siden
Welp I mean Pick-N-Save is my local grocery store besides Walmart
Kids o yes.back on 20010
Kids o yes.back on 20010 - 15 dager siden
You should make that makeup when your in a rush.
Regina Morales
Regina Morales - 15 dager siden
“I’m just showing up to work ready to suck” same
Videogame Star
Videogame Star - 15 dager siden
Him getting exited in daller tree

Me getting excited in the makl
Videogame Star
Videogame Star - 15 dager siden
Me watching this in 2020
Beauty by Brodeigh
Beauty by Brodeigh - 16 dager siden
Nate is so over the bullshit 😭😂😂
Emyle Styles
Emyle Styles - 16 dager siden
I used to work at a dollar store and the corporate is beyond cheap the reason the stores are a mess and the lines are long are bc they REFUSE to hire more then 6 employees per store and pay them minimum wage with no benefits and expect them to do the work of 10 people.
Glorious Elite Wrestling BTS
Glorious Elite Wrestling BTS - 16 dager siden
Hi I love u and I have you makeup plait it is so awesome thank u for it
Marisa's VLOGS
Marisa's VLOGS - 16 dager siden
I've started does makeup videos because of you ❤
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom - 16 dager siden
Omg they actually purchased and sold ur stolen make up!!! OMG. That’s just real crap thing to do. 😡
Andrijana Zobenica I2
Andrijana Zobenica I2 - 17 dager siden
This is so weird to watch after they've broken up
Kageyama - 17 dager siden
Jeffree star: uh this one is broken, let’s get a non-broken one
*throws makeup in the cart*
PANDA LAMA - 17 dager siden
'Oh this ones broken let me just get other one throws it in the cart'
Mackenzie Clark
Mackenzie Clark - 17 dager siden
The moment when you realize Nate's brothers name is the same as your own brother
Aralynn Abrahamson
Aralynn Abrahamson - 18 dager siden
The dollar tree isn't even that bad. People are making a big fuss about it but yall know that's where we go if we dont want to spend money🙄
Traveling Soul
Traveling Soul - 18 dager siden
I love you Jeffree
Kairi Trego
Kairi Trego - 18 dager siden
Jeffree the whole time "its kinda cute"
Isla Ellis
Isla Ellis - 18 dager siden
You didn’t wear a MASK!! 🤣
Isla Ellis
Isla Ellis - 15 dager siden
Well obviously
Michelle Rae
Michelle Rae - 15 dager siden
This was way before Covid.
Geremy Malone
Geremy Malone - 18 dager siden
This is so weird seeing jeffree doing this