Trying Dollar General Makeup For The First Time

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan and I'm going to a #DollarGeneral store for the first time!! Allegedly they have a makeup line called Believe Beauty and the products are ALL $5.00 or less!! Will any of these makeup products be Jeffree Star Approved?? Let's find out...
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Tiani ortiz
Tiani ortiz - 10 timer siden
I absolutely love you babe 💖
Heather Perkins
Heather Perkins - 11 timer siden
i want a bag
Augurey 87
Augurey 87 - 17 timer siden
Omg jeffree I have been watching a ton of your videos and I absolutely love them I have been makeup free for most of my life and decided to start wearing some today I just tried the believe beauty eyeliner and I never knew how much I could improve with just that I even have a list of jeffree star approved makeup to start me off and I’m so excited I know you probably won’t reply to me but I just want you to know I absolutely love what you do keep it up and know that I’m gonna be watching very closely I can only dream of being as awesome as you
Sarah Kocol
Sarah Kocol - Dag siden
I literally get my foundation from Dallor General lol me and my mom go there like 5 times a day
Mari Guerrero
Mari Guerrero - 2 dager siden
Jury fghifdr fjf😁💓🙂🥰👌🙂🤤🤩🤤😉😊🤩💓😁🔥🏝️🤤🤩🤤🤤🤤🤣🙂🤣🤤🤤🤤🔥🔥🙂🤩🤩🌻🌻😊😉👄🏝️🤤🏝️👄🏝️🤤🏝️🤣😉👌🤤😡😡🥰👌😡😁💗🙂👌🙂🤣🤩😡🤩☺️🤭😋🤭🤣☺️
BootsMcNab - 2 dager siden
Wish I can go to my dollar general.. too bad its only on the bad side of the city
Tifanie Ferreira
Tifanie Ferreira - 3 dager siden
Anytime I watch Jeffree I find I want to eat a bunch of snacks anyone else?
PUCCA GARÚA - 3 dager siden
I miss jefree and Nate together I hope jefree finds his way back with him adorable couple
Sm0LDEMONBEAN - 4 dager siden
Okay but can we talk abt how old and how much PTSD the beggining sparkle magical sound gives
Nyx - 4 dager siden

i'll leave it at that
mellen jordan
mellen jordan - 4 dager siden
Ya forgot to salute the general before entering
sana fr
sana fr - 5 dager siden
the more i watch him the more he looks like hisoka
Real time with us MacGyver Dobbie Hooty
I just now subscribed you are so cool I would be so excited if you get that to me
Stella s ASMR
Stella s ASMR - 5 dager siden
Are you and James friends 🧐🧐🧐🧐
Brandi Purdue Barber
Brandi Purdue Barber - 6 dager siden
Bitttcchhh if they made that Versace robe in my big ass size I'd sell my bigass soul for it! Hahaha just saying baby I FUKIN LOVEEEEE IT!
Brandi Purdue Barber
Brandi Purdue Barber - 6 dager siden
Lani Cash
Lani Cash - 6 dager siden
Me: It’s the no eyebrows for me

Jeffery:it’s the never wearing makeup for me

allie aspen
allie aspen - 6 dager siden
jeffree has such good bone structure i’m jealous
Valeria Ceballos
Valeria Ceballos - 6 dager siden
He should buy Maybelline
Melissa Nelson
Melissa Nelson - 6 dager siden
I wonder how fast the management of that particular Dollar General went in on the employees? Oh I’m sure that they sent Jeffree emails and DM’s to get the message out that they have tried to fix the problems. I’m sure they cleaned up the place and I could pretty much bet that they went in on them hard.
Latysha Wilkerson
Latysha Wilkerson - 6 dager siden
believe beauty is one of my favorite cheap brand so far
Sara Blevons
Sara Blevons - 8 dager siden
I have a idea for you you should do put a line on your face in the middle one side his you make and the there one a different one your choice.
Sara Blevons
Sara Blevons - 8 dager siden
But it has to be a store that you hate
Radial Shaq
Radial Shaq - 8 dager siden
That’s the biggest goddamned dollar general I’ve ever seen
Sophia Lanning
Sophia Lanning - 10 dager siden
what are your pronouns?
Jane Becker
Jane Becker - 10 dager siden
Nobody else realize when he took a picture with that girl at 11:45 she was running to her friend excited 🥺
Chassidy Stapleton
Chassidy Stapleton - 11 dager siden
Hi 🙋‍♀️
Lawrence Petrone
Lawrence Petrone - 12 dager siden
He is definitely trying too hard
jennifer wynne
jennifer wynne - 13 dager siden
She forgot the fake eyelashes
Timber Kallio
Timber Kallio - 14 dager siden
Shows up to dollar general in a slaying outfit!
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith - 15 dager siden
U should be friends with James charles 😊
Sophia Glenn
Sophia Glenn - 16 dager siden
Hi I am so inspired bye you
Liv Alston
Liv Alston - 16 dager siden
I need help idek what color i need for foundation just beginning to do my makeup I need help jeffree 🙄
Key Keough
Key Keough - 16 dager siden
I wonder if they have the Jefferee star pallete?
Adri’s Life
Adri’s Life - 16 dager siden
JeffereStar says:
I’m might buy the entire store
Everyone else:
Fatima Rubillos
Fatima Rubillos - 17 dager siden
I miss Nate and Jeffree 😭😭
Kayla Morris
Kayla Morris - 17 dager siden
I know you don't want to see this but I miss your videos with nate.
Lilly Dustin
Lilly Dustin - 18 dager siden
Oh my gosh.
Margaret Perdomo
Margaret Perdomo - 19 dager siden
Jeffery at the store have my in tears from laughing. So extra. I love it
asperand - 19 dager siden
Dollar General make up sales must be booming
D Ont
D Ont - 20 dager siden
i enjoy this videos I love when she go to dollar trees and review makeup it satisfying-
Terra Mae
Terra Mae - 20 dager siden
Jeffree makes the most simplest things in life fun. I respect her for handling everything the way she does. I adore the way she carries herself.
Chrystal Coulter
Chrystal Coulter - 20 dager siden
I love watching ur vids
Angel Martinez
Angel Martinez - 21 dag siden
They actually do have an eye primer
maddison martin
maddison martin - 21 dag siden
where are his eyebrows
Laura Evelyn Johnson
Laura Evelyn Johnson - 21 dag siden
Jooyeon Oh
Jooyeon Oh - 21 dag siden
2020 be like
alexander david vanegasdaza
Jefree i love the video 🌋
Mercia Adonis
Mercia Adonis - 22 dager siden
Anyone here in 2020
shae roundy
shae roundy - 22 dager siden
I think his skin looks really good and that liner is so nice and the lip... dollar general be slayin
MyOhMyDontMind Plays
MyOhMyDontMind Plays - 23 dager siden
yup omg i love yor makeup it is always good
Created By Kelsey
Created By Kelsey - 24 dager siden
Anyone remember when he was so exited about the false lashes.... aNd ThEn DiDnT uSe ThEm????? No hate I just think it’s funny
Chris Jennings
Chris Jennings - 24 dager siden
Can I please get the make up
Kylie De España
Kylie De España - 21 dag siden
Jaida ttt
Jaida ttt - 24 dager siden
i know this is stupid and i might be manic but my mom used to tell me you can tell if people are evil if their eyes look like shark eyes; i’m sitting here on the verge of a panic attack because the way his eyes look. like almost dead inside
Polar Bear
Polar Bear - 25 dager siden
He scares me for some reason
Arianna Kuklewski
Arianna Kuklewski - 25 dager siden
Arianna Kuklewski
Arianna Kuklewski - 25 dager siden
AriannaKukiweskiLove Makep To 2o2o 19
draco's girl!
draco's girl! - 25 dager siden
Literally me rewatching all his videos during the pandemic and my mom thinking I’m in art class because JEFFREE is talking about shades 😂
Kyle Q
Kyle Q - 26 dager siden
Lol watch out who you talk about Jeffree cause Karma now out his makeup is in TJ Max 😝😝
Giulia Campos USA
Giulia Campos USA - 26 dager siden
I have that make up palette
renea hale
renea hale - 29 dager siden
I love the believe eyeliner
ashley leonerd
ashley leonerd - Måned siden
I would die for any of it! The PR KITtje palette the BAG!!!!!! omg. I don’t think I’ll ever win anything lol 😂 let alone something SO amazing. I love you 😘
Renee Pompa
Renee Pompa - Måned siden
What happened to the lashes? 🤔😖 (the falsies)
Lozza Lee
Lozza Lee - Måned siden
This is the issue with the cheaper buy an eyeshadow palette and there's always a couple of colours you are never going to use!
D33N9 - Måned siden
My dollar general makeup section don't look nun like this
Anna Barrett
Anna Barrett - Måned siden
I promise that I’m never gonna go to Walmart and dollar store dis my sis
Me: 😶
Again me: you’re looking too much jeffreestar
not sure if i have really watery eyes or the kind im using sucks but i cant get eyeliner to stay put...
Manonmani S
Manonmani S - Måned siden
Dark your eyebrows please
Kaylee Gacha
Kaylee Gacha - Måned siden
I tried believes setting powder and it smells strange so i didnt use it
hiba aloua
hiba aloua - Måned siden
Love you
Dixie Ald
Dixie Ald - Måned siden
the concealer makes your eyes look smaller
•XxgamergirlxX• - Måned siden
Bruh is is a really good vid
Moonlight playz
Moonlight playz - Måned siden
I was born in grand Rapids I was a premature baby in 2008
Jenny Alarcon
Jenny Alarcon - Måned siden
Jeffrey, I'm 63 and you are the highlight of my day!
Gage Hovelkamp
Gage Hovelkamp - Måned siden
At 0:08 those curtains are more than my life LOL
Elizabeth Weeks
Elizabeth Weeks - Måned siden
I new you back in my MySpace days and just started following you again OMG I have not stopped watching since I did 2 days ago!!! I have been missing this my whole life!!! I own my own business and have you playing all dang day!!! Love you gorgeous!!!😘❤️😘 keep being you and loving yourself! It helps so many!
Mihika’s Channel !
Mihika’s Channel ! - Måned siden
I love you jeffree . You are so cute. You don’t curse that much. You are one of my fav YouTubeers
Ashley Burns
Ashley Burns - Måned siden
I actually really like their brand believe. It hasn't disappointed me yet. Except the mascara wands. I've tried them all and only like the gold one. The setting spray is awesome.
tfat98 - Måned siden
So strange seeing you in places I actually have been and like live near?!?
Melissa Lodge
Melissa Lodge - Måned siden
This is my broke ass when I get taxes 🤣🤣🤣🤣
bluebottlebunnyfarm - Måned siden
If I ever need make up I’m definitely going to shop at DG
Jordan Foster
Jordan Foster - Måned siden
Girl this bag is gorgeous and so are you! Entered!
Lilly Ruiz
Lilly Ruiz - Måned siden
Jeffree star everyone five seconds- omg look what is this?
Lexa Kom Trikru
Lexa Kom Trikru - Måned siden
jeffree is such a mood
Alen Abdula
Alen Abdula - Måned siden
there is a disgusting makeup at walgreens
Angela Dirks
Angela Dirks - Måned siden
I have a dollar store by my house 🏡
Desirae Rios
Desirae Rios - Måned siden
I don’t have Snapchat’s to talking to my mom wouldn’t let me😓😥😰
Desirae Rios
Desirae Rios - Måned siden
I love you girl
Wren Posner
Wren Posner - Måned siden
who the heck pulls up to dollar general in a really expensive car Jeffrey star boo
Zalanda Tariq
Zalanda Tariq - Måned siden
Plz send it to me
Jessica Brainard
Jessica Brainard - Måned siden
Try hard candy camouflage 16 hr wear and the lip plumper 5.00 a piece cant beat that I use elf camo hydrated concealer and photo finish from wet and wild translucent powder is bomb and there reserve your cabana bronzer is amazing!!!!
Katie Heavner
Katie Heavner - Måned siden
I mean, I know it’s none of my business, BUTTTT.. I wanna know what you do with all the makeup you try out, and don’t use on the daily! I wouldn’t be mad if you threw at a poor unfortunate soul, like me🥴. Love you so so so much! #starrGAYzer
Eileen Zajac
Eileen Zajac - Måned siden
This is absolutely stunning and he used dollar general makeup. I cant even do this with top high end products
Rayna Walker
Rayna Walker - Måned siden
you posted that vid on my b-day
Bella Hilton
Bella Hilton - Måned siden
I spend 3$ on makeup 😩 ugh!
Him 300$ cuteee
layan navaz
layan navaz - Måned siden
Why does Jeffery star give me lady Gaga vibes
Byron Baker
Byron Baker - Måned siden
i love yo
Melissa • Mellyz
Melissa • Mellyz - Måned siden
I'm from Michigan and lived in Grand Rapids for 22 months (rehab) but reside in Warren/Detroit (8 mile Rd.)

Love you!!!!
Vikki - Måned siden
Jeffree- everybody is putting out a makeup line!
2020-hold my beer
Constance Coons
Constance Coons - Måned siden
Give me a shoutout please