The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm testing out Lady Gaga's new makeup line, Haus Laboratories! This Amazon exclusive release has several products and I'm trying them all to see what the tea is on the formula, packaging and price!
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Erica Kelley
Erica Kelley - 6 dager siden
I just love you so so much I’m saving my money to get your beautiful makeup line I’m so glad I found your channel I am a 35 year old artistic single mom not professional but I’d like to be love watching your videos thank you for being BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
Chri stine M
Chri stine M - 8 dager siden
I absolutely just love him and I have never been into make up like that at all. I'm actually a gay girl but I just love him. Happy holidays ❣️
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson - 12 dager siden
I love your Versace robe!!!!
claudia eftimie
claudia eftimie - 17 dager siden
Hello! Nice to see your videos. Can you make a video about Atelier paris make-up line and pro vg make-up? i would love to see your opinion about them and your style of using them. :) I love the way you review products
reem alsuwaidi
reem alsuwaidi - 18 dager siden
just me or is the eyeliner too THICCCC
Maribel Lopez
Maribel Lopez - 18 dager siden
Hous was a disappointment...To Me!
Grace Andrew
Grace Andrew - 24 dager siden
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CadDesign Corp
CadDesign Corp - 25 dager siden
Lipgloss looks so good on you
Victory Abibang
Victory Abibang - 25 dager siden
I'm soooo excited for this vid 😁😁😁lil monster here🙋💗
sumaiya345 m broshinna
sumaiya345 m broshinna - 27 dager siden
Well, Reject Nation...even after this court ruling, do you stand with #AmberHeard OR do you stand with #JohnnyDepp?
Kat MamaPNW
Kat MamaPNW - 27 dager siden
19:22 what the hell? 😲
THEREALBARBIE89 - Måned siden
Ive never heard of her makeup does it still exist lmao i don't think im even interested
Kristie Varner
Kristie Varner - Måned siden
👁 👄 ⚫️
Manonmani S
Manonmani S - Måned siden
Whatsup everybody welcome to my channel....❤❤
edwardo villa
edwardo villa - Måned siden
she been haus of lab trying create best make up 4 girl i like rose bitch thats lil caprice ur jeans
marie antoinette
marie antoinette - Måned siden
Chile, what
lilia andrade
lilia andrade - Måned siden
, 😛😘😛😝😜😍😎😎😷💝🎇🎆🎑🎇🎆🎑📱🔦🔎🚽🔫🔪💊💸🌆🌇🗼⛺💒🏨🏩
Ruth Ocampo
Ruth Ocampo - Måned siden
girl. they just launched their first eye shadow palette and 2 blush. i hope u can make a video about that....
Sannah Sharma 34
Sannah Sharma 34 - Måned siden
Damn it's been a year since this came out?!
Canal Deletado
Canal Deletado - Måned siden
Yea, I only heard of this makeup today
Robert Whitaker
Robert Whitaker - Måned siden
GaGa makes a nice product. I'm sold.
CHARLEE N. - Måned siden
AMAZING! However, I feel like you look beautiful no matter what. ⭐💗⭐💗⭐
wolfemcbane - 2 måneder siden
29:51 ITS A MIRACULOUS VICTORY edit wait wait pleaaaseeee don’t goooooooooooo well bc Sara and Jeff are my ride home edit 30:47 brutally loved the deep red n u look gold
wolfemcbane - 2 måneder siden
20:52 wut up west side sept 29 here well is along came poly about the Toronto raptors? P.s. I spent til 25:45 just staring thinking about magic jack stuff like... did you know Sandra bullock has two kids and is beating off men like Keanu reeves with a stick? Meanwhile RUGER Jesse James don’t care he has a chance to even be allowed to play mobas. It looks like I like your videos so why don’t I just delete the nana podcast stuff? Bc nana didn’t do a podcast with me I like the tattoo oh hey dumbwaiter just bc I well timestamps heh heh heh I know I know just head down the street falcon business
My cooking channel
My cooking channel - 2 måneder siden
I miss you girl
Tanja Groen
Tanja Groen - 2 måneder siden
Love this 😍
Crybaby - 2 måneder siden
Jeffree's reaction to the liquid eyeshadow is destroying me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
liana tobias
liana tobias - 2 måneder siden
kawaiiaurirants - 2 måneder siden
Hey everyone! I just want to say if you're watching this video in 2020 this is a healthcare checkup, if you're dehydrated, go get some fluids, doesn't have to be water but has to have water in it. If you're feeling hungry, go grab a snack, even if it is just a spoonful of peanut butter, that has at least 120 calories so if should be a good pick me up. If you're tired and it's late, go to bed baby gorl( or boi or any other gem we dont discriminate) and finally if you're feeling very upset, talk to someone, talk to me. It's good to vent to people, it doesn't have to be a professional, but it's good to get stuff off your chest and I promise you arent a burden for venting, and if anyone says that they are toxic and you need to drop them. You're beautiful(or handsome) stunning, amazing! You deserve the world baby and dont let yourself lower standards. Love you guyssss
Trisha Arejune
Trisha Arejune - 2 måneder siden
she didnt do it then coz maybe she was busy focusing on her music at that time!?
Hailey Payne
Hailey Payne - 2 måneder siden
Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please! 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤
Rob Roar
Rob Roar - 2 måneder siden
I just thought it made you look like Derrick Barry which is just absolutely fine
I think I want a liquid eyeshadow as my first MU item x
Sofia Castellanos
Sofia Castellanos - 2 måneder siden
jeffree knew lady gaga would watch this, i wondered why he was acting so weird lol not his usual self
Shre Reste Samuel
Shre Reste Samuel - 2 måneder siden
I think she is the only youtuber that has sense in her videos. ❤ Her story is also inspiring
Jaya Lamgade
Jaya Lamgade - 2 måneder siden
Jose Cornejo
Jose Cornejo - 3 måneder siden
Your such a great person sweet lady inside and out. Your my faverite.god bless you and may you continue to be fabulause.
i3 - 2 måneder siden
Girl you need to research more about her
Jose Cornejo
Jose Cornejo - 3 måneder siden
Would love to do your nails my lady.been doing them for thirty years. Kisses
Lilli Nilsen
Lilli Nilsen - 3 måneder siden
Vero G.
Vero G. - 3 måneder siden
I love how you say if your new, hi how are you :)
Thanks I love blazing too ☺️
特效SFX - 3 måneder siden
Love it
Stephi B
Stephi B - 3 måneder siden
Been wearing a lot of nude shades lately?? Oh how you told us months ago 😆
Délano Online
Délano Online - 3 måneder siden
As a men it feels weird that an other men is even more women then the most woman
Higgins Hqven
Higgins Hqven - 3 måneder siden
Honestly it doesn't matter if it was just for money. As long as the makeup is available and affordable fpr her fans and non fans alike, and it's good quality, who cares?
Olivia Rehm
Olivia Rehm - 3 måneder siden
jeffree its aphrodite (afroditeeee) imagine your saying free but without the fr. Aphrodite is the Greek goddess of love and beauty
Valeska mse
Valeska mse - 3 måneder siden
Stefanie Ella
Stefanie Ella - 4 måneder siden
I love her liquid eyeshadow, use it every day. I don’t care too much for the lip gloss tho.. it’s sticky.
Stefanie Ella
Stefanie Ella - 4 måneder siden
Wow, your fingers are really long..
Rachael Moar
Rachael Moar - 4 måneder siden
I took a screen shot of my tracking number but I think I’m in hot water now
Marla Wettstein
Marla Wettstein - 4 måneder siden
2020 in quarantine anyone??
DahliasDarkside - 4 måneder siden
Lol yes when she says michigan has crazy weather she isnt kidding
Z O - 4 måneder siden
Who else saw Brad Mondo's comment?? lolllllll
Sally Kirby
Sally Kirby - 4 måneder siden
I use the liquid liner, I haven’t had any weird drop out you know when it starts fuzzing out after a few uses, love it x
kristina bainrauch
kristina bainrauch - 4 måneder siden
to normal people you are just disgusting.
Király Márk
Király Márk - 3 måneder siden
Jester Faeldin Patao
Jester Faeldin Patao - 3 måneder siden
Sivolinedomestic Agency
Sivolinedomestic Agency - 4 måneder siden
The Truth... Lady Gaga Makeup Review
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Ilovedance1 - 4 måneder siden
“You might hear a lot of dogs screaming” idk y but that sent me into orbit 🤣🤣🤣
abby vansickle
abby vansickle - 4 måneder siden
\0-0/ i want hug
Raquel Neri
Raquel Neri - 4 måneder siden
4:54 looks a bit different from other lady gaga’s PR.
Jaclyne Myers
Jaclyne Myers - 4 måneder siden
Lies. You weren’t doing makeup since you were 12. You were doing music and Kat is how you got big in makeup
marie antoinette
marie antoinette - Måned siden
I believe he said when he was twelve the first time who wore makeup he took his mom's red rusty eyeshadow and wore it to school
charlotte d
charlotte d - 3 måneder siden
He has proof lol, nice try child
Paris R.
Paris R. - 3 måneder siden
Dude He’s been wearing makeup since he was 12??... I mean he’s got pics and said he used to go through his moms makeup. Pretty sure he wasn’t saying that he was promoting/selling makeup at 12 y/o. Idk what you were trying to do but it didn’t work lmao
Hannah Seale
Hannah Seale - 5 måneder siden
She did Two Faced Born This Way featured at Ulta not that long ago which has also started the Born This Way Multi- Sculpting concealer.
I don't know if that was mentioned at all.
T Dawg
T Dawg - 5 måneder siden
Aphrodite? Lolololol
angel sobair
angel sobair - 5 måneder siden
you are so honest....
angel sobair
angel sobair - 5 måneder siden
I really like the way you reviewing the make up but I relly love the me of your even I cant afford happy to see your youtube video.
Anna Nixon
Anna Nixon - 5 måneder siden
Thank you
Vel Sanchez
Vel Sanchez - 5 måneder siden
i reallllyyy loooove to watch you Jeffree!!!
KenzieHurlock - 5 måneder siden
Those are just stickers for your face. Odd choice.
KenzieHurlock - 5 måneder siden
I bought a liquid shadow from NYX once and I don't understand it.
KenzieHurlock - 5 måneder siden
These colors are so basic. Nothing special. From Gaga I expected a blue lip.
KenzieHurlock - 5 måneder siden
I honestly don't care for wooden pencils. I prefer the twist up ones. Having to sharpen your liner is too much work. I find it a weird choice to make wooden pencils. Almost cheap.
Diana Johnston
Diana Johnston - 5 måneder siden
U need to review Haus Labs new lip crayon.. they look so pretty
Conversations with Kat
Conversations with Kat - 5 måneder siden
Love her, glad it was good...
gordon weise
gordon weise - 5 måneder siden
If I was a betting man I don't think any of this is yours and there are some big white haired men who made you up and you are a paid spokesperson for Jeffree Star inc. who owns Jeffree Star? cuz I guarantee you he's acting he ain't who he says he is. Little interesting how he just happens to like major Stars celebrities he's connected to everyone and it came from nowhere relatable and weird.
Sarny pantouw
Sarny pantouw - 5 måneder siden
I am from indonesia🤗
Romy Donner
Romy Donner - 5 måneder siden
I have a gays friendships and you are kindness and I love love love love your makeup and your eyes is gorgeous and your new fan Romy Donner
Jenna Hernandez
Jenna Hernandez - 5 måneder siden
The lips look really beautiful!!!
Niki Sawyers
Niki Sawyers - 5 måneder siden
That packaging is giving me obelisk vibes which stems from the root obelus which is 1. a symbol used as a reference mark in printed matter, or to indicate that a person is deceased.
2. a mark used in ancient texts to mark a word or passage as spurious, corrupt, or doubtful.
Leah Morris
Leah Morris - 5 måneder siden
Only Jeffree can pull off that black eye shadow applied like the way he did it lol 😭😆
Terri-Anne King
Terri-Anne King - 5 måneder siden
when is red bull gonna make a limited edition drink collection 😂😌🙏fr tho 😩
cait4190 vlogs
cait4190 vlogs - 5 måneder siden
What kinda thoughts ???😂😂😂😂😂😄😄😄😅😅😅😃
Francisco Assumpção
Francisco Assumpção - 5 måneder siden
You look like the upside down Fairy Godmother .... you look great! Really !
NatalieFariasMusic - 5 måneder siden
I remember the lady Gaga perfume. Ahhh.. so nostalgic.
Lemons4Day 레몬
Lemons4Day 레몬 - 5 måneder siden
monique zamora
monique zamora - 5 måneder siden
I love everything✨ beautiful! and omg that eyeliner looks like it makes it so much easier to do wing eyeliner🖤 I’m so interested in her lip stick “hot rod” and her new “stupid love” eyeshadow pallet💖
Sarrah Leah Opaon
Sarrah Leah Opaon - 5 måneder siden
"$50 very kylie"
Mari Ola
Mari Ola - 5 måneder siden
Roses are red violets are blue the review starts at 11:02🌹
Faku - 5 måneder siden
ok Gaga, work! 16:20
Bree Limerick
Bree Limerick - 6 måneder siden
I've been a jeffree star fan since his early music. Beautiful killer and prom night were my favorites. And the stuff he did with botdf. It's so nice to see he made such a great life and business for himself. I love you jeffree 💖
r k
r k - 6 måneder siden
Yoo, dude looks like weird al yankovic
Daniel Rios
Daniel Rios - 6 måneder siden
No se que cojones hace Zeus, que no te ha dejado todavía entrar en el puto olimpo, porque eres una diosa
Eli Datulio
Eli Datulio - 6 måneder siden
they're meant to do this video since the day they were born!
Zoey Anneva
Zoey Anneva - 6 måneder siden
Soooo let's see you do the stupid love pallette now
Megan Elizabeth
Megan Elizabeth - 6 måneder siden
He said amazon is like McDonald’s 😂😂😂💀
Cathy Brash
Cathy Brash - 6 måneder siden
la riot come on Jeffree L.A RIOT
Cathy Brash
Cathy Brash - 6 måneder siden
Annamari Vargas
Annamari Vargas - 6 måneder siden
What does pr mean ?
Donna Flowers
Donna Flowers - 6 måneder siden
I seriously want to get stoned with Jeffree
Jessica Rika Fentisa
Jessica Rika Fentisa - 6 måneder siden
How does Jeffree talk that fast and detailed while blending his eye-shadow at the same time? That multi-tasking is God-skill.
Teetee DaGoddess
Teetee DaGoddess - 6 måneder siden
I absolutely love the lip look😍 I need her to release some more products like YASS
Asia Oviedo
Asia Oviedo - 6 måneder siden
Wow! I😭😭😭🤣🤣❤❤
McKenna Theut
McKenna Theut - 6 måneder siden
Always drinks red bulls love it
Lea Hse
Lea Hse - 6 måneder siden
This video is 8 Month old but today is the first day i hear that there is Lady Gaga Make Up. I think that is because it's not here in Germany. I don't know.
Edit: i search and found one German Video about Lady Gagas Make Up.
Tara Sp
Tara Sp - 6 måneder siden
I dont think anyone could make those eye lace patches look any better then jeffree star, not even Gaga herself! They were made for him with no eye brows their perfect!🔥🙌🏻😍
Assie Ray Agaton
Assie Ray Agaton - 6 måneder siden
jeffree is actually giving us signs that chromatica era was coming! #rainOnMe out now
kennedi mitchell
kennedi mitchell - 6 måneder siden
why is literally no one cool from birmingham michgan??!