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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! In today's video I'm doing a full face first impressions trying out new makeup from Sephora and Ulta! This week I was in Australia and stayed at the VERSACE hotel on stunning Gold Coast! Let's see which products are Jeffree Star Approved and which ones flopped!
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Danielle Lemay
Danielle Lemay - Dag siden
Love watching your video and your products
Kristina Beddaoui
Kristina Beddaoui - Dag siden
Me: My life is nice.
Jeffree: Just stopping by this Versace hotel for fun.
Me: nevermind
Ewa - 3 dager siden
Does anyone miss his videos like this one? or just me?
Lona Bonsall
Lona Bonsall - 4 dager siden
I need macup
Lona Bonsall
Lona Bonsall - 4 dager siden
Pels me
Gabriella Dunbar
Gabriella Dunbar - 4 dager siden
she is so fun
Mogie Hope
Mogie Hope - 6 dager siden
How’s TJ max? That’s what a black heart gets!!!
Mogie Hope
Mogie Hope - 6 dager siden
People really watch this, and idolize this 😂
Adam Brokas
Adam Brokas - 13 dager siden
Lol!!! I love the visual of Jeffree walking in to the Versace hotel in a freaking bathrobe!
Ruby May
Ruby May - 13 dager siden
Oop he in Australia! Reply if your from aus!
Ruby May
Ruby May - 13 dager siden
Ye is replied to my own comment. Deal with it.
Ariana Santiago
Ariana Santiago - 15 dager siden
Honey It’s a Little Orange On the Camera👀
Jesus take the wheel 👀
Tabby Nevin
Tabby Nevin - 18 dager siden
Just over here watching your old videos bc I miss these videos from you 😭😭😭💕💕💕
Stephi and Sweet-ish_Skyler
Stephi and Sweet-ish_Skyler - 19 dager siden
I stumbled upon your channel and OMfG I'm HOOKED AND SHOOK'd
Your effing gorgeous
Ruby Curwood
Ruby Curwood - 20 dager siden
anyone else see Jeffree's engagement ring?
Amanda Marack
Amanda Marack - 22 dager siden
I love u boooo
Роман Горбенко
Роман Горбенко - 23 dager siden
sabriel A
sabriel A - 24 dager siden
If I ever win the lottery I’m going to the Versace mansion. Lol 😂.
Tammy Koch
Tammy Koch - 27 dager siden
Good morning jeffree star brother bear
Ron kenoras Tousigant
Ron kenoras Tousigant - 29 dager siden
TheFreedjey - Måned siden
17 million people just live not right, because in your life have a person who birthday's 15 numbers!
Reni Yuslia
Reni Yuslia - Måned siden
I just know Versace logo is Medusa head. I thought woman head with wild hair.
Maribel Lopez
Maribel Lopez - Måned siden
OMG......you're so much Fun ..Thank you !!👑
Priscilla Narvaez
Priscilla Narvaez - Måned siden
U look like the chuckee cheese owner
Crystal Bowen
Crystal Bowen - Måned siden
Who is watching this in 2020
Elizabeth Ljashenko
Elizabeth Ljashenko - Måned siden
Luv Australia
Aliah Fenty
Aliah Fenty - Måned siden
Hy Jeffree how are you.. I love you and I love make up
Kenna Roo
Kenna Roo - Måned siden
Jeffree wearing a robe in the Versace hotel lobby... MOOD
Mallory WestCoast
Mallory WestCoast - Måned siden
Hey girl! I need new make up so bad i hope i win!
Lari Wyman
Lari Wyman - Måned siden
Jeffree, I'm so jealous of your gorgeous teeth! I wish I could fix mine. I have Sjögrens syndrome and it's totally ruined mine 😭... thanks for the joy you bring to your fans!
Fishy McQueen
Fishy McQueen - 2 måneder siden
lol you are a mafia bitch
MOMEOV3 - 2 måneder siden
Are you gay
ERICA WALKER - 2 måneder siden
Yo Jeffree Star you are that Bitch! I phukin love your crazy ass!
Rodi Mousa
Rodi Mousa - 2 måneder siden
Girllllllll, i just love watching you and love when ur talking:-) , buy the way all make up looks great ❤😘
Annmarie Telgenhof
Annmarie Telgenhof - 2 måneder siden
Anyone else just love the fact that Jeffree walks around in a robe. 😂😂😂
Sandi yake
Sandi yake - 2 måneder siden
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!! You have changed my life and I dont even wear makeup. Just spending time with you ❤ makes me feel so so good!!!!!
Roop Mishra
Roop Mishra - 2 måneder siden
Hii I m ur New subscriber ❤️ n I love ur makeup technique 🙏
Lilliana Ramirez
Lilliana Ramirez - 2 måneder siden
Love your video
Rashell - 3 måneder siden
wet n wild & that blush snatched tf outta you yess 🥵
Shriya Bhaumik
Shriya Bhaumik - 3 måneder siden
Nate is fucking lucky. Who knew PRETENDING to be gay had its own perks
laura creech
laura creech - 3 måneder siden
So gorgeous...
Irene Shocklee
Irene Shocklee - 3 måneder siden
High 💨 how are ya? 🙂I love you and all of yours videos so much girl! 💅🏼 💄inspiring and so entertaining and i went your palettes so much! I don’t think there’s anywhere to get during the pandemic :(
コブラT - 3 måneder siden
コブラT - 3 måneder siden
I was there today an omg knowing you stood in that car park nearly made me cum myself 🤣
BTS_Army - 3 måneder siden
Jeffree outside in the public eye within his bath robe is so iconic
Mark Magana
Mark Magana - 3 måneder siden
Love it ... Hi
Mark Magana
Mark Magana - 3 måneder siden
Gineescia Vazquez
Gineescia Vazquez - 3 måneder siden
I love you so much
Jamie Williams
Jamie Williams - 3 måneder siden
I have never had anyone to show me how to do makeup, so I am just learning. I have no idea what to buy or how to put it on. I have never seen myself completely made up. HELP!!!!
Britt F
Britt F - 3 måneder siden
Come thru yellow fellow. A legend no matter what color your foundation is. 😘
Lahna Flore
Lahna Flore - 4 måneder siden
I bet Nate is back in Michigan dreaming of his old life with Jeffree. From riches to... Basics. #NoJeffreeStarOnTinder
Jan Sport's Lost Win
Jan Sport's Lost Win - 3 måneder siden
Nate broke up with Jeffree so like I doubt that luv. But I fw for trying.
Quarantined Girl
Quarantined Girl - 3 måneder siden
Lol if he minded that he wouldn't of broken up, seems he likes his Michigan life.. always seemed too down to earth for this kinda life to me anyways
Anthony Cobo
Anthony Cobo - 4 måneder siden
Girl you are iconic❤️❤️❤️
Dean - 4 måneder siden
I love you Jeffree darling! I love this review so much and keep binge watching your videos over and over again sweetheart!
Keep us in your heart boo and we need to see you back in your beauty room reviewing makeup again!!!!! PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK TO US DARLING!!!?????????????? 😘😘😘✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
Alayna Rodgers
Alayna Rodgers - 4 måneder siden
Girl I tried that foundation with the IL Makiage primer and concealer. Let me tell you..... the concealer did NOT blend out at all and the foundation cracked and was doing some WEIRD shit. I was really disappointed, I wanted to love it.
Andrew Strickland
Andrew Strickland - 4 måneder siden
Living for the Versace hotel! Love you so maaach ❤️
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 4 måneder siden
I love wet and wild! Their highlight makes you look wet lol...... Its bad ass though.
saw san
saw san - 4 måneder siden
lencola roberts
lencola roberts - 5 måneder siden
Comet town do you Agree
lencola roberts
lencola roberts - 5 måneder siden
Why don’t you make a video about animals Picking your make up
Whitney Weldon
Whitney Weldon - 5 måneder siden
"Did I use this? I dunno, I was high!"
Crying right now I'm laughing so hard.
becky cavetroll
becky cavetroll - 5 måneder siden
Ooo looks beautiful
Mandi Taylor
Mandi Taylor - 5 måneder siden
Hey It’s me Versace, whoops somebody shot me! And I was just checkin the mail - get it- checkin the male *click click
Sorry, can’t help it. That song pops into my head every time I hear Versace! No disrespect, much love and RIP Gianni
Lucia Pou
Lucia Pou - 5 måneder siden
Hmmm... No to that foundation! I swear the drugstore make-ups did much better.
Love how candid and honest she is! ❤❤❤
Brendan Ridgeway
Brendan Ridgeway - 5 måneder siden
How many times did he mention the sun in the video? HAHAHAH
ate ai
ate ai - 5 måneder siden
who's watching here in 2020? haha
Lisa Repici
Lisa Repici - 6 måneder siden
I think it would of been so funny if he did a full face of makeup he got from Walmart in the Versace Hotel.....Shane!!! SHANE!!!!
Jan Sport's Lost Win
Jan Sport's Lost Win - 3 måneder siden
Send Shane to Jail
Sharvi Agarkar
Sharvi Agarkar - 6 måneder siden
September 19th is my Birthday 😍
Vanessa Wolf
Vanessa Wolf - 6 måneder siden
That foundation is super warm toned and seems a little too dark
Kristi S
Kristi S - 6 måneder siden
Ahhh, yeah! I was just thinking the same thing.....normally he goes soooo light.
Mich Johnson
Mich Johnson - 6 måneder siden
OMG! I stayed there in 2002, and just died with delight! The dining room! The pool, with a tiny sand beach! I need to be there again and again!
0fficially kay
0fficially kay - 6 måneder siden
*Me 1 year later trying to win the give away*
Dorel Goga
Dorel Goga - 6 måneder siden
0:29 biggest fan but what about Bvlgari hotels?
Hannah Wardle
Hannah Wardle - 6 måneder siden
Before she steps up the nails game.
Kaine MacPherson
Kaine MacPherson - 6 måneder siden
"That is mahogany"
Sorry but just got a big Effie Trinket moment
caseychan83 - 6 måneder siden
Is it just me or is Nate acting weird looking back at this video? Like he seems annoyed and distant at the same time.
Anay Reyes
Anay Reyes - 6 måneder siden
I'm sure its the lighting but that foundation color was weird
Brandi Shafer
Brandi Shafer - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree HELP ME PLEASE I cannot find a foundation that works for me to save my life every time I get one at Ulta or Sephora I have avoided drug store to see if luxury is better for my age and my skin now that I’m in my late 30s I get a lot of creasing and blotching on my forehead and under my eyes
Cinnamon Creme
Cinnamon Creme - 7 måneder siden
I'm just now discovering you, so commenting on a lot of older stuff but...that foundation is a little dark for you girl, it looks yellowish
Rana Calva
Rana Calva - 7 måneder siden
List the products bitch,!
Ian Star
Ian Star - 7 måneder siden
Please notice me😭
Yomary Rodríguez
Yomary Rodríguez - 7 måneder siden
Queen of subtle shade 🤣🤣🤣. Fuckin love u Doll 🥵😍🥰😘💋💋😻
Anastasia Germain
Anastasia Germain - 7 måneder siden
Okay, I do need to stay in this hotel. You have these designer hotels (not affiliated with a brand, just very designer and bougie) and they probably mean the best, but... No one, absolutely no one needs a GLASS WALL separating the bathroom from the room. You could see everything. I had to go to the lounge toilets every time. This is A) iconic B) looks like an amazing experience. I also loooove Versace, so I mean...
Katie Urby
Katie Urby - 7 måneder siden
When the quarantine is over you need to go to Monterrey Mexico, I live in DFW Texas and THAT trip is so perfect. Hmu if you go and need a guide bc my mom lives there and you get so much amazingness for like a small fraction of $. Also, the hilarious bootleg stuff you see on the Fly is crazy fun.
tAyLoR sMiTh
tAyLoR sMiTh - 7 måneder siden
I have got my mom into your videos and she has learned SO MUCH anyway she loves when you use and review cheaper products like wet and wild :)
Michelle Hoskins
Michelle Hoskins - 7 måneder siden
The thing that impresses me the most... I traveled my whole life.. and you don't look like the walking dead, no matter how long the flight.
I always looked like dog food, no matter how much Evian I drowned my head in.
alrehman mehmuda
alrehman mehmuda - 7 måneder siden
I m ur big fan Jeff,I love the way you revale the brands, your you tube channel is one iconic among others ,can wait to see you on top hit list n alot upcoming amazing vedios from you darling 😘😘😘😘lots of love from India.
R J - 7 måneder siden
This is the most color I’ve ever seen in jeffree’s skin
Sheila Mandra
Sheila Mandra - 7 måneder siden
Hi jeffree your beautiful thanks for teaching the world to be more beautiful
Wendi Mills
Wendi Mills - 7 måneder siden
That foundation looks too Orange looking
Jenny Mironuk
Jenny Mironuk - 7 måneder siden
Would you do a full video on il Makiage?
Bethany Loreal Cherian
Bethany Loreal Cherian - 7 måneder siden
Wow awesome video!
Bosco Barna
Bosco Barna - 7 måneder siden
Thats foundation is way too dark for you what are you talking about
Star Wood
Star Wood - 7 måneder siden
Was jeffree star wearing a engagement ring or just a ring?
Lindsey Eustace
Lindsey Eustace - 7 måneder siden
Why are you so gorgeous?! I'd love for you to fix my face just once. Lol.
Law Woods
Law Woods - 7 måneder siden
Jeffree did you not smoke weed before this video? you seem a little off.
mathompson162003 - 7 måneder siden
I love you so much. I follow you everywhere and i watch you every day on YouTube. I never buy makeup anymore without checking it out with you first. You totally rock. For sure. 🙂😜♥️😁
mia gacha life
mia gacha life - 7 måneder siden
Are u a boy
J - 7 måneder siden
I love this shit!!
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 7 måneder siden
Try the highliters of wet and wild and do a video please. You will luv them for sure give em a try ur skin looks good always. But for me the lips look lush and the bronzer.
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 7 måneder siden
Origional powder is the best in the world
Sharon Kour
Sharon Kour - 7 måneder siden
Vasace my childhood perfume i was about 15 lol i still have it wit that face on it and im obbessed with your hotel you make me feel very jeliouse, i want to know nitty gritty how you got to the point of making ur own brand becuse no one really talks about it. You give me goosh bumps and i feel so happy when i watch ur video omg u r alot fun down to earth. I want to know ur first step as ive done so much stuff in this industry and i would want to take it now to next level ur cinfidence is mind blowing. Enjoy ur trip.
Christyne Pritchard
Christyne Pritchard - 7 måneder siden
Right it looks a little more orangy, could it be the lighting, I'm used to you using a lighter shade