Official Jeffree Star DREAM House Tour!

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HEY EVERYONE… HAPPY NEW YEAR ANDDDDDD Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we're giving you all the official Jeffree Star Family dream home castle tour! We invited Shane Dawson and Ryland over to see our new house for the first time and they come along for the FULL tour! So excited for what 2020 brings us.
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Runtime: 36:09


Nana Tsakiridis
Nana Tsakiridis - Time siden
So proud of you🙏🏻❤️
Rich Perry
Rich Perry - 8 timer siden
I have no idea who this person is or how I found this video but it's inspiring to see someone achieve this and share it with those from where he came.
Starting from only 500.oo to this would be an astounding accomplishment for any person.
One day hopefully WE all will find such accomplishment and happiness but most importantly, we will have lived our life in such a way, we could share our happiness with the friends that held us up along the way.
This video is priceless. If someone I knew invited me over to THIS HOUSE I would be completely speechless as well.
Lucihaua xd
Lucihaua xd - 11 timer siden
so you are saying if i colour my head half pink and can confuse people and me about my gender I can buy that house too
Mihaela Marin
Mihaela Marin - 13 timer siden
Beautiful home
Celena Rendon
Celena Rendon - 16 timer siden
I know that wasn’t the entire house and it’s bothering me because when I watch house tours I want to see every single corner, closet, crawl space, EVERYTHING. Idk why but I need to see the ENTIRE HOUSE to sleep peacefully at night.
Queen Talia
Queen Talia - 19 timer siden
Congratulations love 🙏🏽💗
Heidi Winters
Heidi Winters - 19 timer siden
don't forget to call redbull mi amor!
Maya Portnoy
Maya Portnoy - Dag siden
Me over here thinking my house was big 😅🤦‍♀️
Nelson Batonghinog
Nelson Batonghinog - Dag siden
He is scary
Bl4stNight - Dag siden
i missed shane
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - Dag siden
I can't believe Nate didn't have more clothes...and the urinal is freaking hilarious
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - Dag siden
YOUR HOME IS ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL...I'm sad. my house is smaller then your garage...LIFE GOALS BABY!!!
Kristine RENEE
Kristine RENEE - Dag siden
Jeffree Star you have arrived
Sean Whittaker
Sean Whittaker - Dag siden
You. Can throw money to my charity for Children in Need Jeffrey anytime you want!
Hello! I’m fundraising for BBC Children in Need. Here’s my JustGiving page, if you’d like to donate:
Mark Abejo
Mark Abejo - Dag siden
THE HOUSE LOOKS DULL AND EMPTY. I DON’T KNOW ABOUT YOU GUYS, But the house looks dead and creepy.
satoru kendai
satoru kendai - 2 dager siden
Did you heard the little "Perfect !" background ?
Stephanie Buckley
Stephanie Buckley - 2 dager siden
If I didn’t know this was a house I wold think it was a hotel
Kathy Draper
Kathy Draper - 2 dager siden
I wonder how many times they’ve lost their dogs
Space Time
Space Time - 2 dager siden
Garage is bigger than my house check
Space Time
Space Time - 2 dager siden
I could live with him ha would not Evan know his house is the size of my town q
jko 1
jko 1 - 2 dager siden
You should start a gaming channel pleeeeaaase
Brandon Perez
Brandon Perez - 3 dager siden
aaahhhh you look scary
Daniela Thodhori
Daniela Thodhori - 3 dager siden
Love you Jeffrey
Jit Chu
Jit Chu - 3 dager siden
Jefree: purchase a castle
Me: can't even buy skin care products.
LM Bry
LM Bry - 3 dager siden
Literally the dream house
Beth Lamb
Beth Lamb - 3 dager siden
Jeffrey: Just washing off the blood of my enemies
Pedo: you're gonna need a lot of water
Jeffrey: there might be a drought
Low key trash talkin lol
Beth Lamb
Beth Lamb - 3 dager siden
I've never wanted to be a dog more 😭😭 they live better than me 😭 😭 they're even richer than me
Siyaa - 4 dager siden
When his bathroom is my whole house 😢
Shannon Cairney
Shannon Cairney - 5 dager siden
Jeffree treats his staff like ROYALTY is so amazing 😍
it's jesse
it's jesse - 5 dager siden
Lil pump, you've finally got an opponent.
Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez - 5 dager siden
Jeffree’s dogs: mom where are we gonna go for vacation?
Jeffree: how about we visit the other side of the house?
macsill - 6 dager siden
Imagine playing hide and seek there
Bob Ellis
Bob Ellis - 7 dager siden
Poor, poor, Jeffree.
So many material things, yet so little true human happiness in your life. Mask it, girl. Mask it!
Benjamin Gibson
Benjamin Gibson - 7 dager siden
andrew flores
andrew flores - 8 dager siden
I think the pool is bigger then my house
Puppy - 8 dager siden
What did he do for living?
Sesha Sreemushnam
Sesha Sreemushnam - 8 dager siden
I think it's bigger than Carter sharer's mansion
Arthur C. H. Herold
Arthur C. H. Herold - 8 dager siden
OMG 😱💕
Gloria Shaw
Gloria Shaw - 8 dager siden
I'd be the person in this house who forgets where they put their slippers , and then spends the next two weeks looking for them......
audrey cassia
audrey cassia - 9 dager siden
his house is the same size as my 3 grade, 850 student school🙂
Landon Ackerman
Landon Ackerman - 9 dager siden
hey Jeffree can i come over I wanna play some hide and seek
michael bruno
michael bruno - 9 dager siden
You should have punched your friend in the head and told him to shut up. His reactions were so over the top for everything. Would it be that real if there were no camera's?
Sarita sangwan
Sarita sangwan - 9 dager siden
🤯🤯😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵 hi mam. I am very happy about you. May God give u everything in this world 😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰😘😘😘😘 stay happy stay safe 😇😇😇🤗🤗🤗
Aiswarya Paul
Aiswarya Paul - 9 dager siden
Well ppl this rich!
Boss OK Boss
Boss OK Boss - 9 dager siden
There Must be the Mortgage, Tax & Maintenance Burdens, even Michael Jordan has been trying hard for many years to sell his mansion that has property Tax for hundred Thousand Dollars. Yet he is a billionaire.
diaryofseresha - 9 dager siden
Shane holding the water bottle with mouth open and shook expression is the 2020 vibe🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Danielle Ray
Danielle Ray - 10 dager siden
I love how he is self made and knows where he came from. That’s refreshing
Heidi Hunter
Heidi Hunter - 10 dager siden
I would get lost instantle
Vanessa’s and egle Bestie
Vanessa’s and egle Bestie - 11 dager siden
You should put a massive tank some where with like jelly fish or smth
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 11 dager siden
hearing how your mom felt walking through the door makes me feel all warm in my heart. every paremt wants their child to succeed and do better then they did. I have done some shit in my life as a mom. I'm an addict but have been clean going on 6 years and each day in work to make my son's life better so he does not then out like I use to be. I just want him happy and to not struggle through life like I have. jeffree your mom is prolly so proud.
ArmyTrash - 11 dager siden
ok now buy me a house. My dream house cost $285,000
Bella S
Bella S - 12 dager siden
Never move that is the best house ever
Bella S
Bella S - 12 dager siden
Omg you’re house is massive
Bella S
Bella S - 12 dager siden
Jeffre I love when you are so nice to us actually you’re nice to us all the time but ya
Galazy Starlight
Galazy Starlight - 13 dager siden
"The kitchen is one of my favourite's massive...yeah"

Yeah def a good feature
Aaron patel
Aaron patel - 13 dager siden
Imagine having a Apple Watch and then when you walk up stairs you have already done like 2,000 steps already
Mehek - 13 dager siden
Legit question from Shane: "how are you going to use all of this? "..
Yes jeffree tell us... Half of the house will always remain untouched... Damnnnnn
Mehek - 13 dager siden
I hit the like button when you spoke about dreams in the beginning of the video. That was very inspiring!
About the house? Sorry castle? ... My god it's EVERYTHING!!
AyyoShyGurlTv - 13 dager siden
Year 3,020: Ruins de Jeffree Star
Sunny Vibes
Sunny Vibes - 13 dager siden
looks like a bloxburg Roblox mansion HAHAHAHHAHAASVGFGHVLSGV
Tesic - 14 dager siden
Hi poor people, welcome back to my channel! My team has informed me that the best move to save my brand is to make a house tour video
michaelangelo - 14 dager siden
Never seen this big in my intire youtube journey 😮 this is wooaaahh. Can I be your son please 🥺
Shannon Barr
Shannon Barr - 14 dager siden
His kitchen is LITERALLY the size of my one bedroom apartment. 💀
MrDropz - 14 dager siden
Bruh the garbage is better than my whole house
Aditya Solanki
Aditya Solanki - 14 dager siden
Ok she said 2019 was blessing and 2020 is what curse from god !!!
Jessica Hale
Jessica Hale - 14 dager siden
When I clicked on this video I thought Jeffrey hair was Melanie Martinez hair😁 like if you agree
Tatiana Santmyer
Tatiana Santmyer - 14 dager siden
Im curious do the dogs get spa treatment too.
kylah steele
kylah steele - 14 dager siden
everyone talking about how Jeffree has a huge house:

me: 9:21 Jeffree's outfit matches the little doggo's fur! So frecking cute!!
Tatiana Santmyer
Tatiana Santmyer - 14 dager siden
I love the pink and black hair.and AWWWWW two dogs died, THAT KITCHEN THOUGH JEFFREE is liveing like a queen.
Serenity Demon2
Serenity Demon2 - 15 dager siden
Jeffrees house is like when you hack on a game and Shane is your reaction when it actully worked.
Falicia Wilhoit
Falicia Wilhoit - 15 dager siden
shane getting emotional over jeffrees house is so me, like how amazing and far jeffree has come how do you not be so happy for him it brings you to tears
Aree Sophia Asada
Aree Sophia Asada - 16 dager siden
I Imagine living in a castle like this and then my parents told me to go to my room
Me;I cant even find my room!
Butterfly - 16 dager siden
This is like worth 3million dollars
Chloe Hammer
Chloe Hammer - 16 dager siden
Shane when he saw the underground driveway: sderftgyhujkjhgfghjk
Amelie Ojeda
Amelie Ojeda - 17 dager siden
jeffree be like: I have 3 houses one in florida another in new york and in LA

me: i have a pony :D
Chris Quinn
Chris Quinn - 17 dager siden
he said he used to only have 500$ to his name and then he said he started from dirt and then there’s me who thinks 500$ is like 100000$ 😭
Rachel Olivia Earle
Rachel Olivia Earle - 17 dager siden
Shane: "theres a crane"😂😂
Parma Choti
Parma Choti - 18 dager siden
U r so hardworking... N we love u n your work alot ♥️♥️
Kaily Queen
Kaily Queen - 18 dager siden
Adopt me pls😩😩😩😩😩
kimjunjae - 18 dager siden
Such a big house and no room to put those bloody toy dogs away for an hour, the constant yapping is unbearable
Paola Loseto
Paola Loseto - 18 dager siden
Jeffree can you adopt me?
Rafalion - 19 dager siden
Is it normal that the showers are bigger than my bedroom ? 😂
Carlo Rianna
Carlo Rianna - 19 dager siden
is better than my gta's
Jesse Higginson
Jesse Higginson - 19 dager siden
Hi love you
Deividas - 19 dager siden
I bet security will notice me training at the her gym for a month.
Hannah Debreceny
Hannah Debreceny - 20 dager siden
The little fence has me in tears
Alejandro Vásquez Vega
Alejandro Vásquez Vega - 20 dager siden
We miss you guys :(
Sonya Rolle
Sonya Rolle - 20 dager siden
Me thru this whole video:Im really poor i cant even afford the door on Jeffree's house (im crying)
Grem - 20 dager siden
Imagine cleaning that-
Detective Pikachu
Detective Pikachu - 21 dag siden
Just letting everyone know there’s a worldwide Youtube outage... it’s not just you.
RR Vlogxs
RR Vlogxs - 21 dag siden
Rewatching this vid bcoz' i miss Nate and Jeffree.
Icey Editzz
Icey Editzz - 21 dag siden
i feel so depressed and poor right now every time I try to “blow up” all it ever does it nothing and it sucks good job Jeffree
kineticstone - 21 dag siden
James charles has entered the chat.
Savannah Chambers
Savannah Chambers - 22 dager siden
i love your house so so so much.
Cassandra Hayes
Cassandra Hayes - 22 dager siden
I wonder how much it costs.
Cassandra Hayes
Cassandra Hayes - 22 dager siden
That is my dream house. I'm going to find one exactly like this one.
itsuki sushi
itsuki sushi - 22 dager siden
tianyu he
tianyu he - 22 dager siden
His dog room is bigger than my entire house 😍😍
tianyu he
tianyu he - 22 dager siden
I feel like I would get lost and die alone inside😭 But why not?!😭
Laura Lannister
Laura Lannister - 23 dager siden
Jeffree eyeliner 2020, and now Yas that's real lol.