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HEY EVERYONE.. Welcome BACK to my channel! Today we are unveiling the brand new Jeffree Star Cosmetics Northern Lights Supreme Frost palette PLUS the new NUDES Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick VOLUME 2 box which features 2 new shades! And of course because it's the holiday season, we have new makeup and travel bags! Come dive into the swatches and explore with me! Everything is launching DEC. 7TH @ 10AM PST / 1PM EST on my website!
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+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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Kumotta Kun
Kumotta Kun - 17 dager siden
Omg short nails tho. I didn't know this version of Jeffree exists 😂
Autumn Jones
Autumn Jones - Måned siden
Just up admiring his wig transformation this one was trash 🤢
Sheila May
Sheila May - Måned siden
Iam new here☺️ and because of this i just purchased mini bundle lipstick and iam super excited BTW you look stunning👏👏👏🤩🤩🤩
McKenna Wagenman
McKenna Wagenman - Måned siden
Hi, everyone! Check out my petition to put more women of different body types in movies and television! @t​
Shental Seabrook
Shental Seabrook - Måned siden
My husband bought for our wedding anniversary your jeffree star nudes vol2 lip bundle as a gift for me. I watched your video from last year that has a shade Nathan in the bundle but my package had hidden Hills instead. Is this a mistake ? Jeffree what is the tea ?
Kassidy VanWijnen
Kassidy VanWijnen - 2 måneder siden
Just got the northern lights today!! My first Jeffree product 🤩
Corey Colella
Corey Colella - 2 måneder siden
Hey Jeffree So I’m from Alaska I met you briefly in Girdwood. Since then I’ve been diagnosed with Cancer and I don’t honestly think I have A long time left. That being said it’s always been my dream to have my own collection and since I won’t be alive most likely I wanted to give you my ideas and shades and shade names. Anyway. I know most people don’t actually read there comments but my phone number is 702 327 7695
August Williams
August Williams - 2 måneder siden
Is this coming back 🥺
Angelo Fernandes
Angelo Fernandes - 3 måneder siden
You should do a pallet with influenced from
Belive me you will be in profit
littlebeen1 1
littlebeen1 1 - 3 måneder siden
I live in Alaska and the earth quakes were awful. But every thing is better.
Ben Shaw
Ben Shaw - 3 måneder siden
Day before my birthday
Rubi Navarrte
Rubi Navarrte - 4 måneder siden
I would like your cosmetics to be sold in Mexico
Meghan s
Meghan s - 4 måneder siden
Tana's thirsty ass ad in the beginning for magnetic
Jenna Hernandez
Jenna Hernandez - 5 måneder siden
I cannot imagine seeing Jeffree in a wig like that now-a-days!!! Look at how bad it is...omgg
saw san
saw san - 5 måneder siden
Christian Nacordá
Christian Nacordá - 5 måneder siden
Look at this, Jeffree. Someone loves your product so much that she literally cried when her boyfriend accidentally ruined it for a prank.
Taylor Lopez
Taylor Lopez - 6 måneder siden
Can we talk about how Jeffree’s nails are so pretty! Baby pink is definitely Jeffree’s color. 🌸😍
Jesica Higgins
Jesica Higgins - 6 måneder siden
Where did these go?
saw san
saw san - 6 måneder siden
saw san
saw san - 6 måneder siden
F.A.M - 6 måneder siden
Why is he so beautiful damn girl
Brandy Vanderford
Brandy Vanderford - 6 måneder siden
You look so gorgeous in this video you always look gorgeous queen, but that color hair and eyeshadow color makes your eye color really stand out and just pop your eyes are so beautiful queen!!! 😘😘😘 love you mwah!!
Zoe T
Zoe T - 7 måneder siden
What happened to this pallette
Aaron Newies
Aaron Newies - 7 måneder siden
He should do a cosmos pallete
Angie Bienemann
Angie Bienemann - 7 måneder siden
An what lipstick are you wearing?
Angie Bienemann
Angie Bienemann - 7 måneder siden
I so crazy a tutorial for this ICONIC look your rockin!
Sarah Vivian
Sarah Vivian - 7 måneder siden
I wish I had all the money to buy everything you've ever made. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
tyrajade beauty
tyrajade beauty - 7 måneder siden
I want this 💕💕💕💕💕💕
Donald Daks and Twinky Birdie Show
Hi how are ya?Number one fan here♥️♥️♥️
_ n3k0 _
_ n3k0 _ - 7 måneder siden
I love how Dominatrix is a liquid lip name and then Jeffree named the new dog Dominatrix
joshua mendiola
joshua mendiola - 7 måneder siden
Most people have a song or restaurant that reminds them of an ex. Jeffree has whole pallets of makeup inspired by a natural phenomenon.
Jacob L
Jacob L - 7 måneder siden
Jeffree stars highlighters:
Skin Frost
Supreme Frost
Extreme Frost
Legendary Frost 😂
dettl - 7 måneder siden
Finally ordered the northern lights palette, I can't wait for it to arrive 🥰🥰🥰
Pricila Gonzalezz
Pricila Gonzalezz - 7 måneder siden
I lived in Alaska for 6 years and never saw the northern lights 😭😭
my son was born in Anchorage this makes me want to buy it.
ashley avelar
ashley avelar - 7 måneder siden
Thanks for making videos it’s getting me through pandemic I’m watching all of them to make me feel better before I get evicted from my apartment lol I won’t have access to Internet or a phone oh well you keep me positive thank you :)
Novares - 7 måneder siden
Lol northern lights are green red and bright pink. None of those colors.
carrie davis
carrie davis - 8 måneder siden
what was the jacket brand? thanks
Alexandra R
Alexandra R - 8 måneder siden
"Birthday suit, but like on crack, and that would be Nathan:))"
Radhey Shyam Jaiswal
Radhey Shyam Jaiswal - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree:sorry i wanna eat it. Me:WTF
shena dalley
shena dalley - 8 måneder siden
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Undergroundterpgoddess Terpgoddessbeauty
I love this look f****n iconic Jeffreestar💚💚
cecistory - 8 måneder siden
Love a lavender moment girl
clara salazar
clara salazar - 8 måneder siden
i love you so much babe !
Alaa Takach
Alaa Takach - 8 måneder siden
I miss nathan
Hailey Moenaert
Hailey Moenaert - 8 måneder siden
PLEASE check your Instagram dms for a message from hailey.moenaert‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️ I am so desperate right now and don’t know what else to do.
KORIN ISAACS xD - 8 måneder siden
The top shelf one reminds me of like a fire place on Christmas Eve for some reason idk why😂
Cece's Paranormal adventures
Cece's Paranormal adventures - 8 måneder siden
how much do i love jeffree lynn? let's put it this way. i bought a bunch of makeup including this palette without my BFs permission i used his card. he's not mad but i feel like i cant enjoy it cause i feel guilty
Chance Sola
Chance Sola - 8 måneder siden
5:37 😳 I'm scared
Torie Talbot
Torie Talbot - 8 måneder siden
Is this product still available?
Be with Noor
Be with Noor - 8 måneder siden
*I'm not being shady...I love Jeff....but when he wears a dress which has collar and covered up...he looks more chubby and it's not a good's a good thing cause Jeffree is skinny...and today he is looking beautiful*
nastya0987 - 8 måneder siden
Bruh wtf, that dress looks fucking adorable on him. Don't even try, you are being shady. What a stupid comment.
Shantel Cole
Shantel Cole - 8 måneder siden
Your look in the beginning of the video is amazing!!! The hair cut and color compliments your face and the eyeshadow makes your eyes pop (they are beautiful btw) that look gives me life right now. Where is the best place to get wigs from? And what kind of wigs do you like the best?
Lazy Lacy
Lazy Lacy - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree!!!! Its 2020 now gurl!!! Aaaayynd I got 2 mini pallettes For my birthday mini Conspiracy and mini Jaw Breaker. Aynd mini lip kit my Hunny got me. Aynd gurl!!! I need new contant. I uploaded my first horrifying video of me box opening. But imma bout to do a full face using the eye shadow. 😲 Im so scared lol but literrally this is all the makeup I have. I have no wipes to wipe it off and girl that matte lip sticks!! I have no brushes either so lets see how this is gonna work i got my good ol fanger. Lol Love you Jeffree!!!!!!!! Obsessed with your makeup bc you aint about to half ass this money gurl!!!!!
SoundingTheRedAlarm - 8 måneder siden
=^^= I'm PuRrRrRr over >THIS< palette.
Can you keep this palette in constant stock for Alaska please?
*GASP* :O You were here after the earthquake? Oh-Em-Gee. ^^
Kelly Hanrahan
Kelly Hanrahan - 9 måneder siden
Awe I miss Jeffree and Nathan together
Fun Gurl
Fun Gurl - 9 måneder siden
What's the color of Jeffree's hair in this video?
Eshona Chakrabarti
Eshona Chakrabarti - 9 måneder siden
Welcome back to my channel hi , how are ya 🤩🤩🤩 I am obsessed 🧡🧡 I love you soooooo sooooo much
sana zafar
sana zafar - 9 måneder siden
They look good to a fair skin toned American, British people I hope jaffre makes something for Asian skin tone
James Nunley
James Nunley - 9 måneder siden
Live in Alaska and every time northern lights come out me and my dad go outside drink soda a just watch.... also there has been lots of earthquakes that have completely demolished homes and it’s so so sad to see things like that just melt away in 16 of the longest seconds of my life they are so short but feel like hours also worries me so much because if I am in public I just pray that my home is standing and my family is unhurt I am definitely getting this pallet and thank you so much for finally mentioning Alaska
Christina Maloney
Christina Maloney - 9 måneder siden
All monwy goes to bills and my dog lol
I WISH I could have a rose gold or the dark green one. It'll be a star I can't even afford the makeup to do makeup work. But I'll always figure it out. Always follow your dreams just like Jeffery did.
Christina Maloney
Christina Maloney - 9 måneder siden
Every other colour not to kiss ass but they so great
Christina Maloney
Christina Maloney - 9 måneder siden
I love you. And being honest the Northern lights have that green and yellow in it......would have been so nice to see.mot that the pallet isn't a shit kicker ,🥰👌
Renita Rodrigues
Renita Rodrigues - 9 måneder siden
Dude it's my dream to see the northern lights. Like I cry watching the video, I'll probably pass out when I see it frrrr
Alicia Vargas
Alicia Vargas - 9 måneder siden
Highlighter kids 💦🤣❤️
Cindy Ramos
Cindy Ramos - 9 måneder siden
shadow wolf
shadow wolf - 9 måneder siden
omg this is bogus how you are like a make up genius
Shreyya Jain
Shreyya Jain - 9 måneder siden
First time
Jeffree star with short nails
Kpc Kanphicha
Kpc Kanphicha - 9 måneder siden
So pretty
Eunice Chavez
Eunice Chavez - 9 måneder siden
Que quiero unos
Jes Pla
Jes Pla - 9 måneder siden
I miss nathan being with jeffree
one Frances
one Frances - 9 måneder siden
👙回收比特币👙➕微信guilai007👙h g h h j j h g j hjj
Janet Rintone
Janet Rintone - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree your make up is beautiful. Love your eyes.
the Queen of Halloween
the Queen of Halloween - 10 måneder siden
I wonder if he's going to take the Nathan lipstick down with the no longer being together or are you keeping it up
Austin Vance
Austin Vance - 10 måneder siden
When ever I look at jeffree Star it makes me think that someone did raid Area 51 and brought him back
Dangerous RTZ
Dangerous RTZ - 10 måneder siden
Omg I love the way he Burst out, ‘If you are watching this in the future is out now’ Like am shook! HAHAHAHAHA ❤️ it’s been a year since he released this.
As you Wish
As you Wish - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree your the first girl I ever had a crush on. You and Nate are so cute. I bet your so fun to hang out with. The emerald green bag is my favorite color. I saw the Jeffree Star custom doll and when he put diamond in the dolls arms I seriously got teary eyed. Hope time has healed the pain of losing two babies in a year. One was too much I can’t even fathom.
Jaedyn Berg
Jaedyn Berg - 10 måneder siden
When this is revealed on your birthday
Everyone else: oh,cool!
Lynn Marchetti
Lynn Marchetti - 10 måneder siden
Hi. Jeffree. CEP. Going. From. Lynnxx
Sarah h
Sarah h - 10 måneder siden
watching this after the breakup
Madison Hayes
Madison Hayes - 10 måneder siden
meowzmelon aa same :( he has so many shade names related to nathan and it’s so sad looking back on it.
Mic Tactical
Mic Tactical - 11 måneder siden
Trying too hard. No pun intended
alex searer
alex searer - 11 måneder siden
ho ware you , keep up the great work
Ryen Kubin
Ryen Kubin - 11 måneder siden
you should do a a video of where you do a whole face of glossier i would love to see it snd other too!
sockpwuppy - 11 måneder siden
did anyone else not know this existed until very recently
The Cringey Tiktoker
The Cringey Tiktoker - 11 måneder siden
I love you Jeffree I am only 13 years old and envy you and your wealth
steven rubia_r
steven rubia_r - 11 måneder siden
Is there any way to get jeffree star marijuana online? I live in a isolated town in Newfoundland, CA and would love to try it? 💞💜
Eli Anderson
Eli Anderson - 11 måneder siden
Jeffree: can't relate
Me: can't afford
Jeffree: can't relate
Qaseh isma
Qaseh isma - 11 måneder siden
Omg jeffreestar really have no eyebows😮
brooke123 - 11 måneder siden
Why isn’t this for sale anymore?
Krysta Diver
Krysta Diver - 11 måneder siden
I love them all their beautiful! Can't wait to finally try them
C Culb
C Culb - 11 måneder siden
I need a tutorial for this eye look I’m obsessed
Jordan Meidinger
Jordan Meidinger - 11 måneder siden
this is like the first video i’ve seen that jeffree didn’t have long exxtra nails 😂
hanlove - 11 måneder siden
i love it when he said "hey,how r ya?" in each of his videos..also "welcome back to my channel!" its so cute!!!
Norton Dade
Norton Dade - 11 måneder siden
Jeffree should do backpacks with can’t relate on
Rebecca Broberg Hansen
This look is soo beautiful😱😍
Rosie Posie
Rosie Posie - År siden
Jeffree could you please bring back the northern lights palate? I need it 😫
VeganVenlafaxin - År siden
I just keep staring at Jeffrees lips - does anybody know what lipstick this is? It looks so stunning!
Baggy McCune
Baggy McCune - År siden
Love you!!!
This is exactly the highlighting palette I’ve been searching for
Linda - År siden
A little late to the party lol, but I just bught the mini velour set yesterday! Such amazing shades and the package: LOVE it! I can't wait for it to arrive, it will be a gift for my sister :)
Anna Banana
Anna Banana - År siden
Oh wow glad I watched it because I wanted to order the volume 2 but I don't like the 3 dark colours.
Charlotte Brown
Charlotte Brown - År siden
I'm sorry I can't see your video no more my phone is going tipoff
nicole taylor
nicole taylor - År siden
came back to this video to see the colors swatched for the minis, gonna be my Christmas present :D ahhhhhhh
so in love with top shelf