Never Doing This Again.

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Please watch this entire video and hear what I have to say about this entire situation. It's time for a change and it starts NOW.
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Njabulo Mabena
Njabulo Mabena - 39 minutter siden
your a real bitch
madison lomax
madison lomax - 19 timer siden
Chantal Villa
Chantal Villa - 23 timer siden
manipulative liar
MellowmilkXgatcha - Dag siden
Jeffree: ''im done with the drama, and tea
;P My brain: Naaaa sis gimme the tea and drama ............. NOW!!!!
Davor Ivanovic
Davor Ivanovic - Dag siden
Mitsu Patel
Mitsu Patel - Dag siden
Aaron Ashwell-fisher
Aaron Ashwell-fisher - Dag siden
I fucking hate this manipulating no eyebrow lair no you weren’t in a dark place see your manipulation is kicking in no you weren’t in a dark place at all you know full well what you did in fact I hope the worst happens to you. Did you have any right getting into James Charles business with Tati and telling his Little brother to shut the fuck up here is an example of someone who loves and gets extremely exited over other peoples drama. And bringing up Grayson is stupid and pathetic. “I love and care about you I heard x y and z about you and this is my feelings” no you fucking don’t love or any close to caring about him. You should go and end your career. You should be ashamed you are a manipulative lair fuck you pathetic drama thirst Bitch do you enjoy that you hurt people I hate you . Every drama I see on social media involves you or your name is said you use your fame to hurt people
you are a evil person you just do that because james makeup is BETTER then yours
what happened to his brows.......
me in wonderland
me in wonderland - Dag siden
Iam watching your video for the first time
You should try a new look
You kinda look scary
Jackson Peterson
Jackson Peterson - 2 dager siden
Who else is rolling there eyes at this
izajade ___
izajade ___ - 2 dager siden
he really thinks the whole word is wondering what jeffre star is gonna say next bahahahha get a life brudda
karen please wear a mask
karen please wear a mask - 2 dager siden
oops you did it again
Amanda Grace Centner
Amanda Grace Centner - 2 dager siden
This is actually cracking me up bahahahahaha. Lord have mercy
Amanda Grace Centner
Amanda Grace Centner - 2 dager siden
The whole world wasn't sitting on the edge of their seat waiting to hear what you would say next honey. No just no.
Jericho Enriquez
Jericho Enriquez - 2 dager siden
I Stan Sebastian Stan
I Stan Sebastian Stan - 2 dager siden
Allyson Q
Allyson Q - Dag siden
Nitin shivalkkar T
Nitin shivalkkar T - 2 dager siden
Jefree should make his character to blend
Mbalentle Skwintshi
Mbalentle Skwintshi - 3 dager siden
watching this in 2020 and damn, i really don't like this person bro, two grown adults straight up bullied james
Boiled Egg
Boiled Egg - 4 dager siden
I'm ✨sick and tired✨ of you
Natalie Alderman
Natalie Alderman - 4 dager siden
he should get an award for being the best liar and the most fake friend ever❤️
johnny latraym
johnny latraym - 4 dager siden
well, jeffree take that drama and do an electronic rock album out of it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Master Roblox
Master Roblox - 4 dager siden
wow still ive said this before and idk why im saying this now but like wth id wrong with you why r u manipluating people even tati manipluating us and right nowright now its getting annoying ur making new scandals like i remember everyone going against james he was gonna MURDER himself cause of u shane and tati smh stupid idiot fuck u
Starri night
Starri night - 4 dager siden
u guys need to understand He WaS iN a DaRk pLace
Sleeping Husky
Sleeping Husky - 4 dager siden
i can't believe i fell for this shi
papichulo UwU
papichulo UwU - 5 dager siden
I love how james put no ads in his video addressing the drama, but Tati and Jeffree put ads for whatever reason 😒
Global Marshmallow
Global Marshmallow - 5 dager siden
he's a snake.
Key Keough
Key Keough - 5 dager siden
He literally only said “I” “me”. Only talking about himself. 🙄
Maia Truta
Maia Truta - 6 dager siden
people: there`s no person in the world that can lie so much
me: ummmm now there u are wrong
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
Fake ass BITCH
Emmanuel Gonzalez
Emmanuel Gonzalez - 6 dager siden
Jeffrey Star is a rude ass bitch.
Arpita singh
Arpita singh - 6 dager siden
You look like Cinderella's evil step mom. Piss off!
You soo wanted to ruin a kid's career. I hope karma bites you back the way it did tati. You absolute filth!
Alex Clough
Alex Clough - 7 dager siden
Lol 1 year later... he did it again
Ally Malfoy
Ally Malfoy - 8 dager siden
i’ve never watched this guy and barely know what’s going on with the drama but—wait wait wait did he just say “THE WHOLE WORLD IS WONDERING” UM CHILE ANYWAYS SO-
bangteez - 8 dager siden
we don’t care if ur in a dark place lmaooo ur a pathetic person jefree whatever the fuck ur name is
bangteez - 8 dager siden
bangteez - 8 dager siden
this bitch
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom - 8 dager siden
I literally just found all this on YouTube during the corona lockdowns and I don’t follow or care about any drama I don’t find that stuff entertaining at all I also want to point out that a grown woman called out a 19year old on youtube. And why on earth did people think that was OK?! No grown woman or adult should be attacking a young adult. Don’t care why she felt justified to do it. She wasn’t. We are not judge jury and executioner that is not how justice works. She called a 19year old a sexual predator. That is VERY DANGEROUS accusations to make. There have been way to many deaths because people viewed someone as that. So in no way was that justified. She could have had that boy killed. She should have gotten in trouble with law enforcement for it. That’s probably the real reason the video was taken down. Bottom line she encouraged violence towards him with that video. I was appalled at her video. She is a 37something year old woman. No 37 something year old woman should be attacking a 19 year old. She has a responsibility to her platform and the young adults and children that watch her - basically that video was a video on how to bully someone who is younger than you. At her age she should remember all the killings that where going on. People would have an intimate encounter with a same sex partner and then feel guilt or shame and kill the partner and claim they didn’t tell them or their advances were not encouraged or reciprocated. And she basically targeted this young adult with that label. So that is appalling. She has no right to play judge jury executioner with someone life. Bottom line. I don’t care what the young adult did. Also she shouldn’t expect a 19 year old to be mature enough to act like a 37 plus year old. That just is really ridiculous to expect from him. Her being mad that he promoted another brand is childish- grow up call him and speak to him one on one. Don’t put him on blast and then brand him as a predator. That’s sick
krystal - 8 dager siden
"where is this dark place they're going to?"- said by pewdiepie one of my favorite quotes
krystal - 8 dager siden
.........and yet you did it again
mishal squad
mishal squad - 9 dager siden
Wow such great lair poor James
28-skate -masturbate
28-skate -masturbate - 9 dager siden
I really want to like you jeffree cus I love your personality and sense of humour but I'm never sure of what you're true intentions are😕
Ok. - 9 dager siden
Falando sérião agora, vai toma no cu 💞
Khulud Turak
Khulud Turak - 9 dager siden
Khulud Turak
Khulud Turak - 9 dager siden
I liked this guy. I can't believe it I looked up to this man who is a BULLY and tried to end James.
Khulud Turak
Khulud Turak - 9 dager siden
He is so fuckn manipulative, I seriously think on why he is even a part of the beauty community, I'm done with this snake! He is just a hateful person, yesss he is so hateful and jealous.
Khulud Turak
Khulud Turak - 9 dager siden
Snake Jeffrey 🐍 goes well
Maia Bella
Maia Bella - 9 dager siden
he is saying he was in a dark place, but he never went in dept about it, he just kept repeating himself. Versus James actually explain to his fans about his mental health and was 1000% honest about EVERYTHING.
Maia Bella
Maia Bella - 9 dager siden
if anybody is there predator it’s jefree
Bacchus Mochi
Bacchus Mochi - 9 dager siden
Michelle B
Michelle B - 10 dager siden
He’s saying “this has to stop” like he didn’t start the whole thing lol
Anoshka Rao
Anoshka Rao - 10 dager siden
yeah and the change that will everything good again, is if you get off social media. You are a sick person and a danger to society karma hurts
Victoria Coronel
Victoria Coronel - 10 dager siden
You’re such a snake, this video isn’t going to age well. Apologize to him.
Baldwin xu
Baldwin xu - 10 dager siden
Good thing that I (being a new person to watch all of you guys) can see the bigger picture and I am disappointed, I thought you guys were sunshine in my boring days but I'm honestly shocked about you. why even create scandals? you feel good or something? Well.. the only tea here is you .

we'll see how this goes... does anyone feel like they have high blood pressure rn?
Young JT
Young JT - 10 dager siden
And now you ....
Mickey Lewis
Mickey Lewis - 11 dager siden
Damn maybe you should aPoLoGiZe to ~James~ for dragging him for nothing 🙃
music boy
music boy - 11 dager siden
He literally copied james saying I was in a very dark place. If you listen to what he said and what james said you can tell he was copying him
Jessica Johnston
Jessica Johnston - 11 dager siden
2 grown adults jealous over a 19 year old because he is more mature and smarter than you both 🥴 The real narcissistic people are Jeffree and shane😌you manipulated tati to say all these horrible things about James when really it’s just all fake and you BOTH are just extremely jealous

By the way we all know you have no “receipts” 😌
zo - 11 dager siden
i was in a dark place..
oh were u? buy a lightbulb ur rich u can afford it 🙄
Analyse Gonzalez
Analyse Gonzalez - 11 dager siden
he is such a great liar ngl
Junnat Sheikh
Junnat Sheikh - 11 dager siden
I never hated a human being so much as much as I hated him/her
Thomas Cardinal
Thomas Cardinal - 12 dager siden
Yea, you're not exposing because THERE"S NO EVIDENCE and you know your wrong, you're a liar and a fat bully.
Thomas Cardinal
Thomas Cardinal - 12 dager siden
Literally why is he even famous, he's a huge internet bully and always the start of drama.
Rose - 13 dager siden
im just here to search my old comment lol
Jae Queen
Jae Queen - 14 dager siden
He's pathetic
qornn - 14 dager siden
The reason why he's not going to pull receipts is because he got caught lying.
d_101 - 15 dager siden
Man you’re such a pathetic person .
Rylee Stanley
Rylee Stanley - 16 dager siden
He’s really the real imposter.😒
Sydney Farthing
Sydney Farthing - 16 dager siden
Jeffree, ur a powerful man. You've got a lot of unresolved trauma. Love you anyways.
Allyson Q
Allyson Q - Dag siden
he r@ped a minor..
D C - 8 dager siden
@Sydney Farthing 💔
Sydney Farthing
Sydney Farthing - 8 dager siden
@D C true
D C - 13 dager siden
Your brain is farting as much as your name.
D C - 13 dager siden
Briana S
Briana S - 17 dager siden
I’m not a big fan of J.C. but the fact that he considered hurting himself because people thought he deserved “a slice of humble pie” is disgusting. The jealousy is real.
lincoln nicholson
lincoln nicholson - 17 dager siden
Stupidbitchummmtea Yes
Stupidbitchummmtea Yes - 17 dager siden
WTF me watching this in 2020 he is saying that he doesn’t hate him but is telling James that he is a raper trying to take his friends anything away from him are you freaking kidding me he and tati they were destroying his life like how could they do that that is not normal idk what to say to people like that
Makeup Mom
Makeup Mom - 18 dager siden
No one really knows what happened. Just them.
Damn Vocals
Damn Vocals - 18 dager siden
You're pathetic! PATHETIC.
yejin song
yejin song - 19 dager siden
Why does the thumbnail on all his apology videos look like he's trying to pose for Vogue 💀
AnxiousNarc - 19 dager siden
maddison martin
maddison martin - 20 dager siden
i hope u are ok jeffee xx
Egg OwO
Egg OwO - 20 dager siden
Anyone never seen this little makeup drama and it just showed up in your recommended? 🙋‍♀️
ROSARIO LOZANO - 20 dager siden
Toph - 20 dager siden
JEFFERY U mother****** u should go to jail for harassment to James ( even tho this was a year ago) I hope u see this comment!
dawn chow
dawn chow - 20 dager siden
can all of yall seeing this just unsubscribe to this jeffree person and tati,, both of which none of us has ever heard of before they bullied our sister james🥴
Charli Park
Charli Park - 22 dager siden
Seriously just stop. You are such a liar. Don’t say your not going to do it again because the world knows that’s not close to true
Dr. Makster
Dr. Makster - 22 dager siden
Getting off on destroying people’s careers with false allegations. You’re sick!
Talking About Travel
Talking About Travel - 22 dager siden
i dont think there is a lot of people going 'woah woah woah what is this about ' about you saying you are embarrassed about your own actions, we all read what you wrote.
Bit weird how you say you regret hitting the send button, and not actually regretting saying it.
FGS 'i need more facts' no, you need facts to begin with
AXE_seen - 22 dager siden
All the bad things he's done are finally catching up to him.
Karma is a bitch 😈
Kaci Feazell
Kaci Feazell - 23 dager siden
This is what a Narcissist looks like 🤢 gross
torirubinson - 24 dager siden
Jefferre:calls James a mother f*****
2 secs later......
oH yA tHeRe Is No HaTe In ThIs HeArT
ScrapySweet - 24 dager siden
There's this certain type of people that don't seem to be able to think and speak independently, so they just pick the words and dictions of others (must have sounded good) and put it together to a "new" thing. And that's where I get pretty confident that they don't ever really put a real thought into what they're saying.
Kiwi Hall
Kiwi Hall - 24 dager siden
James showed screenshots and text messages and was mature about it you could have done the same thing.
B6 Franco, Dan C.
B6 Franco, Dan C. - 24 dager siden
People who pressed the like button is Jeffree in 900,000 accounts
Taylor Foster
Taylor Foster - 25 dager siden
Fuck you hate him
Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore - 25 dager siden
I-. I don’t even know why I’m here. But this guy just pisses me off like any other chick. I mean first don’t pull the “whole world” card, no one really cares about your bullshit. You keep ranting off saying “I need to get the things off my chest”, honey now this is just a rant video. Again passing off the ball to other people saying “there are getting in my head” another bullshit sentence. YOUR NOT EVEN APOLOGIZING. YOU ARE JUST RANTING AND SAYING ALL THESE OTHER STATMENTS. Saying empty promises is just-.
Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore - 25 dager siden
hol hold UP. As soon he pulled the “whole world” line, the button decided to be the Australian like button :).
Sophie Moore
Sophie Moore - 25 dager siden
I don’t know why I’m here tbh. I just winded up here and decided to roll with it,
Nicole Starr
Nicole Starr - 26 dager siden
remember when you messaged a 19 year olds best friend asking him how he could support a “predator” but in the same lifetime, be friends with Shane Dawson
Absolutely whack
Shreya Panigrahi
Shreya Panigrahi - 26 dager siden
Yo did anyone make a curb your meme yet?
Soham Sameer Gupte
Soham Sameer Gupte - 26 dager siden
You suck
Bagel Bridget
Bagel Bridget - 27 dager siden
When it’s 2020 and there is a pandemic 💃