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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? Today we are having a makeup artist battle! Two of my best friends who both happen to be amazing makeup artists, are going to each do half of my face! Lipstick Nick & Mmmmitchell are both so talented and I've traveled the world with them both, sharing our love and education of the beauty world! I had so much fun filming this, couldn't be more proud of both of them!
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Mat Meek
Mat Meek - 16 timer siden
THIS video i have watched more than once... ( i just keep on watching and watching and watching!) its just a lot of fun, a lot of laughs, fun with makeup, talking about boys, more laughs...and boom!...the real ICONIC look!
Jessica Startt
Jessica Startt - 18 timer siden
Mitchell with the white nail polish ..
Carl Tapnio
Carl Tapnio - 3 dager siden
Jeffree and nicole have the same laugh. U know they always hang out.
lindsey schafer
lindsey schafer - 20 dager siden
Ok so I loved this video I'm probably late to the game buuuutttt...ive been watching jeffree for years and this video killed it for me I LOVED IT!!! It's so AWESOME that he included lipstick Nick and a different artist he loves THEY BOTH SLAY!!! Love coming from Central Michigan!! Love you Jeffree hope all is well
LuvAw8s U
LuvAw8s U - 22 dager siden
Love it so much. I really enjoy the interactions with guests during your videos. You look stunning as always!!
007 Qureshi
007 Qureshi - 27 dager siden
very awesome sharp look
Alissa Harder
Alissa Harder - 28 dager siden
When is Christian doing it? I’ve been waiting for so long.
ABRAHAM AG - Måned siden
Thank you for this video 🖤
amanda coman
amanda coman - Måned siden
I feel like they weren’t giving Mitch much credit... all he talked about was Nicole. Clearly I love with her style
mona habib
mona habib - Måned siden
There is no option to by products from Pakistan 😔
Phoenix Lefier
Phoenix Lefier - 2 måneder siden
I was so into you. Then you changed. Bye babe. Your still beautiful.
Rikky Hip
Rikky Hip - 2 måneder siden
I literally can't decide which side I like best..
Jiggler - 2 måneder siden
Tryna make it back to this video I’m sure it’s not like a hey I neeed help with the of course they all function I. Saw watts but the heck I gotta get to the point where four kids possible u know u not in Arkansas huh
Hailey Payne
Hailey Payne - 2 måneder siden
Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please
zoe theghost
zoe theghost - 3 måneder siden
Your REAL FRIENDS jeffree? you have them? I honestly thought your Pomeranians were your bestfriends.
John Wong
John Wong - 3 måneder siden
Jordan North
Jordan North - 3 måneder siden
I love being in the added uk 🇬🇧 tour footage 🥰🥰🥰
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 3 måneder siden
Jeffree!!!! How the fuck do you look good no matter what color or shade shit or any make up. So jealous lol
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 3 måneder siden
What Nick dis to jeffrees lips was exactly how I did mine back in the day lol
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 3 måneder siden
I love nicks eye side she did. Fricken rocks!!!!!!!!
Evan Diplacido
Evan Diplacido - 4 måneder siden
Ciara Palone
Ciara Palone - 4 måneder siden
Literally the only person in the world who can rock no brows. Those brow bones are amazing
robin connor
robin connor - 4 måneder siden
I have to say Mitchell's side is my favorite! 🌈🤗
Elica Parusheva
Elica Parusheva - 4 måneder siden
watching this after the Shane dramagedon... it makes sense now
23 March
23 March - 4 måneder siden
Good news for jefrree to have two REAL FRIENDS
Bad news for the two real friends: beware, you have a FAKE FRIEND
ritsu_16 - 4 måneder siden
Still waiting for the camera man to do your makeup
Damian. - 5 måneder siden
Jeffree is so pretty! ❤️

_pretty awful._
Dana Vos
Dana Vos - 5 måneder siden
True friends are hard to find and watching Jeffree with Nic and Mitch, Jeffree has truly found them. Their vibes are just so natural together, not forced and just very relaxing to watch. Loving it. ❣
Gay Frogs
Gay Frogs - 5 måneder siden
You will never have real friends you sick evil person
TwisteD - 5 måneder siden
Has it always had this title or did J* change it?
my lonely soul
my lonely soul - 5 måneder siden
Now make a video where you're fake friends do your makeup
Jk jk....

Great Gig In the Sky
Great Gig In the Sky - 5 måneder siden
Best friends money can buy!!
Conversations with Kat
Conversations with Kat - 5 måneder siden
One of the coolest ideas! I love seeing them both perfectly slay...
KellyGirl83 - 5 måneder siden
This was a fun video! The best of both worlds.looks so nice. I’m a little mature on the outside but young a.f. On the inside. I need to try some of your products. Thank you for the video. Thinking of You and your Mom. 💜💙💚
carolina powell
carolina powell - 5 måneder siden
Mitchell is sooo fine
amber woo
amber woo - 5 måneder siden
Oh my god . So beautiful! Epically
Heena - 6 måneder siden
I love your videos jeffree you always make my day, and I have mostly all of the eyeshadow palettes that you have created! Love you loads ❤❤
Maria Alejandra Florez
Maria Alejandra Florez - 6 måneder siden
I'm still waiting on the video of Christian doing your makeup
gigi_ c
gigi_ c - 6 måneder siden
Give it to Lipstick Nic. She gets extra credit for making that pallette work. I don't know anyone else who can. Too bad. The colors are amazing!!! What happened with that formula? Really. I love Jeffrree, but that artistry pallette bombed. I still have it and try to play with it, but no. Just noooo.
Anaya Thomas
Anaya Thomas - 6 måneder siden
jeffree: this is not a battle, this is just showing there different styles
description: today we have 2 makeup artists battle!
Lakeva Lowe
Lakeva Lowe - 6 måneder siden
You should have let lipstick nic do yo whole face . Her brow set her side of the look off.
Hannah Rodriguez
Hannah Rodriguez - 6 måneder siden
This looks like the scene from Cats Dont Dance, when they are doing Darla's makeup😂
Sohela Suri
Sohela Suri - 6 måneder siden
Highkey still waiting for “Cameraman does my makeup”
Gina Lumiere
Gina Lumiere - 6 måneder siden
her hair is so beautiful ❤️
Alicia 666
Alicia 666 - 6 måneder siden
My god ur styles are so unique and incredible and different and they are amazing 😉 love all u guys xx
Ann Marie
Ann Marie - 6 måneder siden
Mitchell and Nick are both slaying the Makeup game. Well done
Ann Marie
Ann Marie - 6 måneder siden
Love this video
sophia Edgmon
sophia Edgmon - 6 måneder siden
have to give it up to cute.
brianna gray
brianna gray - 6 måneder siden
bro this was posted on my bday
Gaia Wolfson
Gaia Wolfson - 6 måneder siden
The FFwd had me giggling because it looked like the dual eyeshadow brushes were boxing your face. Great make-up collaboration, both sides were on point, and a final look was fab.
sonia dhonde
sonia dhonde - 6 måneder siden
Mitchell's colours were amazing!!! Loved it
Jodie Bees Bumblings
Jodie Bees Bumblings - 6 måneder siden
Where is the cameraman does my makeup video Jeffree?!!!😩😩❤️
Savanah Rodriguez
Savanah Rodriguez - 6 måneder siden
My middle name is Isabella what's your guys middle name , imagine Jeffree Isabella star honestly beautiful haha
Jude Villeta
Jude Villeta - 6 måneder siden
.....still waiting for that cameraman does my makeup
Mr. NLR - 6 måneder siden
Title is pure shade
makenzie - 6 måneder siden
christian has to do your makeup IM GAGGING FOR IT
mary bodnar
mary bodnar - 6 måneder siden
Mitchel got a young Brad Pitt vibe going on
We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr
We ShOuLd JuSt StAb CeAsAr - 6 måneder siden
"My REAL FRIENDS Do My Makeup"

I FeLt ThAt
Melinda Mclellan
Melinda Mclellan - 6 måneder siden
Pleeaaasseeeee come to Australia with Nicole and Mitchell 🤞💕🇭🇲
KoreAn A
KoreAn A - 6 måneder siden
Jeffrey I honestly just to love watching you with your real friends when you are well you are always your real self But . you can honestly see, you love your friends and the love that you have for your friends. you just really see it if people can read people's body language is but you just really see it when you sprayed lipstick Niks face(w your strawberry spray) and you're patting the spray into her eye. I personally could feel the love that you have for your best friend 🇱🇷🇰🇷💖💜
Yair Medina
Yair Medina - 6 måneder siden
Real friends meaning no Laura Leach and Mannyqueen! Lol! Yas shady Queen 👑
Grace Norris
Grace Norris - 6 måneder siden
Such a beautiful shade Morgan 💜. We love you Morgan xx😇
Jimin Park
Jimin Park - 6 måneder siden
i have a huge ass crush on mmmitchel 🥺
Indiana Martin
Indiana Martin - 6 måneder siden
love how lipstick nick and jeffree have the same laugh.
nissien loves makeup
nissien loves makeup - 6 måneder siden
Make a foundation
Annie E
Annie E - 7 måneder siden
Mitchell looks strange. His ears are a different colour to his neck and face...
Ricky Bispo
Ricky Bispo - 7 måneder siden
OMG MMMitchell’s transformation from the Alien palette to this video is everything!!
Kim Webb
Kim Webb - 7 måneder siden
So when is the Christian collab @Jeffreestar ?? xxx
Emma Wilson
Emma Wilson - 7 måneder siden
16:42 Harley Quinn who
Beverly Mason
Beverly Mason - 7 måneder siden
The first thing that popped into my mind about this look is that it looks like Beautiful Peacock.
Hunter Cuyler
Hunter Cuyler - 7 måneder siden
i'm kind of sad that the thirsty and alien palettes were both canceled and neither was out for two full years. alien was hardly out for a year
Vanessa Ruiz
Vanessa Ruiz - 7 måneder siden
You’re the best
Roraine - 7 måneder siden
love the work that England boy had done.. so gorgeous
Justin Mashburn
Justin Mashburn - 7 måneder siden
Hi how are ya!
I would be so extremely grateful for help if I was able tow win. It would help so much taking care of my grandmother. Both of my parents died when I was younger so its always been just me and her. Thanks for reading if you do.
Carla Rosado
Carla Rosado - 7 måneder siden
Amazing 😍
Eddie Duvel
Eddie Duvel - 7 måneder siden
Low key have a crush on England boy
UwUeed420 - 7 måneder siden
Cameraman does my make up would be an awesome idea x
Sun Raving
Sun Raving - 7 måneder siden
I 💗it so much!!!
Millie Webber
Millie Webber - 7 måneder siden
11:10 i’d never thought i’d hear jeffree say “coo coo” holy shit 😂💗
하피즈hfz - 7 måneder siden
I really like their chemistry!
Swann _
Swann _ - 7 måneder siden
Holly Shropshire
Holly Shropshire - 7 måneder siden
Omg a collaboration palette with both of them!
sama show
sama show - 8 måneder siden
ILove left side its very nice
Alex O
Alex O - 8 måneder siden
I die when he just looks at the camera with his big ass eyes like he looks like a scared dog for 2 seconds and then he just starts laughing. XDDDD
ExquisiteWings - 8 måneder siden
I love the makeup look, the vibrant colors are stunning.
Louis-Henri BAILLET
Louis-Henri BAILLET - 8 måneder siden
Okay, Mmmmitchel looks like a young Brad Pitt. Now I figured out why he turns me on so bad !!! (sorry about that, I'm old enough to be his father).
dakota Serafin
dakota Serafin - 8 måneder siden
it would be cool to see christian the camraman do you makeup
R E - 8 måneder siden
Jeffrey:with my REAL FRIENDS. Shane: am I Nothing to you
Mɪᴀ - 8 måneder siden
My brother went to school with Mmmmitchell literally
QUEENMegs125 - 8 måneder siden
Wait is Nate and Jeffery back together?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Franco Tan
Franco Tan - 8 måneder siden
I love both looks, i can't choose between mum and dad
DrowingInObessesions - 8 måneder siden
I have a question: is being able to close one eye like Jeffree does rare? I have seen a few videos where every time someone does that everyone asks how they manage. I can and my parents can so I always thought it was normal but I guess it's not..?
daniellepirtle - 8 måneder siden
Next collection: collab with Lipstick Nick and Mmmmitchell. 💕👯‍♀️💄🎨
Quiantella LeBlanc
Quiantella LeBlanc - 8 måneder siden
I love him he is so funny 😄
Brittany Styles
Brittany Styles - 8 måneder siden
Omg please let Christian do your makeup!!
Florian Heinrich
Florian Heinrich - 8 måneder siden
The colors🤤🤤😍😍😍
IVETTE I SILVA - 8 måneder siden
I have this same pallate not sure if I got sent a bad one :( but my shadows ain’t as pigmented as yours really sad cuz I was looking forward to this pallate🥺
Five Stars
Five Stars - 8 måneder siden
4:52 My favourite part of the video
Kseniya Ryazanceva
Kseniya Ryazanceva - 8 måneder siden
Trying to draw my face touch a deepest end !not mean what you draw
SavedForARainyDay - 8 måneder siden
Him: Real friends
Me: 👁️👄👁️ pãñçākê§