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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today my pink sister Trisha Pastas and I are going to attempt to make edible eyeshadow! We both love eating and are obsessed with makeup so we thought this might be a good idea... Were we wrong? hahaha Watch us spill the tea and catch up about life, love and... food.
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Runtime: 15:47


isael monge
isael monge - 12 dager siden
Gabriel - 26 dager siden
Don’t ever say eww in my house again lmao 😂
Alise Norris
Alise Norris - 20 dager siden
Pickle Rick
Pickle Rick - 27 dager siden
5:00 never had a sip of alcohol never been drunk.......
Cathy Abril
Cathy Abril - Måned siden
I love Trish and Jeffree so much together. They need to start their own channel.. ICONIC.
Pitbulls Go boom
Pitbulls Go boom - Måned siden
Oh my gosh I love that he remembered when Shane was like “NATE GET THE FUCK OVER HERE”
thurgesh gesh
thurgesh gesh - Måned siden
Jeffree: buys a cheap make up kit
Also jeffree: uses a Hermes spoon which is prolly costs more then all the things there combined 😂😂😂
Djay - Måned siden
Jeffree: "I'm sorry if you hate this
Me: Laughing like a pig"
dani obviously
dani obviously - 2 måneder siden
trisha’s woodpecker laugh:
PoppyB2011 - 3 måneder siden
This is proof that Trysha doesn't have a functioning Amygdala. Girl... Go home! Sheesh. Can't you tell when you're in mortal danger? LOL
Michaela Jurčová
Michaela Jurčová - 3 måneder siden
agent sun
agent sun - 3 måneder siden
am i the only one who's conscious about Trisha's coughing?? eventho it happened before covid haha
Karine yo
Karine yo - 3 måneder siden
Trisha Jeffree we just love
Midnight stars
Midnight stars - 4 måneder siden
I love how Trisha's bra say Harvard
Oh Jessica
Oh Jessica - 4 måneder siden
the way he looks at her and touches her hair at 3:14
Oh Jessica
Oh Jessica - 4 måneder siden
me reading that trish is 5'4 and jeffree is 6'1 and wondering if trish is standing on a box or what 👁👄👁
Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri Plisetsky - 4 måneder siden
Dalia Stoyanova
Dalia Stoyanova - 4 måneder siden
Trisha’s laugh is everything
summeraycan - 5 måneder siden
Please stop eating SUGAR Jeffree, it makes you age like crazy
Yuri Plisetsky
Yuri Plisetsky - 4 måneder siden
He has so much Botox his face won't wrinkle
Lauren Laroche
Lauren Laroche - 5 måneder siden
These two.. concocting things
sJessica Sanchez
sJessica Sanchez - 5 måneder siden
Trisha:cough cough
SammyRedPanda - 5 måneder siden
Why is this me and my bestfriend all the time🤣
Idys Henriquez
Idys Henriquez - 5 måneder siden
This came up on my recommended
Melanie St L
Melanie St L - 5 måneder siden
« I’ve never drank or done drugs in my life » Shane Dawson documentary, video with Trisha paytas « do u wanna do a shot? I thought u don’t drink? Ya I do so does Nate » *takes shot* HES LITERALLY EXPOSING HIMSELF LIKE WTF
Keri DeRosie
Keri DeRosie - 5 måneder siden
How low are you going to get when you’re working by grabbing straws!
Isaïah L
Isaïah L - 5 måneder siden
ummm so im guessing i was thinking of the wrong "edibles"...yikes lol
Amani Masood
Amani Masood - 5 måneder siden
Trisha:UaUaUahhhUhAhu UuhAaHhhuuuuAa aaHuuhhHhHhdaasHuufsa
Melanie Lynch
Melanie Lynch - 5 måneder siden
I want to have a slumber party with both of you when I move to California 🍒🌈🍒
Rubi R
Rubi R - 5 måneder siden
He said "yeah I do" then said "nate does" 😳exposed lol jk
fanni - 5 måneder siden
'When I'm starving I feel so skinny'
CAN relate.
Zoe T
Zoe T - 5 måneder siden
“add water slowly until its a dough like consistency” “hahaha whats slowly gonna do?” 🙄🙄
kikibirdball - 5 måneder siden
wow i hate her
Chuky Mbanasor
Chuky Mbanasor - 5 måneder siden
Trisha's literally positive vibes only!
maria - 5 måneder siden
trisha was literally laughing the whole time
saw san
saw san - 6 måneder siden
chelle motsinger
chelle motsinger - 6 måneder siden
Trisha caughed
MommyTiffany - 6 måneder siden
instructions.... 1 tablespoon of corn starch and 3 teaspoons to powdered sugar..... so.... you mean 1 tablespoon of both?
Carmen Emma
Carmen Emma - 6 måneder siden
7:02 hahahahahahaha
AlexLeMonroeee - 6 måneder siden
She's so annoying here
Grace Blanch
Grace Blanch - 6 måneder siden
Imagine being so rich you don’t have to bake😊🥰
ANNISS Xo - 6 måneder siden
2:53 the hair flip
Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson - 6 måneder siden
"you have to buy all this separate...Iconic" WHAT??!!! How the hell is that ICONIC?!!?!?!?!
Megan Thompson
Megan Thompson - 6 måneder siden
That Trish is waaaaaaayyy too extra!!!
Alise Norris
Alise Norris - 20 dager siden
but funny
M - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree lowkey looks sooooo done with Trisha 🤣🤣🤣
Vanessa Heslop
Vanessa Heslop - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree snapped for a second ...
" Don't ever say ewuh again in my house . " 😭😂😭😂
Vanessa Heslop
Vanessa Heslop - 6 måneder siden
I snapped when Jefree drank his red bull n went "wasteddd" 😭😂😂
Natan The 6th
Natan The 6th - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree looks like Viserys Targaryen
Natan The 6th
Natan The 6th - 6 måneder siden
But glam and rich
Beauty corner
Beauty corner - 6 måneder siden
She Can't stop laughing and coughing
Jenmer Escalante
Jenmer Escalante - 6 måneder siden
Trisha: cough,,cough!!!
2020: omg,,covid 19😂
Dev B
Dev B - 6 måneder siden
Bake-up sounds lit
Amy Lamb
Amy Lamb - 6 måneder siden
Did any one notice she was Coughing . Covid 19 bicth
Josef - 6 måneder siden
did anybody else watch the drop of sugar fall off trisha’s hair at 6:18? lol
Chicken Little
Chicken Little - 6 måneder siden
I always feel like Trisha wants Jeffree soooooo bad lol it's cute it's like the opposite of seeing jeffree hang out with Garrett watts
mkchristner - 6 måneder siden
So... not to be mean, but it is hard watching someone that dumb in a Harvard top!
360 Xx
360 Xx - 6 måneder siden
Ok but I literally LIVE for trish’s laugh
Gurcharan Singh
Gurcharan Singh - 7 måneder siden
Sorry, I'm watching this for like the 32nd time, and the measuring cups are octagons, not hexagons.
TheUnknown Surprise
TheUnknown Surprise - 7 måneder siden
If Trisha was coughing in 2020 while filming this......bishhhhh I would disappear faster than my dad did.
Missy Mirage
Missy Mirage - 7 måneder siden
Project mc2 is the best tv show
Cherry BLOSSOM - 7 måneder siden
I love jefreestar😍😍but..... tbh I don't like Trisha in his vid😏her voice is fucking irritating😌😌
Alise Norris
Alise Norris - 20 dager siden
then why are you waching it you new she was gonna be in the vid
Falon Hafoka
Falon Hafoka - 7 måneder siden
Omg I love them together so much
Rissa Torres
Rissa Torres - 7 måneder siden
I love yalll
LittleBig H.
LittleBig H. - 7 måneder siden
how many shots did Trish have off camera?? XD
Heather - 6 måneder siden
LittleBig H. I’m guessing hits with that cough. Lol
Izzie Guagenti
Izzie Guagenti - 7 måneder siden
What is the point of a shirt at this point in time might as well go in public naked like theres not a point
Jason King
Jason King - 7 måneder siden
if Jeffree had his own sprinkles he could call it Sprinkle Star
Otachi - 7 måneder siden
Aight. Gotta disassociate yourself from this absolute prick.
Aiysha Rasta
Aiysha Rasta - 7 måneder siden
Coughing all over the equipment 🤢
Mohammad Misleh
Mohammad Misleh - 7 måneder siden
I already have you snap and YouTube Jeffree but not all of the social media’s!
Sandys Grand Girls!! Sandys sweety’s
Jeffrey why????? Would you hang out with this looney toon????
Deanna Babiie
Deanna Babiie - 7 måneder siden
Please do a collab with Mykie (Glam n Gore) She is amazing and I feel like ya'll would vibe!
Khaotic Kryptid
Khaotic Kryptid - 8 måneder siden
Literal siblings lmao
MoMo Nostalgia
MoMo Nostalgia - 8 måneder siden
bro I love Jeffree so much look how patient and gentle he is to my last brain cell 🥺
Aurelie Grenier
Aurelie Grenier - 8 måneder siden
Trish “I made a ricekrispies once”
Jeffree: lAWWW”
Tyrannical Banks
Tyrannical Banks - 8 måneder siden
Name a more iconic duo?!!!
Kay Izzio
Kay Izzio - 8 måneder siden
Just use frosting & sprinkles 💞
Taj - 8 måneder siden
She is so freaking fake and annoying. Stop including her please!!!!
Uzochi B
Uzochi B - 8 måneder siden
“I’ve helped stir.” I love you!
Deuel T.
Deuel T. - 8 måneder siden
Trish at 5:22 I’m dying 😂😂
neekayxo - 8 måneder siden
her laugh and her voice is so barbie
Mikayla Anne
Mikayla Anne - 8 måneder siden
I love you two together I'm literally living
tarantula babe
tarantula babe - 8 måneder siden
idk why it really bothers me that trisha claims to be like the first mukbangerlike noooo lol sweetie ive been watching yuka kinoshita since 2016
KRAW CREW - 9 måneder siden
This is hilarious 😂 🤣😂🤣😂🤣 Jeffree’s face / eyeballs when girl was reading directions ... DEAD 💀😂
Andrea Burke
Andrea Burke - 9 måneder siden
Harvard should sue
k80 x
k80 x - 9 måneder siden
dont ever say ew again in my house
Douglas McDaniel
Douglas McDaniel - 9 måneder siden
You two are such weirdos.. I love it.
Justin X.
Justin X. - 9 måneder siden
“Trisha Pastas”
ShaunVS31 - 9 måneder siden
“Trixie’s cousin’’ 😂😂😂shady
Alycia Riley
Alycia Riley - 9 måneder siden
Trisha always look's like she has no idea where she is
Dani_Bear7 - 9 måneder siden
Literally they made Flubber.... like the movie 💀🤣
Ryan - 9 måneder siden
11:42 that sound omg
Brit Brit Critict
Brit Brit Critict - 9 måneder siden
Thrisa hajajajaajjsjajajsjajajsja that's all I hear. Jajahajajajajjaja
sparkling sequin
sparkling sequin - 9 måneder siden
Jeffree takes her so seriously - it’s like he knew she was mentally ill and he was genuinely concerned for her - it’s such a precious energy. I’m glad Trisha is still around and Jeffree and Shane are her friends.
Coach Hardeman
Coach Hardeman - 9 måneder siden
Trish laughs to much she will be so skinny
Maxwell - 9 måneder siden
When do your edible makeups come out Jeffree???
Shea - 9 måneder siden
I love that Jeffree doesn’t drink, he’s such a ganja queen
Lindsay Hayman
Lindsay Hayman - 10 måneder siden
ewwww trisha gross! jeffree I thought you had better taste than this.
NightWing - 10 måneder siden
Madison coaching them is cute but hilarious
Liz Brown
Liz Brown - 10 måneder siden
Thats what happen when you bake baked
Victoria Orellana
Victoria Orellana - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree is trying to hard , and he has a head ache.....
Elijah Fineran
Elijah Fineran - 10 måneder siden
love them together, we need more videos together!
fastshark 3000
fastshark 3000 - 10 måneder siden
Is anyone else comment section glitched
Melissarios - 10 måneder siden
lmao TRISH your outfit is so confusing
Tabby Jay
Tabby Jay - 10 måneder siden
I love them!! These comments are everything