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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm becoming my true form... He Who Must Not Be Named! Mykie AKA Glam&Gore transforms me into LORD VOLDEMORT and this look is so iconic!!! All of my Harry Potter fans, I hope you love this video! And for everyone else... How do you think the final look came out?? Mykie is so talented and it was an honor to have her on my channel! Happy Halloween!
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Runtime: 24:35


Kim Schaefer
Kim Schaefer - 15 timer siden
I have never seen it either lol
Melia Hanson
Melia Hanson - 2 dager siden
😂😭I love when Jeffery comes for himself
Stasianova - 2 dager siden
Just saw this now, 2 years later! Omg I hope he went shopping 🛍 while in the get up. I would just die laughing 😆
Jaka Rina
Jaka Rina - 3 dager siden
Hmmm look at that person wearing its true skin haha 😂😂😂
Maria Barrera
Maria Barrera - 4 dager siden
When I first saw this... I did think she was a little awkward around him. She could just have been nervous
It is Jeffree Star!! Still.... can't deny she is fucking talented!!
Isabella Valera Sosa
Isabella Valera Sosa - 9 dager siden
Mykie looks exactly like Mila Kunis in this video
CyanicJade - 13 dager siden
I’m very sad I’m just now watching this because it made me laugh so hard
Cameron Patrol
Cameron Patrol - 14 dager siden
you guy should have your own movie.
Claudia Fernandez
Claudia Fernandez - 15 dager siden
Honestly this video is so funny I feel like Jeffree knew how uncomfortable she is so he just got super stoned. This video is honestly so funny.
Halie Woodcock
Halie Woodcock - 15 dager siden
23:27 and on are the BEST parts
chillflame - 17 dager siden
Does everybody know that Jefferestar look like lord voldemmort from harry potter
Ayesha Amna
Ayesha Amna - 18 dager siden
That looks legit omg
Stephanie Acuna
Stephanie Acuna - 19 dager siden
“I can breath better now” jajaja Jeffrey got jokes
Michaela Jurčová
Michaela Jurčová - 23 dager siden
Super video 🖤🖤🖤⭐⭐💟💟👍🦋❤🌹🦋
🌼its_miley🌼 - 26 dager siden
back then =👩‍🦳👩‍🦰
Davi Maran Junior
Davi Maran Junior - 26 dager siden
18:18 best part for sure
Dhallane Ramirez
Dhallane Ramirez - 27 dager siden
Why did he look like Laura lee instead of Voldemort hehe
ll strawberry ll
ll strawberry ll - 27 dager siden
Eww why was I suggested this
Krystal Brensinger
Krystal Brensinger - 27 dager siden
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Sarah Amani
Sarah Amani - Måned siden
I feel Jeffrey shouldn’t give her the clout no more, she’s an embarrassment
Amanda Walters
Amanda Walters - Måned siden
Shes being such a bitch to him.Its amazing to me that she acts so rude and gets away with it.smdh
Nayaab Vasi
Nayaab Vasi - Måned siden
This looks awesome lol
Aliyah - Måned siden
Who’s here in 2020 and didn’t even know they did a collab
Jennifer Jennifer
Jennifer Jennifer - Måned siden
Hahahha this actually turned out really effing funny
Summer McGuire
Summer McGuire - Måned siden
“You could do FX, you’re creepy” omg.
Rvch - Måned siden
oh no....
Morgan - Måned siden
this intro just makes me laugh now
aed thekidd
aed thekidd - Måned siden
Wow there’s just no chemistry in this at all🤣🤣🤣
angie r.
angie r. - Måned siden
rewatching this...gosh she’s so passive aggressive like if she’s annoyed. it’s so scary how well people can hide their toxicity.
Calli B
Calli B - Måned siden
Rewatching this and all I want to do is jump in there and protect Jeffree from all the fakeness 😩🥺
Leslie - Måned siden
This girl is the absolute tiniest human in the freaking world omg disgusting
Mira Roy
Mira Roy - Måned siden
You can tell she was less passive aggressive to Jeffree because she just felt like she could walk over james a little more. Jeffrey doesn't give people room to do that to him
Mira Roy
Mira Roy - Måned siden
I'm sad because I used to love Mykie And she definitely doesn't have to like people to work with them but the way that she smiling in their face and being so shady is really really disappointing because I thought she came off as a good person until now
m i a
m i a - Måned siden
ah shit this is awks
lacedrain - Måned siden
two beauty gurus pretending to like each other for 25 minutes straight
Hannah ඞ
Hannah ඞ - Måned siden
one who shall not be named has entered the chat
Fred Weasly
Fred Weasly - Måned siden
Daniel Agasi
Daniel Agasi - Måned siden
15???????????????????? woot i thout shes 27... good lookign 27 wtf?
lies ?1....
Alex H
Alex H - Måned siden
This seriously sucks watching now. This was mykie's way of clowning both Jefree and James with these "transformations."
Ignorance is truly bliss I guess..
Aanilie - Måned siden
Maria Scott
Maria Scott - Måned siden
And I liked it when you were just standing there scaring her
Maria Scott
Maria Scott - Måned siden
I liked the valdamort head dance
Maria Scott
Maria Scott - Måned siden
I curse like a sailor too I heard people who curse a lot have a high iq
Maria Scott
Maria Scott - Måned siden
We need jeffree star as valdamort in Gucci solo movie 🎥 that would be epic
Sergio López
Sergio López - Måned siden
Two shits one video
Jay Sierra
Jay Sierra - Måned siden
2 years ago exactly today
Caroline Levandowski
Caroline Levandowski - Måned siden
NIce curt Cobain tatoo
Amelia Natalie
Amelia Natalie - Måned siden
Now I can see it. She doesn’t really hold eye contact with him and that’s what I do when I don’t like someone. Like talk to them, without looking at them haha
Colabuss - Måned siden
This aged well...
Shallin Hankel
Shallin Hankel - Måned siden
I love you mykie 🥰🥰
Beverly not hills
Beverly not hills - Måned siden
18:19 still dying over this in 2020 tbh😂
J Man
J Man - Måned siden
You should delete this video with this homophobic b.
Vanity Plates
Vanity Plates - Måned siden
Hmm. Voldemort and his snake. 😏
Vanity Plates
Vanity Plates - Måned siden
When I first watched this, I felt like she was acting odd and gave him slight meh glances. Now it all makes sense.
Vanna C
Vanna C - Måned siden
She’s a shadddddy ladddddddy
Jmeowdy - Måned siden
It’s so funny because I remember watching this thinking she was acting so weird in this video compared to how she acts in her own videos and assumed maybe she was just intimidated by Jeffree but now.....
𝓣𝓱𝓮 𝓻𝓮𝓪𝓵 𝓽𝓮𝓪
amber escobeco
amber escobeco - Måned siden
Glam&gore is hella fake 🤷‍♀️
amber escobeco
amber escobeco - Måned siden
The true glam&gore - watch video https://youtu.be/MiNn1cxT77g
She hates the gay community 🤷‍♀️ Barf
YoThisIs Wack
YoThisIs Wack - Måned siden
she looks like Katerino
cyrina coronado
cyrina coronado - Måned siden
She’s all about her coin you can tell she’s doing it for the $
Sophia Troanska
Sophia Troanska - Måned siden
Damn she is so much nicer to Jeffree than she was to James.
DeA Andreya
DeA Andreya - Måned siden
surprised he didn’t take this down
Blissfully Unaware
Blissfully Unaware - Måned siden
The drama gives her collabs more views. He’d be dumb to remove it. Hate watching makes people some serious money
Jade Dorgan
Jade Dorgan - Måned siden
Mykie and jeffry talking about jenna and how great she is 😥 anyone else watching when this video would be super controversial
Ruthy Matei
Ruthy Matei - Måned siden
After watching swoops video and watching this now you can tell starting at 17:22 there’s just the awkward interaction, you can tell she doesn’t like him at all 😳 and the cringe 20:12 that fake smile 😬
Evie Richards
Evie Richards - Måned siden
say voldemore ONE MORE TIME
Sapphire Nightz
Sapphire Nightz - Måned siden
She had more fun with Jeffree than with james😂
Meowjuana UwU
Meowjuana UwU - Måned siden
I watched this when it first came out and i liked mykies work before this but when i watched this video i couldnt stand how she acted. Like she was rushing or something was off and now i know why.
I I - Måned siden
The most problematic people rn😂
Jesse Miller
Jesse Miller - Måned siden
He looks exactly the same
Ashley wheeler
Ashley wheeler - Måned siden
I would have never let her in my home she’s such a bitch
morgan chupp
morgan chupp - Måned siden
this video hits different now, huh?
Lee E Carrey
Lee E Carrey - Måned siden
Everyone here to comment about the drama, you all are followers it’s actually kinda scary how fickle y’all are
Blissfully Unaware
Blissfully Unaware - Måned siden
@Naomi Goossen especially during a pandemic where people are already struggling to support themselves! She’s got 2 pets + recent health problems to boot.
Naomi Goossen
Naomi Goossen - Måned siden
Yeah everyone loves the drama. But the ironic thing about all of this is that Mykie isn't the only one who did these kind of things. But just bcuz she is a well known youtuber everyone is going to hate on her. In my opinion youtubers should keep the drama for themselves. If they have a problem with something or someone go to that person and see if you can fix it between each other. There is no need to drag a person in a video for the whole world to watch it. In my eyes that is just as wrong.
Hannah Laperche
Hannah Laperche - Måned siden
That's the truth smh
Becka Boo
Becka Boo - Måned siden
Remember that episode of Victorious where Tori got that SFX makeup super glued to her face?
In light of recent tea I'm surprised Mykie didn't do that to Jeffree on purpose lolllll
shauna mether
shauna mether - Måned siden
Who else is watching this in spooky season 2020?
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 - Måned siden
She is not likable at all lol Youre not better than anyone else little gore. Lol. That’s why I’ve stopped watching her channel.
Jc - Måned siden
how you can you literally have the PRIVLEDGE to be on a jeffree star video and complain about literally anything?? Ungrateful and jealous. You wont make it as far as any of these amazing artist if you cant even genuinely support them.
Maria Petrarca
Maria Petrarca - Måned siden
When trash meets trash
Marilyn Lira
Marilyn Lira - Måned siden
I don’t care that she talked shit and then went on his show.., we all have done it. What did bother me was how she wasn’t there for her so call bestfriend that shit was so cruel and evil she is so fucken narcissistic it’s disgusting even her apology she made it about herself
NanciNicole - Måned siden
Damn, coming back to this video after that whole veil has been lifted...
roo asmr
roo asmr - Måned siden
Handsome squidword vibs
Katie McDonald
Katie McDonald - Måned siden
Whose here from SWOOP’s Exposing video of Glam & Gore? 💀
Miss Kelly
Miss Kelly - Måned siden
We needed more of Jeffree being lord Voldemort!!! ICONIC!!!!!!!!!
Miss Kelly
Miss Kelly - Måned siden
3rd Time watching this and this is sooooo ICONIC!! Please jeffree do more please. But you’ll never tip The LORD!! Your his best 2nd!
Miss Kelly
Miss Kelly - Måned siden
Best second LORD VOLTOMORT ever!!!!!
Anton Roach
Anton Roach - Måned siden
the awkward moment when nothing changed but his nose! LMAO
(no offence)
Dorcas Gilbert
Dorcas Gilbert - Måned siden
Rachel Tavares
Rachel Tavares - Måned siden
any one watching after it was exposed she actually doesnt like him or James? lol fake as bitch
Blissfully Unaware
Blissfully Unaware - Måned siden
Oh, so you like all your co-workers? No?? Didn’t think so. People play nice so they don’t get in trouble. That’s what they’re doing, playing nice for their bosses (yt + the viewers)
Hannah L
Hannah L - Måned siden
youtube shady af for recommending this now 😂
Tentacle Senpai
Tentacle Senpai - Måned siden
Who else is here bc of the mykie drama going on rn lmao
Ridhi Patnaik
Ridhi Patnaik - Måned siden
This video hits different when you realise Mykie bashed him
Blissfully Unaware
Blissfully Unaware - Måned siden
....he isn’t exactly innocent in anything either???? And who hasn’t talked shit about/to Jeffree?
Marilyn Lira
Marilyn Lira - Måned siden
Yeah who doesn’t bash Jeffrey he’s that guy that probably talks a lot of shit too. We all talk shit among our best friends lol 😂 everyone wants to act innocent, i
Victoria B
Victoria B - Måned siden
This truly made me realize how fake Mykie is..
Massiel Camarena
Massiel Camarena - Måned siden
Omg se convirtió en voldermot
angelosinger82 - Måned siden
The way she said " you were the Myspace Queeeeeen " ( 6:25 ) now just sounds so condescending.
Ayda Laboof
Ayda Laboof - Måned siden
Poor she
She’s scared of Jeff
Ayda Laboof
Ayda Laboof - Måned siden
She can’t bare to be near him after the makeup 😂😂😂😂
gabi 4 greatness
gabi 4 greatness - Måned siden
I had to give him the view and re watch! How did I not notice they didn't like each other? Im so good at reading these types of situations.
Princess Jandi Saladaga
Princess Jandi Saladaga - Måned siden
Cheyenne Smith
Cheyenne Smith - Måned siden
Coming back to this video after seeing swoops video and seeing how uncomfortable Mykie is, seeing her body language line up with how she really fees about JS is just insane.
Barb Sawyer Lifestyles
Barb Sawyer Lifestyles - Måned siden
Well, this didn't age well.
Shannon Pridham
Shannon Pridham - Måned siden
I love how this is just showing up on my news feed now lol they are both cancelled 😂
Cloee Soler
Cloee Soler - Måned siden
Oh Mykie. She's good at playing with people...
Malak Elhl
Malak Elhl - Måned siden
@Hxez Mad go see the swoops video drama
Janessa Rivera Macias
Janessa Rivera Macias - Måned siden
@Hxez Mad um no we're judging her off swoops video bro.
Hxez Mad
Hxez Mad - Måned siden
Are you judging her off one video