Kit Kat Eyeshadow Palette… Is it Jeffree Star Approved?

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! 🍫 Today I'm testing out the brand new delicious Kit Kat eyeshadow palette from the Korean brand Etude House! There are 2 flavors so I'm going to try out both and see if the formula is Jeffree Star Approved™ or a flop! 💯
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Clare Spencer
Clare Spencer - 12 dager siden
Collaboration suggestion:
Erin Piro
Erin Piro - 28 dager siden
Korean makeup is meant to be more natural and subtle. It looks great!
RileySparkles2009 - Måned siden
I just realized I’m eating Taco Bell....GOALS!!!
hi h
hi h - Måned siden
Best Lyrics
Best Lyrics - Måned siden
8:45 I Can Relate
ashley moore
ashley moore - Måned siden
You should collab with skittles 😍😍😍
Mahogany Taylor
Mahogany Taylor - Måned siden
Kit kats are for life I love kit kats😄
Payal Bansal
Payal Bansal - Måned siden
Only 20 dollars bruh at least make it 10
Elizabeth Ljashenko
Elizabeth Ljashenko - Måned siden
Luv Kit Kat too
Avleen Dhaliwal
Avleen Dhaliwal - Måned siden
55 dollars and 45 dollars sooo fair 😂😂😂
Sprite BubbleGum
Sprite BubbleGum - 2 måneder siden
When Jeff kisses Nate ❤️😫
Juliana Nieves
Juliana Nieves - 2 måneder siden
She should sign the straw box!
Sandhyashree P
Sandhyashree P - 2 måneder siden
I think it's time to take a KitKat Break 🌚
SHADOW-WOLF - 2 måneder siden
My freind: OMG YOUR MAKEUP!!!! Its so cute!!! What brand do you buy!?
Me: thats my secret.
My freind: plz tell me PLZZZZZZ
Me: *slowly hiding my kitkat bar in my bag*
larry harigue
larry harigue - 3 måneder siden
Hi jeffreestar, what about trying vice cosmetics?
Fish Lover
Fish Lover - 2 måneder siden
Mia Proto Vlogs
Mia Proto Vlogs - 3 måneder siden
I am eating Taco Bell
Stephen Ray
Stephen Ray - 3 måneder siden
My favorite candy
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - 3 måneder siden
Nate is gorge
Jesus Lopez
Jesus Lopez - 3 måneder siden
Jeffree Star aka Skinny Legend: "I'm a food/candy addict"
Me: looks at gut, does inside
_xX_layla_Xx_ - 4 måneder siden
jeffree : and thats sheer
me : you taped off alot you idiot gosh
Brittany Sharp
Brittany Sharp - 4 måneder siden
Jeffee you need to do a sour patch kid candy line!!! You love candy , I love candy. You love make up I love make up.
Andrea Steinmetz
Andrea Steinmetz - 4 måneder siden
Yes south 🇰🇷
Ai_ jjang
Ai_ jjang - 5 måneder siden
You should try Pokémon and Mickey Mouse make up >
Kaisha Gallardo
Kaisha Gallardo - 5 måneder siden
Can you make a watermelon makeup set
mustafa tahir güzel
mustafa tahir güzel - 5 måneder siden
Tipe bak özürlümüdür nedir anlamadım
Hi SiStErS
Hi SiStErS - 5 måneder siden
his camera quality is so good I legit feel like I’m sitting in front of him
Billy Dear
Billy Dear - 5 måneder siden
Love that 🏳️‍🌈♥️📱xx☕️
Gay Gell
Gay Gell - 5 måneder siden
Why Jeffree! I know you won't answer but I love your videos they are the best! I'm saving up to get your mini pallets! Keep doing what you are doing its so amazing
Gay Gell
Gay Gell - 5 måneder siden
Oops I meant hi not why
avocado aesthetic
avocado aesthetic - 5 måneder siden
"Usually i hate small things" 👁👄👁
Jeddy Margaret Dizon Oalog
Jeddy Margaret Dizon Oalog - 5 måneder siden
나는 쳐다볼 하나, 열어야 할 하나를 샀다
jeffreestar 님이 말했다😂😂
an attempt of comedy
an attempt of comedy - 5 måneder siden
I once ordered kits kats from japan
On the packaging its said exactly
"You took a break! Well done :)"
Fatma Abbassi
Fatma Abbassi - 5 måneder siden
Rando: Yo Jeff, what brand you wearing today?
Jeffrey: KitKat, and DONT call me “Jeff”
Lily Riherd
Lily Riherd - 5 måneder siden
fan: “hey korean make up is really light and sheer.” Jeffree: “ this is not pigmented enough.” “where did the red go?!??” ooooofffff
rene moncada
rene moncada - 5 måneder siden
You should do a colab wish Skittles
AestheticCrybaby 321
AestheticCrybaby 321 - 5 måneder siden
Who else is watching this in 2020 with there birthday kit kats
Cloudy Days
Cloudy Days - 5 måneder siden
I love you jeffree every time I watch you’re videos I crack a red bull 🥵
cecilie sørensen
cecilie sørensen - 5 måneder siden
It’s cuz in Korea they use brown shades more than bride colors dats why the bride ones are also sheer cuz it’s suppose to look a lil natural
Renee Unger
Renee Unger - 6 måneder siden
Hand it over juseyo
Rocio Gomez
Rocio Gomez - 6 måneder siden
It look cute but not something to wear really but I will always love Kit Kat!
Your Oppa
Your Oppa - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree, I love u, but chew with your fucking mouth closed.
Nazim Adiha
Nazim Adiha - 6 måneder siden
It's not a fair price... Every item is way too much expensive
freya regan
freya regan - 6 måneder siden
Ngl I’m going on a jeffree binge and he’s one of the only youtubers I can watch the whole way through 😳
Paige Hoelting
Paige Hoelting - 6 måneder siden
“I bought two, one to stare at and one to open.” Lmfao
Callum - 6 måneder siden
as soon as you get jeffree star approved then you know you have made it 😊🤚
Fatma Gursoy
Fatma Gursoy - 6 måneder siden
Whos watchin this is 2021😂
JINNY KIM - 6 måneder siden
와 대박 난 성덕이다 에뛰드를 제프리가!!! 킷캣!!!
Ashlynn Norton
Ashlynn Norton - 6 måneder siden
ok first of all i love your videos jeffree but i did not like the way you smacked your lips sorry i just hate when people do that but i am not trying to be mean sorry!!
What's Inside
What's Inside - 6 måneder siden
Was that really necessary?
안주영 - 6 måneder siden
Korean makeup is not very pigmented as American makeup, so sometimes even 11 year old girls put on those kind of eyeshadow.
Cody F
Cody F - 6 måneder siden
This new comment format irks me to no end
What's Inside
What's Inside - 6 måneder siden
Analiah Gaspard
Analiah Gaspard - 6 måneder siden
You gotta make silicone straws
Alyson Plumley
Alyson Plumley - 6 måneder siden
No one:
No one every:
Me:never even noticeing Jeffrey doesn't have eye brows
What's Inside
What's Inside - 6 måneder siden
porroneaisan parrapioBTSARMY
porroneaisan parrapioBTSARMY - 6 måneder siden
Am I the only one who thought when he said black and pink and thought of BlackPink
Real Mojastiva
Real Mojastiva - 6 måneder siden
“I hate small Things “
nadine amanta
nadine amanta - 7 måneder siden
If i could get a dollar out of everytime jefree said hi bish i would be as rich as him😂 btw love ya jefree❤️
Lexx - 7 måneder siden
If Jeffree doesn't make merch that says Jesus take the wheel I swear!
Also who wants him to make a lime green tracksuit
Tali Rayne
Tali Rayne - 7 måneder siden
I actually happened to comment on a video not too long ago but I wanted to see Jeffrey play around with Korean Beauty, I'm excited to watch this. I love Etude House products.
Itsrainbow Cookie
Itsrainbow Cookie - 7 måneder siden
My question is is your Merch in kid sizes
Emily Bloom
Emily Bloom - 7 måneder siden
No one can get mad at an eye shadow like Jeffery
Wangyo - 7 måneder siden
We Asians love light makeup
Dorothy Boucher
Dorothy Boucher - 7 måneder siden
Love your video as usual you Shine :) oh and if you ever get rid of any of your make-up ' please keep me in mind LOLL ;) wink wink sharing the LOVE @tisonlyme143
Hello Bitch
Hello Bitch - 7 måneder siden
100$ for a tracky is amazing
the cookie crumbles
the cookie crumbles - 7 måneder siden
I kinda buy this palette just for the kit Kat
bella unicorns
bella unicorns - 7 måneder siden
MelanieBee 28
MelanieBee 28 - 7 måneder siden
So when is the jstar x tacobell collab coming?
Safiya Sherif
Safiya Sherif - 7 måneder siden
Voice crack at 8:30
J•K - 7 måneder siden
Dear Jeffree, with the shades like red and pink, in Korean beauty you have to use your finger not a brush. Like in the beginning you were aware that Korean make up is not that bold. Yet in the video you acted like you were expecting it to be like one of your palettes. Next time you do a Korean make up review please learn more about it before you film, it hurts to see these brands names sound bad because of a few things you did. I'm not in anyway trying to sound rude, because I love your channel so much. I just found it a little irritating. Love you sis!
KittenSissy 123
KittenSissy 123 - 7 måneder siden
I was actually eating a kitkat while watching this lol
erin x
erin x - 7 måneder siden
Jeffree: I don't usually like small things
Camera: *zooms in*
Jorden Hynes
Jorden Hynes - 7 måneder siden
I have a friend who is named Kat, I'm sharing this with her hahaha
Joy Abuluyan
Joy Abuluyan - 7 måneder siden
I love kit kat ro
shangelique_ - 7 måneder siden
Hi! How are yah!?😀😍
CARE BEAR - 7 måneder siden
I love how his hands move when he speaks 💙💙💙💙💙😊😊😊😊
yunayoona0901 - 7 måneder siden
he shouldve put on the makeup like koreans do for the best outcome
Rej Pacleb
Rej Pacleb - 7 måneder siden
"Jefree Star and Chill"...
Gacha Panda 101
Gacha Panda 101 - 7 måneder siden
Who else noticed Jeffree has pretty green eyes?
adreanna unnie
adreanna unnie - 7 måneder siden
Can you pls try bt21 vice cosmetics? Love you vids soo much
Jaimie Owen
Jaimie Owen - 7 måneder siden
where did you buy the makeup from???
Jeilyn Vasquez
Jeilyn Vasquez - 7 måneder siden
The eyeshadow is perfect. That's the way it works in Korea.
Izuku-Deku Midoriya
Izuku-Deku Midoriya - 7 måneder siden
Fun fact my brothers name is KitKat
Elieza Claril Asias
Elieza Claril Asias - 7 måneder siden
" i hate small things" with a stare. I'm smolll🥺
Kayla Elias
Kayla Elias - 7 måneder siden
Kayla Elias
Kayla Elias - 7 måneder siden
I am also a Scorpio and I lovvveeeee to SMELL everything
Bella Animations
Bella Animations - 7 måneder siden
When Jeffrey smells the Kit Kat pallet😍. When he smells the Hersheys pallet:🤮
Kseniya Ryazanceva
Kseniya Ryazanceva - 8 måneder siden
Blood on other side Kitkat something shoking!your cheap are very this way expansive!🍭
Toilet Paper
Toilet Paper - 8 måneder siden
There are three genders
NASU {oTSURUnO OnGAESHi} - 8 måneder siden
Sam Hasanpour
Sam Hasanpour - 8 måneder siden
Please do a vid following a korean make up tutorial🙏🏻🙏🏻
Mc Donald's
Mc Donald's - 8 måneder siden
Bruh, I'm hungry and I just have dinner
Miranda Strickland
Miranda Strickland - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree got metal straws?

SkSkSkS and I oOp
Big Toe
Big Toe - 8 måneder siden
So I'm Korean btw. So brown and nude colors are normally the main colors we wear. We aren't much for going craZy with makeup. We also wear blacks and natural colors. Reds, blues, greens, and most other colors aren't what we normally wear. If you are a Korean and wear more extravagant colors, sorry bout that. This is just what I know as a Korean myself. Love you Jeffree💜
Big Toe
Big Toe - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree: $100 I always try to price very fair
My mom: Nothing over $20
Me: sO fAir jEffReE😔
Siti K.
Siti K. - 8 måneder siden
if you are Jeffree's fan, you'd know that HE CAN'T do anything WITHOUT SMELLING THE PRODUCT first.
Thom L.
Thom L. - 8 måneder siden
COVID-19 self isolation = jeffree marathon 💯
stop pls ok
stop pls ok - 8 måneder siden
What I’m I watching?
Christine I Guess
Christine I Guess - 8 måneder siden
Ayo, korean here. We usually wear warm brown tones and soft pinks, and that red shade would probably be bold for us. Honestly, we usually stick to nudes, sheer pinks, light reds, and very little highlighting on our cheeks and under our eyes. But still loved your video!
abelisbebe - 8 måneder siden
Well now i want a kit kat.
sypher mz
sypher mz - 8 måneder siden
Why is he literally the only one on earth that looks good with no brows
Amaze Gacha
Amaze Gacha - 8 måneder siden
Is anyone else not talking about the fact jeffree said " I will probably give it to nate to put some
Luciana T
Luciana T - 8 måneder siden
jeffree we need a soft girl makeup tutorial✨🍑🦋😪🥴
Shramana Karmakar
Shramana Karmakar - 8 måneder siden
They kinda gotta stop making food related makeup... it makes us hungry:-|