I’m Really Scared To Admit This.

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After I uploaded my Blood Money Collection reveal video, I got an overwhelming amount of feedback that I would love to respond to. There has been alot of personal things going on behind the scenes and I'd like to share why I seemed so OFF. Thank you for watching. Love you guys.
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sleepyxdeathbeds - 59 minutter siden
try admitting your past mistakes and stop inserting yourself in others. 🥰
Joann Byrne
Joann Byrne - Time siden
Bye! Now it's the public doin the screwin!
Ashley Shehan
Ashley Shehan - Time siden
Evan's garden420
Evan's garden420 - 2 timer siden
Fuck all the haters. I loved that . Idk girl they are just jealous tour my inspiration and my icon . Dont listen to the haters. I will be getting that palette
Wiccy Kensi
Wiccy Kensi - 2 timer siden
Internet can make you but it also has the power to break you. The more you take, the more you’ll have to give. The minute you start thinking you can get away without any repercussions, that’s when you start to lose.
Essential Wellness
Essential Wellness - 3 timer siden
Ooohhhh rich baby had a bad day news flash I like ya jeffry but ya changed, your a little less authentic and let the money get ya. Someone else is telling you how to do it don’t let your handlers influence your soul take this from an older mamma who is not in your crew circle —-get grounded and rooted a little more your a babe and thanks for putting it out there but calm the eff down we would like to see calm jeffry star time to mature? I dunno how to to say it. Love the blood money though.....
alex Schizz
alex Schizz - 3 timer siden
I truly believe you and i don't know how people can be so mean...Just be you,2020 will be soon over and personally I'm by ur side.Take care of you,of your gorgeous business and everything you've achieved until today.And please don't forget about taking care of your feelings.I love you and support you through all of this xoxo
mama mirjam
mama mirjam - 5 timer siden
I really haven't seen u like this. Being honest about something u really care about, standing up for yourself. Still think your arrogant though, so super crazy arrogant. U aren't thankful, you're just powerful.
Bobbie Nixon
Bobbie Nixon - 5 timer siden
I got your queen supreme lip stick of my sister
Angela - 6 timer siden
Jeffree is not a good person. Most of you only discovered him when he launched his makeup. Anyone who knew about him like 10 years ago knows he is manipulative, and a liar. He doesn’t deserve all the success he has.
Corn - 6 timer siden
Bruh what is up with these comments acting like he never did anything wrong and everything is normal? and some of y'all still look forward for his videos???
Angela - 6 timer siden
He is manipulative af
Cotton Candy
Cotton Candy - 8 timer siden
I dont care, I need to be like him when hate strikes me. Never let yourself be broken! ❤️
Dayan Youssef
Dayan Youssef - 9 timer siden
0:54 and bored.... now I know why I don't subscribe...
SuperDadsBaby - 9 timer siden
Give this guy a break for fucks sake!
SuperDadsBaby - 9 timer siden
And this format for videos? Jeffreee this is YOU! Give us more of it
B M - 10 timer siden
When I got out of my last relationship I did dumb shit too ... it’s a readjustment ... you’ve gotta find yourself again ... keep doing you buddy ✌🏻
Fatima Flores
Fatima Flores - 10 timer siden
Jeffree my little cinnamon roll don't mind them you are beautiful and unique i love you 🤗😘
Reddishf0x - 11 timer siden
Girl, want to feel better? Read the room. Stop trying so hard. Maybe don't put out a pallette called blood money while people are dying during a pandemic and overcharge for it?!
Do better. Put out something that focuses on self care, with but still being fabulous.
Finley Evans
Finley Evans - 11 timer siden
Just got the Blood Money palette 😍😍 in love
Monii Ka
Monii Ka - 12 timer siden
Love your blood money swatch and merch video so nice everything
SAVANA K - 13 timer siden
special order is giving me very much pumpkin spice roll vibes
Danii v
Danii v - 13 timer siden
I feel he is genuine about all the art he creates so I admire Jeffree for that
You truly are giving your talent to the stars ✨
Angela - 6 timer siden
No he isn’t but okay
Chris Tammaro
Chris Tammaro - 13 timer siden
I refuse to pay his ridiculous prices him n Kylie are million airss im not making them rich lmfao
Skye Johnstone
Skye Johnstone - 13 timer siden
hating on jeffree for being to honest and then hating on him for not opening up is childish. he deserves so much more respect hes my world.
Angela - 6 timer siden
Did you know about him before his makeup line? Most likely not he is a liar and manipulative
Nueve L
Nueve L - 13 timer siden
When you try to just come back as if nothing happened
LaceOfThorns - 13 timer siden
I love your honesty in this. It's so sweet. Also I'm psychic and I'm like 95% sure you're a Lyran Starseed. Look into it. Also blazing it with ya! ☺
Zane Ritchie
Zane Ritchie - 14 timer siden
You’ve hurt so many people, just admit it loo
Zane Ritchie
Zane Ritchie - 14 timer siden
Yo you’re frickin gross.
Sarah M
Sarah M - 14 timer siden
"You want to see it up close?" Thought I was going to get hit in the face! 😳 😂You're funny!
Rev. Scotty Lorenz
Rev. Scotty Lorenz - 15 timer siden
Your crap is always the easiest to dislike. Stop waving that thing around like you’re some kind of demented wizard.
Angela - 6 timer siden
Omg demented wizard that’s the best
Crystal Lord
Crystal Lord - 15 timer siden
Love you jeffrey you are amazing. You are right everyone has a bad day especially this year look at me I am no longer working and home schooling.. cant wait to see what you do next. You inspire me to be me and also start wearing makeup at 32 and get my daughters playing around with it.
3M's&1A - 15 timer siden
Hate him or love him. I will give him this. He does put in a lot of work, creativity, thought and soul into his products. So it makes sense for him to feel bothered when fans think his products are not of quality.
Heck Yourdeck
Heck Yourdeck - 15 timer siden
You keep involving yourself in drama that no one brings you into. Literally no one cares, we’re just trying to move on with our lives
Angela - 6 timer siden
Because that’s what he’s done his entire life. If you knew of him a decade ago before he got famous he’s been a bully and rude his entire life
HOLLYBEAR32 - 16 timer siden
I miss you trying out new makeup plz bring bk ty luv ya
lulu f u lemon
lulu f u lemon - 16 timer siden
Everyone has dirt under the carpet. It only get thrown up and out when your famous because bored people need to know every detail of someone else's life. In all honestly do you really give a Sh*t??? Lol ... umm NOPE
Angela - 6 timer siden
It’s not old dirt when he keeps doing the same shit for the past 10-15 years
LaceOfThorns - 17 timer siden
Love you!
Kassandra Furtado
Kassandra Furtado - 17 timer siden
Thank you for swatching close up too
Kassandra Furtado
Kassandra Furtado - 17 timer siden
I miss your makeup tuts! But thank you for putting so much thought, energy and creativity in your brand!
Sophia Cremasco
Sophia Cremasco - 18 timer siden
I don’t know how much more he needs to apologise. Why are all these people being cancelled for old mistakes? People learn, grow, reflect. Are we not allowed to forgive anyone any more? Anyway hoes don’t come for me
Bence Jónás
Bence Jónás - 19 timer siden
And yet again, 5 million people forgot why they hated him a month ago, this is so awkward.
riinaaa _m323
riinaaa _m323 - 19 timer siden
Honestly I only learned about jeffree star this yr cuz I saw one of his vids on facebook, and now watching this I don't really get why people would hate him.
Emma Brass
Emma Brass - 19 timer siden
Joanne Bagley
Joanne Bagley - 19 timer siden
Once again, only making videos to sell your stuff. You said you'd be back to doing reg videos again..... but you haven't.... then you said you'd be on Instagram tv, but you aren't posting there either. It really feels like you're forgetting about your following.... like you only think about us when it's time to sell things. I get your busy and your life is chaotic, but you're the one making promises and not keeping them.
J SmithSemper
J SmithSemper - 19 timer siden
Looooove how you go ALL IN with the color pallets - just saturated like jewelry. GENIUS!
Si soy Wen
Si soy Wen - 20 timer siden
I understand you so much. I'm passing the same shit as you. I'm not owning a brand or anything like that, and I don't have money to shopping for make me happy at least, but feel u. All that feelings: being tired, depressed, missing to be in love, have a family environment ... really feel u and hoping u can feel ok soon. U r an inspiration for a lot of people
Jovanni castle
Jovanni castle - 20 timer siden
Girl that is cheech and Chong olive toned lead based paint green van color
Melissa Mystics
Melissa Mystics - 21 time siden
Oof manipulation at a 10, nothing's changed. bummer.
Emma Brass
Emma Brass - 19 timer siden
Better be careful, hate comments are all getting deleted 🙄
julia bara
julia bara - 22 timer siden
Jeffree you eyes look really beautiful in this video. I feel like these colors compliment your eye color the best! And thank God for this better reveal😇😂
pamela tovar make it happen
pamela tovar make it happen - 22 timer siden
This reveal of the new pallete is much better than the 1st one.
Last one I was lost into green and green set and clothes and the camera take the products too far so I couldn’t see the color of your makeup.
Jessica Ortman
Jessica Ortman - 22 timer siden
Jeff Beach
Jeff Beach - 23 timer siden
People evolve idk why some dont get that. Love you forever do your thang 😘😘
Pink Moon
Pink Moon - Dag siden
jeffree star says (n slur) :O
Pink Moon
Pink Moon - Dag siden
Anyways... what's yalls zodiac signs?
Lee - Dag siden
It's a bit odd to come back here after a few months. I mean I've followed Jeffree since his MySpace days. Back when he had pencil thin brows and the iconic pink hair. And while I know people change as they grow up and with time but he's changed in a different way. Idk. Maybe I'm reading too much into it but he seems like he really needs to take a complete break from social media and work on whatever is going on personally behind the scenes. He seemed to be on the edge of tears this whole video and looked to have a hard time keeping his thoughts together, like there's too much going on in his mind. Again, maybe I'm reading too much into it.
Tiff Rosyth
Tiff Rosyth - Dag siden
The black one is stunning! I love the sparkles in it.
Shannon Xx
Shannon Xx - Dag siden
Please do like a Barbie pink pallet that would be the cutest !!
Ally JayyLovee
Ally JayyLovee - Dag siden
Bank Roll shade gives me Shane 🐷 emerald green color!!!! 😍
Diana benson
Diana benson - Dag siden
Yeah this year was shit the worst of my life and people need to realize your human you have emotions too
Variety Vibes
Variety Vibes - Dag siden
Girl fuck making people happy do what makes you happy they’re just blocks in your way 😘
Iamerikuh - Dag siden
He’s so “love to hate”
What happened between him and Shane are they still friends
Marlee Hall
Marlee Hall - Dag siden
Who else is scared of Jeffree with his army of dogs 👁👄👁
Marie Scott
Marie Scott - Dag siden
Yes u look so good your body is looking more firm and healthy
Honestbeautyfx - Dag siden
🤞🏼💜I need a purple palette! Purples are such a tough eyeshadow to formulate it seems yours are always amazing but I need more. I need some rich purple colors! Purples in a lot of palettes are so patchy or not pigmented enough. You could do it though! Fingers crossed!💜🤞🏼
alex searer
alex searer - Dag siden
i wonder if you remember me, alex searer im proud of you, and lots of looove
L P - Dag siden
Love you so much !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kelli - Dag siden
Please do a new brush set, that's extra af of course.
Sia Vevo
Sia Vevo - Dag siden
Jeffry I miss your old videos 😔💚
Scholar Muslim
Scholar Muslim - Dag siden
Oh sh@t, you can be scarecrow. Your appearance and voice is so disgusting that I will vomit right now
gay emo
gay emo - Dag siden
I fell like tooth ache" would be a good palet name nobody asked or has to listen it was just a random thought
Tiff Rosyth
Tiff Rosyth - Dag siden
It's fitting.
Kathleen - Dag siden
These comments are unreal, y’all really in a cult huh
Kirito of the Wild -
Kirito of the Wild - - 33 minutter siden
I don’t like this person either but why are we here if we don’t like them? We support them by giving them our views
Violet Ray
Violet Ray - 2 timer siden
Abigail Deacon
Abigail Deacon - 14 timer siden
FR i’m like yall really forgetting everything huh?
Rachael Lewis
Rachael Lewis - Dag siden
I heard “He has no ___ ___” and I wanna know what he said because I couldn’t hear it. Being real right now. Not being salty. Just wanna know.
Lexi Shelton
Lexi Shelton - Dag siden
“He doesn’t know his shade names”
Rachel Watern
Rachel Watern - Dag siden
Jeffree you are a beautiful person ❤️❤️ you’re strong and successful as hell ignore those haters 🔥🔥🔥🔥
ChocolateHeart - Dag siden
I dont like him, but I respect him for being real in this video.
Violently Richard
Violently Richard - Dag siden
Jeffree....I think your new concept was a genius.😍Why they throw shady about video...why don't they look on your new make up?????
Ps:Sorry for my English 🙏
Lacee Hernandez
Lacee Hernandez - Dag siden
Jeffree I miss you!!! Make more videos 😍
Marie Shines
Marie Shines - 2 dager siden
How quickly everyone forgets all the bad stuff JS has done! Every time you buy his products he laughs all the way to $$$ Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Berkin
Erica Smith
Erica Smith - 2 dager siden
Can’t believe y’all are still supporting this fool of a man.
Give him the same energy y’all gave to Shane.
baebeommie - Dag siden
Susan Narducci
Susan Narducci - 2 dager siden
HONEY!! Sometimes you do go over the top! People are having money problems due to the pandemic and you go and showed your wealth so carelessly. I know deep down you are a good guy. Please be careful who you have around you., AND YOU DONT HAVE NOTHING TO PROOF. YOU ARE NOT YOUR BRAND !! The brand is part of your creative thinking. You are very smart and I hope you find happiness and peace without the dang drama.
Erica Arlante Cox
Erica Arlante Cox - 2 dager siden
Something is wrong with Jeffree. She is not that lively and confident. Seems like she is having a depression and looks like she wants to cry anytime while filming this video. I hope she’s okay.
Skroderis - Dag siden
Misspelled gender. It's He not She.
Viper33 - Dag siden
Its a he...
pashen garrick
pashen garrick - 2 dager siden
i don't think some people realize how much covid has taken a toll on a lot of peoples mental health, even with influencers. they are still human and they don't deserve the backlash they get. You are not alone JS, you deserve the best life has to offer you. i love your collection❤️❤️
Adam 802
Adam 802 - 2 dager siden
The 4 supporting my cause. Blood money. Portugal had a blood money graffiti near the apartment my parents rented in 2018, end of 2018 for a week or 2 so they could drag me backnhome so I don't end up homeless or worst. So many people lied to me, I thought I could find a job after being fired from another job but it turned out to be another lie
Brandi Bee
Brandi Bee - 2 dager siden
I stopped watching jeffree star’s stuff a while ago just because the whole thing came out with that tati drama, but i saw this video on a spill channel and i just wanna say to whoever said “oh boo hoo i’m so rich and i live in a mansion and have lots of money” RICH PEOPLE CAN BE SAD TOO TF???? Like???????? That type of comment is so uncalled for, like i understand you’re definitely projecting your own financial insecurities onto them but if you look at jeffree’s 2020 in a summary like,,, a whole lot of shit has happened to him and you can’t even deny it. Money cannot buy u happiness, it can only make you comfortable to an extent while you’re still depressed lmao. Don’t come at people with that “well u got money” when they’re talking about their hardships and their mental health that’s sooo lame and obnoxious.
Abby Lloyd
Abby Lloyd - 2 dager siden
clearly all "controversial" comments have been removed.
Violet Ray
Violet Ray - 2 timer siden
Emma Brass
Emma Brass - 19 timer siden
Damn you right
Angelic Asysnila
Angelic Asysnila - Dag siden
True... Its the last thing jeffree's team could do 😏
Robert Helpmann
Robert Helpmann - 2 dager siden
You so VERY cool and beautiful.
leon michael
leon michael - 2 dager siden
lame and cruel, weak, last week
ReBEBElino - 2 dager siden
U ar soo sweet 😍😍😍
elson jake
elson jake - 2 dager siden
IngloriouslyRandom - 2 dager siden
I have been following Jeffrey for years... Really used to enjoy him and his brand... Yet it is getting so old... Maybe I am finally entering "adult life" and becoming boring, but damn, he never changes. He has been dysfunctional for years.... Yet the more money he gathered, the more polished it got. He build a million dollar brand and that is really commandable... But it is based on a traumatized and dysfunctional personality and a thirst for controversy.
Everything that goes wrong in The Jeffrey Star World has always been blamed on dramatic and sad personal and familial issues and apparantly these can not be fixed - no matter how much money he makes... He gets called out on his bullshit left and right, these days. If he was so big on controversy and doing unconventional shit: he should stop being a money hungry bastard and invest in his own mental health. Unfortunately, his "controversy" (which is just some marketing trick) earns him so much money... I don't think he can stop.
I have been struggling with my own mental health and I was very jealous that he seemed to be able to build this empire while having all the issues (he made no real secret of them). But as of late... I am happy, I have been putting my energy towards getting better. I really hope he will grant himself the same. I hope he is grateful for his enormous wealth and is able to spend a portion of that on helping himself become better: less suffering from trauma & pain, better able to deal with family hardships.
I don't want him to go poor or stop being filthy rich. I sincerely hope he can keep being a rich bitch AND become happy, healthy, compassionate for himself and the world.
I don't think he will... But I hope he does it, not for us, for the views or the money... But for himself
glory nikolic
glory nikolic - 2 dager siden
What about lipstick na*zi?👀👀👀
D. T.
D. T. - 2 dager siden
Mimimimm..... 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
Emilia Klein
Emilia Klein - 2 dager siden
hi jeffree, i love the palette, is so beautiful, could you please make a tutorial with the look you have in this video? thanks
Perplexed Wolf
Perplexed Wolf - 2 dager siden
Its sucks being alone and it eats at you. I haven't been in a relationship or even had sex in almost ten years. My only friend lives three hours away. My family isn't all that close and being gay hasn't helped. Oh and I love in Virginia which is just ugh... It sucks..
But yea fuck what people say
Megan Cawley
Megan Cawley - 2 dager siden
Scorpio queen high key
Mauren Divaa
Mauren Divaa - 2 dager siden
Rebekah Corichi
Rebekah Corichi - 2 dager siden
idk what people had a problem with in your reveal video it was stunning
Nerlyn Colas
Nerlyn Colas - 2 dager siden
He's losing subsctibers a lot'
Rebekah Corichi
Rebekah Corichi - 2 dager siden
Bts For life
Bts For life - 2 dager siden
Supporting you babe, through everything. I got you :):):
Vi Harrison
Vi Harrison - 2 dager siden
Say what you will about Jeffree but his products be 🔥🔥🔥🤷🏾‍♀️
Emma Patton
Emma Patton - 2 dager siden
I feel like Jeffrey deserves more than what he gets.no I know he does..people hating need to go..hi hello look at what your doing..it’s wrong excute me..get a fucking life and stop making him hurt inside Ik what this feels like this happened to me an hour ago