I Followed My 100 Year Old Grandma's Favorite Makeup Tutorial

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? My grandmother turned 100 years old this year!! Can you believe that?? One word: Iconic!!! Grandma Star has been wearing bright red blush for 50 years and is a huge makeup lover! She sent me one of her favorite tutorials that she recently saw on Facebook and sent it to me! This video was her idea and she's the sweetest! I'm grateful to have her in my life and thankful for her support!
Watch the original video by Glamour Daze here ▷ noburn.info/id/video/lm2XippkcqWQkWU.html (Narrated by makeup consultant Marla Craig. Model is Rena Alden)
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Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper - 17 timer siden
You said about shaving your brows I had my first side cut a couple of months ago. My mother said 'your grandmother wants to talk to you'. Bring it on gran I'm nearly 52, it's now or never girl
Karen Cooper
Karen Cooper - 18 timer siden
I was born 1969. I remember petrol being very cheap
Maylis T
Maylis T - Dag siden
The most Iconic person in this video is Jeffree Grandma
Johnny Bravo
Johnny Bravo - 3 dager siden
You look very nice in your make up. 😁
cruz - 5 dager siden
Him blending an expensive foundation with his fingers made me SCREAAMMM😭😭
KYM WALL - 5 dager siden
He was supposed to use blush for contour the person in the video said and ha did not even care
Zyuna Ladai Makue
Zyuna Ladai Makue - 6 dager siden
this makeup reminds me of my mother. she was beautiful. I love this look on you.
Nun Ya
Nun Ya - 6 dager siden
I'm sorry but his vest looks like like he chose his outfit by saying "I wanna look like I plan on going fishing later but not really"... 🤷🏻🤷🏻🤷🏻
Katelynn_ Kxz
Katelynn_ Kxz - 6 dager siden
But you alr look like my grandma
grace wootton
grace wootton - 7 dager siden
Why do you sware alot
nancy johnson
nancy johnson - 7 dager siden
That dog is a direct decedent of my german shepherd. No shit .
Nutsa Tsirekidze
Nutsa Tsirekidze - 7 dager siden
13:07 🤣🤣🤣
Tanya Bouch
Tanya Bouch - 7 dager siden
Maren McAvoy
Maren McAvoy - 9 dager siden
It took me over four minutes to realize Jeffree's silver top did Not have sleeves and his actual arms were showing.
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl - 9 dager siden
I'd love her to come into the future and watch this video.
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl - 9 dager siden
This is hilarious
Jessica Girl
Jessica Girl - 9 dager siden
I remember this
Malak A.
Malak A. - 10 dager siden
ME having lack of iron..... are you saying i have dark circles girl?!
Indy RAWR - 10 dager siden
Do the damn brows Jeffree. You can still draw them in, on the shape that she did!
Indy RAWR - 10 dager siden
SO SO wish he would have followed instructions to a T! Like using lighter foundation not concealer to conceal. And, being careful to place the blush like she said using as close of a raggedy applicator like she had that he could find and have it be that light color! And contour with actual dark colored blush.
Would watch him redo it to a T!
Sophia André
Sophia André - 11 dager siden
Why is there a person using an inhaler on the thumbnail
Tara Rezai
Tara Rezai - 12 dager siden
Whoever sees this please subcribe to my yt :)
Sophie Leamy
Sophie Leamy - 12 dager siden
James Charles put foundation only on his nose 👃 so this is not bad at all
Kim Basciano
Kim Basciano - 12 dager siden
I was dying laughing this whole video at jeffree’s reactions hahah
ugly_af Thomas
ugly_af Thomas - 12 dager siden
I'm watching this again and this was 1 year ago IS GRANDMA STILL ALIVE??!?!?!?!?!
London lockhart
London lockhart - 13 dager siden
You finally look normal
PeachCobbler1337 - 13 dager siden
"The jawbreaker pallet is going to beat her ass"
I'm fucking screaming omg
parker turner
parker turner - 13 dager siden
Isa Del Corral
Isa Del Corral - 13 dager siden
Omg he looks bomb its solo crazy oh nevermind he always looks good
Ruiqi Shi
Ruiqi Shi - 13 dager siden
oh my! i still apply foundation using fingers, hehe
Vridhi Modi
Vridhi Modi - 14 dager siden
So, basically, I’m doing my makeup like it’s the 1960s and I’m 22 Y/O.
Never been happier ♥️
Alissa Anteau
Alissa Anteau - 15 dager siden
your voice is calming
kathryn guillot
kathryn guillot - 15 dager siden
He literally goes squirted more then that girl we had a 3 some with IM DEAD
barlovesnoop - 15 dager siden
Literally one of the best makeup tutorials I've ever seen.
And I'm not using "literally" in exaggeration
Cutie Lovepun
Cutie Lovepun - 16 dager siden
why does this female kinda look like Addison Rae 24:19 24:24
Cutie Lovepun
Cutie Lovepun - 16 dager siden
why is this kinda look like Addison Rae 24:19 24:24
glittery rainbow puppies
glittery rainbow puppies - 16 dager siden
Are you drunk watching this?(or drunk or intoxicated by any thing
glittery rainbow puppies
glittery rainbow puppies - 16 dager siden
I m meant or high or or intoxicated by any anything RN
Sophia Janssens Burton
Sophia Janssens Burton - 17 dager siden
Brynli Mullane
Brynli Mullane - 17 dager siden
Old bitch is shamelessly savage!🤣
Kathy McDowell
Kathy McDowell - 17 dager siden
Grandma probably lived off the land thats why she's 100
Shoog Odey
Shoog Odey - 18 dager siden
"Oh my God that squirted more than the girl me and Nathan had to threesome with" i honestly don't know how to feel, should I laugh or feel offended,
Paulina Leon
Paulina Leon - 19 dager siden
I love you jeffree star
Fiona Balcavage
Fiona Balcavage - 19 dager siden
Anna Clerides
Anna Clerides - 19 dager siden
You can make a makeup tutorial with your grandmother and not show online
Meheret Workeneh
Meheret Workeneh - 20 dager siden
"that squirted like the girl me an ate had a threesome with" HJDKLJSLAKLSJKA ExSqUeEzE mE?!?!?!
shawna sabino
shawna sabino - 21 dag siden
Looks better than with $$$makeup.
Sasi coco
Sasi coco - 22 dager siden
I actually love this look 😍💕
Christy White
Christy White - 23 dager siden
Lol i actually do my make up lile this no wonder i look like shit
Daisy Villafuerte Vazquez
Daisy Villafuerte Vazquez - 23 dager siden
the fact that they where taking makeup as science lmfao
A Rivord
A Rivord - 24 dager siden
Jeffree's 100 year old grandma: I want to not be known or be famous
Jeffree: ok
Also Jeffee: So my grandma doesn't want me to talk about her or be on camera so I'm going to tell you some stuff about her 🙂
Loll - 24 dager siden
My mom's mother died in 1999, before I was born and my father's mother does not even bother to see me or even call so yeah.😐👌🏻(me inside irl=😭💀)
Moon X Røsë
Moon X Røsë - 27 dager siden
I never got to remember my grandpa from my dads side he passed on the year I was born
My grandpa from my moms side didn’t talk much and I still remember what he loved
He used to carry me so I can give him a kiss he was about 63 and I was 9 he flew away with the angles last year
My grandma from my dads side is 85 or 86 and she loves to color in her little coloring books. It breaks my heart knowing that
she can go soon and I dont see her much anymore
My grandma from my moms side is fun, funny, and adorable the way she has parties at her house, has a pet dog
And takes care of my little cousin which is to much work for her
I just wanted to share my “story’s” for no reason I guess
It’s ok to cry if you lost someone
I hope everyone is having an amazing day or night
Kristina Steen
Kristina Steen - 27 dager siden
its really good on you
NHvlogs Nola and Harper
NHvlogs Nola and Harper - 29 dager siden
My dad was born in 1969
NHvlogs Nola and Harper
NHvlogs Nola and Harper - 29 dager siden
This is so rude.
Saige McCraw
Saige McCraw - 29 dager siden
I just started watching Jeffree today and I love him he and such a great personality
Julia Meller
Julia Meller - Måned siden
Julia Meller
Julia Meller - Måned siden
Krishaa Manhas
Krishaa Manhas - Måned siden
U are beautiful what ever u do
B P - Måned siden
9:13, 11:43, 16:47, 17:44, 18:13, 19:08, 23:45 25:25
Katherine Meara
Katherine Meara - Måned siden
i miss nate
Jackie Munoz
Jackie Munoz - Måned siden
Only OGS remeber when the ads were not timed and were skippable more often and all the old youtubes that either quite or got wrose and when to comments were atthe bottom
Edit:I know i will get hate comments like "ThAtS nOt OrIgInAl!!!
Acab !
Acab ! - 23 dager siden
Thats not og
Sydney Nguyen
Sydney Nguyen - Måned siden
The dog in the video hate its life
Jen_ _A_Purr420
Jen_ _A_Purr420 - Måned siden
Idc what others say when I come back to Jeffree I feel like my life is complete again lol He’s hilarious
Dixie Ald
Dixie Ald - Måned siden
this was made 1 day before my birthday
Santyles - Måned siden
rxsie - Måned siden
"that thing squirted more than the girl that.. me and nate had a threesome with. ANYWAYS.." PLSSSS IM CRYINGG
JC Draws
JC Draws - Måned siden
Jeffree watching the eyebrow section like:

Adrienne Fontaine
Adrienne Fontaine - Måned siden
For all our Nanas, the best person in my life
Tessa Jackson
Tessa Jackson - Måned siden
Omg I wish I could like this a thousand times over!!! I love you Jeffrey!
Yeeter McGeeter
Yeeter McGeeter - Måned siden
“The beauty community was a lot different from what it is know, there was no scandals.”
BlickInMyBoot - Måned siden
That video sound like a documentary 😂
Angelica Datu
Angelica Datu - Måned siden
Jeffree your face looks luminous this way. Your eyes pop.
Lydia Toth
Lydia Toth - Måned siden
Using your fingers with foundation isn't as bad as you think I always used my fingers and it turned out even and pretty good
wolfemcbane - Måned siden
Twas called WHAT NOW I thought ur dance partner wuz dan
wolfemcbane - Måned siden
Damn call falcon jux u just like a slum girl in the dang it was a really good performance I mean trashed me when ddp walked in but darkstarwolfe@gmail.life ain’t that short I got u on a poly and I was gonna say well done a that’s all I’m duhin movie name was .... and fore I like corn kinda
yogirl_khloe - Måned siden
jeffree star: that was a good 9 minutes of my life
video: 27:46 minutes long
LoveSurvival Stuff
LoveSurvival Stuff - Måned siden
Izzy Rafael
Izzy Rafael - Måned siden
Ohmygoshhh i wanttt a mirror so bad can someone send me a linkkkkk
Silvia Raygoza
Silvia Raygoza - Måned siden
Very nice even this makeup tutorial was simple and goes back to plain Jane days
Jeilyn Vasquez
Jeilyn Vasquez - Måned siden
100 year old?!
Acab !
Acab ! - 23 dager siden
Shes not real 😀
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick - Måned siden
Don’t worry she doesn’t actually exist
Terri Oulch
Terri Oulch - Måned siden
Gorgeous with or without. This looks amazing on you tho🥰
Nicola Pearce
Nicola Pearce - Måned siden
Jeffree you and your reactions were my favorite part, luv ya
rae payne
rae payne - Måned siden
Who else looked up jefferee star doing this tutorial after watching the actual tutorial?🤣
Jennifer Huynh
Jennifer Huynh - Måned siden
Jefree “eyesbrows?! No mam” 😂😂😂
Juliet Martyrossian Ruiz
Juliet Martyrossian Ruiz - Måned siden
lmaoo u can tell jeffrees fingers were sore from blending bc of how red they were
PADY - Måned siden
Please check my channel, I need a advice 🙈
ruby Alexander
ruby Alexander - Måned siden
U litteraly look just like khaleesi's brother in game of thrones
Tilly isabella
Tilly isabella - Måned siden
omg bless her
Caroline Fisher
Caroline Fisher - Måned siden
Can we just see the graphics....
Audrey Thomas
Audrey Thomas - Måned siden
I can not believe that his grandma is 100 years old already my grandma is like 71 or 72 years old. 🤔😛
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick - Måned siden
She doesn’t exist, it has been proven too months ago
Verna B
Verna B - Måned siden
You look beautiful on that make up #MyQueen
EmmaX Flippe
EmmaX Flippe - Måned siden
The way he breathed in like that when he was putting on the blush that literally me when I take my nieselspray
Candy Riley
Candy Riley - Måned siden
She just said powder puff
Candy Riley
Candy Riley - Måned siden
Jeffery is shook....😑😐
Dorcas Gilbert
Dorcas Gilbert - Måned siden
This was fun
IAMANOBPOP - Måned siden
Does makeup is made out of lend
Kristin MacDonald
Kristin MacDonald - Måned siden
My great grandpa was 103
Kenny McCormick
Kenny McCormick - Måned siden
My great grandma was almost 90, sadly she passed away this year, but my other great grandma is still alive, she’s in her 80s
Felicia Springer
Felicia Springer - Måned siden
So fucking cute and hilarious. I LOVE it
Katilynkeeefff Katilynkeeefff
I ment to say Jeffrees face