Getting Rid Of $1,000,000 of Makeup w. Shane Dawson

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel!!! Today I'm letting you all in on a little secret... I'm a makeup hoarder!!!! I invited Shane Dawson over to help me clean as he exposes my beauty room for the first time and helps me remove over a million dollars of expired makeup from my house! Follow us on another crazy adventure... Buckle in.
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Runtime: 30:45


Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 9 timer siden
17:52 Shane " I put it inside my scabs " WTF ...he's nasty .
Maylis T
Maylis T - 22 timer siden
"It's sickening the VILLAGE" XD
Bryce Gundacker
Bryce Gundacker - 3 dager siden
Why did I think this was like a video from like 2 days ago
Natalie Maríe
Natalie Maríe - 4 dager siden
I miss these two filming together so much 😢
Tara Khurana
Tara Khurana - 4 dager siden
their outfits did not age well-
honeybee gacha lover
honeybee gacha lover - 5 dager siden
Me in 2020:I dont think your 15 million dollar house is going anywhere
Jefree 2018-2019:wheres mask to be funny
royalty queen
royalty queen - 5 dager siden
I hope he really did not throw all these makeup away i wish I could have some dang
Alina Mirza
Alina Mirza - 5 dager siden
Giveaway this makeup to me next time 😏
Alina Mirza
Alina Mirza - 6 timer siden
@Sarah Jane 😂
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 9 timer siden
I have to save to get my nice make up then I watch this and i'm like OMFG WTF !!
Lizabeth Schoettler
Lizabeth Schoettler - 6 dager siden
I have a little challenge for you can you hide all your tattoos on your body not your face or anything I don't think I've touched you on your face so I know how to tattoos 100 you can cover up with foundation
Amanda MALCOLM - 7 dager siden
I’m literally binge watching Jeffree while in quarantine 😭
RileySparkles2009 - 8 dager siden
There prepared for Covid-19
Jourdan Huffman
Jourdan Huffman - 8 dager siden
Unpopular opinion: I still fuck with Shane and jeffree. Sorry bout it 🤷‍♀️
Jourdan Huffman
Jourdan Huffman - 8 dager siden
'They'll pick up anything.. Even if it's wet' 😬😂😂 okkayyy Shane lol
Madison Ennis
Madison Ennis - 8 dager siden
“rihanna took my money “
Anna Fleming
Anna Fleming - 8 dager siden
Would love to have the make up you dont want instead of using the dollar store brands.
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 timer siden
I have to save up to get good make up , then I see this !!!
Gavin Uh no
Gavin Uh no - 9 dager siden
Anyone here November 18 2020
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 timer siden
November 28 2020
BrooklynnMichelle - roblox
BrooklynnMichelle - roblox - 10 dager siden
they got a mask.
prepared for 2020!!
lorennclaireee - 10 dager siden
LOL Darkness
CHRISTOPHER TRIPP - 10 dager siden
I was watching this and I'm like girl donate some to me
Nina Copsy
Nina Copsy - 11 dager siden
Wish they would've donated to me. I have nothing
Dreamseed_VR - 12 dager siden
"Sickening the village" hahahaha omg
Amanda Marack
Amanda Marack - 12 dager siden
Hit me up
patty adams
patty adams - 13 dager siden
ill take some of your SO CALLED GARBAGE lol make up hon lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i was almost fainting seeing how much you were throwing away lol lol !!!! I MISS splurging on high end make up so bad ! SO the NEXT time you feel like cleaning out your make up lol lol ,AND throwing it AWAY ,PLEASE throw them into my mail box sweetie lol lol! yes,im a gramma who takes care of her two grandsons and HAD to give up my dream job of working with mentally ill people .but it was WORTH IT ! well SOMETIMES LOL LOL LOL ! sorry sloppy ,Im a bit high lol lol and CANT SEE lol lol !!!but ,i started watching your show VERY recently ,inever heard of you untill i saw your make try outs and i laughed my ass off at some shit you said about the different cheap shit lol! i WANT to try your eye shawdows and ALL THE SHIT LOL ,WHEN I save up enough ,bcuz i WONT but cheap shit ,ill go WITHOUT !!!!!!!!!!lol .so i make my make last untill i save up to buy more shit! IDCif it takes me a fucking YEAR LOL LOL !!!!!!!!! I WILL ONLY BUY THE BEST FOR MY FACE ! LOL.iDO boxy charm and ipsy & birtch box sometimes ,but i HATE getting shit i NEVER asked for WHEN I told them EXACTLY WHAT COLORS AND SHIT I WANT ,AND THEY STILL SEND ME BLAH COLORS THAT SUCK !!!!!!!!! but i want you to know i enjoy watching your videos and HOPE YOU STAY SAFE ! GOD BLESS !
Ben Arline
Ben Arline - 13 dager siden
If feel so bad that every time I see Shane I see Rumplestilsken from Shrek...
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 timer siden
He has money but he always looks so unkempt , same old t-shirt , unshaven , sweaty and just uggghhhh . Man needs to sort himself out in so many ways .
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 timer siden
Stephi and Sweet-ish_Skyler
Stephi and Sweet-ish_Skyler - 14 dager siden
Had me cracking up love it
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom - 15 dager siden
That is a real feeling. A family member is the american dream seriously and he fears that as well and never throws stuff away. It’s a legit fear.
Shelly Thom
Shelly Thom - 15 dager siden
Love that you donate makeup to shelters. There are so many women who are in need of make up to cover up abuse that had happen to them so they can go to job interviews and just feel better about themselves. Sometimes a woman feels better if they get their hair done get new make up. So I love that you do that especially since you get so many of them. You should do it before it expires and probably every shelter in your state would be covered. Lol 😂 but seriously that’s awesome. I respect that a lot.
Laura Lannister
Laura Lannister - 15 dager siden
I miss Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson!!!! This videos are again helping me getting through.
s black
s black - 15 dager siden
Send all the exp... Stuff to me 😂😂
Desiree Gallagher
Desiree Gallagher - 16 dager siden
Send me your makeup you dont use instead of throwing it all away. Lol I'll take it all
Eden Payton
Eden Payton - 16 dager siden
Jeffree: "Let me get you some make up to play with..."
Shane: "OK, I like that."😂
Kristy Davis
Kristy Davis - 16 dager siden
Should've donated to women's shelters
Beauty Lee
Beauty Lee - 17 dager siden
That is where Jeffrey is wrong not every product has that on package Wet n wild don't have that on there products at all
Dominoeffect 74
Dominoeffect 74 - 17 dager siden
You have the sweetest ❤️
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 20 dager siden
I couldn't imagine if a bunch of girls found out that truck was driving by with all that make up in it...girls be chasing it down lol
PickedFlower - 20 dager siden
"Let me take this mask off for a second"

David de haan
David de haan - 21 dag siden
If you ever have make up leftovers plzzz remember me😍😊
• Cynthia •
• Cynthia • - 22 dager siden
Jeffrey looks so good in this video!!!! 🤚🏻
Cece's Reese's
Cece's Reese's - 23 dager siden
no one:
Shane: picks up pizza box why are they sending you food stuff??? that's MY brand
hayden - 22 dager siden
we saw the vid
Laura Maloney
Laura Maloney - 25 dager siden
I want to say I can relate but.... I can’t
Christy White
Christy White - 27 dager siden
Jeffree is sooo damn beautiful
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 timer siden
Yep totally agree with that statement 👍👍👍
Shout - 27 dager siden
who is here in 2021?
Kailey Day
Kailey Day - 27 dager siden
They were legit prepped for COVID
Daisy Roberts
Daisy Roberts - 28 dager siden
Jeffree fixing his baby hairs with Shane’s sweat is iconic
Rachel Musselwhite
Rachel Musselwhite - 28 dager siden
The hasmat suit and the mask are the story of my life in 2020
alba world
alba world - 28 dager siden
can i have some makeup
alba world
alba world - 14 dager siden
@hayden ok i know that dont be stupid
hayden - 22 dager siden
no cuz ur very late
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - Måned siden
damn that's alot of make up...did u have to throw it away or could you donate it if it's not opened, like maybe donate to a cosmotology school. Idk just a thought. I love how you do your make up tho. beautiful...and i love shane too. miss his conspiracy videos.
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 20 dager siden
@Juliunna Bennett oh I watched part of it and then another video of his popped up so my mind wondered to that one instead. Thanks for letting me know tho ❤
Juliunna Bennett
Juliunna Bennett - 20 dager siden
Yeah he did say allot of the new stuff was being donated to woman’s shelters if you watched it ❤️
hayden - 22 dager siden
they can’t donate it if it has been opened used or if it’s expired
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - Måned siden
Love those nails!!!
Sam Edwards
Sam Edwards - Måned siden
Why doesn’t Shane post anymore
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 timer siden
Because he has done and said some bad s**t . Google it . And he let his dog maul his new kitten to death a couple of weeks ago.
Stacie mulling
Stacie mulling - Måned siden
Any other females sitting here thinking why you can't be as pretty as jeffrey 😪
Dianne Boudreau
Dianne Boudreau - Måned siden
Jeffree, don't ditch it, send it to meeeee!!!
Libby Perrigan
Libby Perrigan - Måned siden
I have watched this video 3 times now in the last 5 to 6 months
Aoife Aoife
Aoife Aoife - Måned siden
Well this didn’t age well-
Brittney Holladay
Brittney Holladay - Måned siden
It’s crazy to me that people who can afford anything get everything for free and The rest off us have to scrape together change for groceries!
Sarah Jane
Sarah Jane - 8 timer siden
Yep , I have to save up to get my cosmetics .
Hope Briggance
Hope Briggance - Måned siden
N I luv ya Shane! MMMWA! 3^
Hope Briggance
Hope Briggance - Måned siden
Looks like Heaven to me! 😁 n ur so beautiful jeffree... 😉😘💃
Gaby Najar
Gaby Najar - Måned siden
next time you go to DR I would be soooo happy to show u around
Kristen Roberts
Kristen Roberts - Måned siden
11:47 2020 problems
Kylie Swartz
Kylie Swartz - Måned siden
bro why do they think thats a mess my room is way worst-
Maliyah Long
Maliyah Long - Måned siden
BrodyOnWxfx - Måned siden
can we talk about the fact that jeffree was wearing a gUcCi bELt over the cleaning suit...

Jose Lechuga
Jose Lechuga - Måned siden
Jeffery when I'm an adult can I be in one of your video and I've been here since 4k
Lindsey Schulte
Lindsey Schulte - Måned siden
I'm not in any way discrediting jeffree because he is helping people in his own way and its honestly way more than i could ever dream of doing to help people, but the idea of him donating MAKEUP to womens shelters is kinda funny to me. Like bitch you want socks? Nope take a concealer.
Kailah P
Kailah P - Måned siden
PEEP the blue roto eye drops at 9:33 next to his makeup mirror 😂😂 stoner probs lmao
Celine Haaeman
Celine Haaeman - Måned siden
I would love to get all of that😂❤️
Melissa Morales
Melissa Morales - Måned siden
Jeffree if your watching this comment if makeup artist send you pr packages you can do a giveaway to your subscribers.
Ashley wheeler
Ashley wheeler - Måned siden
I seriously would take all that make up 😂
Vikki - Måned siden
Shane-wait this is from the grinch, why is the grinch sending you things?!
Jeffree- oh yeah he sent me his full or package
Shane-*confused and mad he didn’t get one*
Vikki - Måned siden
Jeffree- that was handcrafted in Italy, now it’s rotting in my junk yard
Shane- I mean at least you have food for survival
Wendy - Måned siden
The belt took me out. LOL.
Milan Merino
Milan Merino - Måned siden
“Drama find your shade hunny”
Diamond Ruby
Diamond Ruby - Måned siden
i think you need the outfit for 2020
{J̷a̷z̷z̷i̷e̷ J̷a̷z̷z̷}
Shane + Jeffery = AWKWARDLY ICONIC DUO😂🤞🏼👌
Carey Dorough
Carey Dorough - Måned siden
im re -watching ur vids but you should get lip monthly or boxy charm u get amazing products from them!
Amanda Mosher
Amanda Mosher - Måned siden
I think jeffree could honestly teach his dogs to find their shade in makeup
ruksana rinthi
ruksana rinthi - Måned siden
When he mentioned about james,felt pain 😔love james
Soggy French fries
Soggy French fries - Måned siden
I just realized he or she doesn't have eyebrows
Torey Maria
Torey Maria - Måned siden
22:52 omg 😂😂💕
katie louh
katie louh - Måned siden
He should donate that stuff
Vicky Chang
Vicky Chang - Måned siden
i mean they be ready for corona :v
Holly Keep
Holly Keep - Måned siden
So wasteful do you actually not care about the environment at all its bad enough purchasing it all let alone binning it all Just to let u know
Payal Bansal
Payal Bansal - Måned siden
To if somebody sent me to many pr boxes I would open and use it that day
Joonies Lost license
Joonies Lost license - Måned siden
Me and my bff: buying makeup from walmart.
Jeffree and shane:thowing away makeup
Me and my bff:gurl you could give us some you know good for people💀👀
stephan smit
stephan smit - Måned siden
Miss Shane 😥
Tia jade Saxon
Tia jade Saxon - Måned siden
Oh my god ur dogs r so cute I littrelly love u and ur dogs 🐶
Mr. Mack
Mr. Mack - Måned siden
They were ahead of the pandemic game before the pandemic game was even a thing!!
Kimberly Dugan
Kimberly Dugan - Måned siden
Goddd😍, hello beautiful next time you need help im freaking AMAZING at organising :) And id die for even a fraction of what you tossed lol i thought dumpster diving at ulta was fun! lol 😅😂 hope all is well
Kawaii Toga himiko
Kawaii Toga himiko - Måned siden
The Artist NYC
The Artist NYC - Måned siden
Great.... I just learned that all my make up is ALL expired ☹️ it’s crap anyway 😅.
Katie Burrell
Katie Burrell - 2 måneder siden
Wouldddd love makeup you dont use . Im trying to get more in to doing my makeup
Vanessa Dailey Lewis
Vanessa Dailey Lewis - 2 måneder siden
Why dont you make up boxes for your fans to win...please
Chloe Novosel
Chloe Novosel - 2 måneder siden
Guyssssss I love Jeffreeeeeeee, he is so patient like explaining how everything works to Shane and he is just so thoughtful and patient and sweet
ERICA WALKER - 2 måneder siden
I know exactly what you're talking about Jeffree
Chilly Savage
Chilly Savage - 2 måneder siden
Shane’s laugh is contagious I love it it’s so cute
Mateja Pogorelc
Mateja Pogorelc - 2 måneder siden
Hi hi jeffre can i come to you’re home i need some make up
Maine coon and sphynx and sugar gliders
Omg omg how many times in the first minute. Cant watch no more
Amiah Rodriguez
Amiah Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
I want the makeup mom stated 115 Garcia
Souha Sarmini
Souha Sarmini - 2 måneder siden
I think he wants the blanket too lol
yaya kelley
yaya kelley - 2 måneder siden
Omg! I wish I were Jeffrees friend!!LOL! It would totally make my life to have just one small shopping bag of those products! ❤️✌️
Bánh Bao Bánh Bao
Bánh Bao Bánh Bao - 2 måneder siden
Jeffree: 1.000.000$ makeup
Me asking myself: Should I buy the 35$ pallette or another one only 32$ ?