Full Face Using Only Milani Makeup… 😱 I'm Shook!

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HEY EVERYONE… Welcome BACK to my channel! In today’s video I’m testing out a full face of Milani makeup! I’ve gotten so many requests to do more “full face” drugstore makeup videos so I’m back with another one! I missed just sitting down and playing with makeup so thank you all for being here with me, it’s been a crazy last 6 weeks of my life! Who else has tried Milani??? Are the formula’s Jeffree Star Approved™? Watch and find out!
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Every Haircolor
Every Haircolor - 21 time siden
his star mirror at the intro is so cute
Julia - 21 time siden
I love how honest you are!😘💕
Aaron Carl Magsayo
Aaron Carl Magsayo - 5 dager siden
Queen you need to go back to making makeup vlogs i miss it 🥺
Jenna Corre
Jenna Corre - 7 dager siden
When u threw that nars mascara! 😭
madison nichole
madison nichole - 9 dager siden
makeup brands really should put a ‘jeffree star approved’ thing on their packaging. but milani has always been one of my favorites it’s like luxe products for a drugstore price
Norma Gonzalez
Norma Gonzalez - 9 dager siden
Does anyone know what the shade name is for the shimmery blush he topped the coral shade?
Nikki Gray
Nikki Gray - 10 dager siden
life is always trying me... I miss you Jeffree
Gudvj_ :p
Gudvj_ :p - 11 dager siden
jeffree is an iconic q u e e n
Harley MCRmy
Harley MCRmy - 13 dager siden
I love Milani's Ludacris Lights highlight.
Tabby Smith
Tabby Smith - 15 dager siden
I love how he is the ONLY person on earth that looks normal without eyebrows 😍
Kathy McDowell
Kathy McDowell - 17 dager siden
You are super adorable. We need to hug 1 day.
Sierra Gillon
Sierra Gillon - 17 dager siden
I love this brand thank you for reviewing this i love their lip line its top shelf shit
Lady Karess
Lady Karess - 18 dager siden
I love Milani
Noah Polk
Noah Polk - 19 dager siden
Hi there
Angela Patrick
Angela Patrick - 20 dager siden
I just love JS honestly lol 😂
Yaoska Cordero
Yaoska Cordero - 20 dager siden
Desde Nicaragua 🇳🇮 te escribo
Berenice Gutierrez
Berenice Gutierrez - 22 dager siden
I miss your videos
Blair Tucker
Blair Tucker - 23 dager siden
Grace Andrew
Grace Andrew - 24 dager siden
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Madelyn Herteen
Madelyn Herteen - 24 dager siden
I saw a Milani product at target today and questioned why it was there because it sounded so fancy then this video was in my recommended feed
Adriana Perez
Adriana Perez - 25 dager siden
Hello Alien 👽 Headd!!
Tammy Lewis - Gerber
Tammy Lewis - Gerber - 26 dager siden
Your a mess! I’m trying to remember the lingo you use because after watching you I’m shook girl!! Lmao can’t wait to use this on my 30 y/o son. The expressions on his face will be idk girl I’m obsessed!! He’s family muah! Lyk on the flip ok ok ok I need some more video ha!
Sydney Worster
Sydney Worster - 26 dager siden
it’s sucks for people who don’t have any social media to do give away a they never can because they don’t have social media he should do give aways that don’t require other platforms
G H - 27 dager siden
Hi how are ya can i have a purse jeffree 😅😂
eliana glazer
eliana glazer - 28 dager siden
i love u jeffree ur a insparation
Ashley Washington
Ashley Washington - Måned siden
Anyone know what exact brush he used to apply the foundation?
Great Dane
Great Dane - Måned siden
Love you Jeffree! Fan for life 10/29/20 🎃🧡👻🧡☠️😂
Annika Zechner
Annika Zechner - Måned siden
I also love your videos cause you been true about the products so I can trust everything u saying ps love you
SweetHeart !
SweetHeart ! - Måned siden
Who wins these products????
HotEmoToaster - Måned siden
How am I just now seeing how much Jeffree looks like an elf? Like, Lord of The Rings fantasy!
Molten Vanilla
Molten Vanilla - Måned siden
HAHAHAHAH 21:13 ONWARDS UR SO FUNNY omg im starting to like you i dont really follow anyone but hahaha ur hilarious
Kissing Milani's !@@&#&
"Let me just shut the hell up and put this on."
Lol i totally cracked
Molten Vanilla
Molten Vanilla - Måned siden
Thanks Jeffree i love this video its so comprehensive 😚
OurWorldAhead - Måned siden
And here I am just wondering what those contact lenses are. They look amazing. Does anyone know?
Brooke - Måned siden
All I have is the Milani rose balm that is tinted
Lauren Stang
Lauren Stang - Måned siden
“But like hi we don’t do eyebrows on this Channel” 😂😂
L. Foy
L. Foy - Måned siden
Dorcas Gilbert
Dorcas Gilbert - Måned siden
Gotta get me some of Milani
Kris L
Kris L - Måned siden
“Because I don’t have any eyebrows(*3)”- We know Jeffery, we know😂
Tia Schaeffer
Tia Schaeffer - Måned siden
This has been the only blush ive used for the last 8 years. They used to have the beeeeessssst metalic eyeshadow too. You woulf put it on w. A flat spunge brush. I never seen anything like it anywhere. They discontinued it though.
Lee Euijin
Lee Euijin - Måned siden
All drugstore makeup in my country really expensive lol
Manuel Galarion
Manuel Galarion - Måned siden
Hello idol ur so fabulous as always take care always sissy mwah!
S Ellis
S Ellis - Måned siden
I never get bored watching Jeffree !!!
Imaan Yousaf
Imaan Yousaf - Måned siden
Hey jeffree star how are you doing today
FunsiesBunsies c:
FunsiesBunsies c: - Måned siden
He greets us like 50 times in this vid
Akua Boaduah
Akua Boaduah - Måned siden
i got scared looking at him lol
Maria f castro
Maria f castro - 2 måneder siden
Anyone 2020 thinking 2019 crazy?!😅 little did we know
Quzelkurt - 2 måneder siden
He scares me.
rawr xD
rawr xD - 2 måneder siden
Then don't watch him lmao
Rocío Pérez Colunga
Rocío Pérez Colunga - 2 måneder siden
I love your makeup ❤️❤️❤️
xo _ beyondFati
xo _ beyondFati - 2 måneder siden
stephanie lowell
stephanie lowell - 2 måneder siden
I’m literally dying with out all ur uploads
RIMI DAS - 2 måneder siden
Plzz anyone tell me what is the shade baked blush???he used
Lili Pich
Lili Pich - 2 måneder siden
I just saw that a Priceline in my area in Australia has Milani products now so I'm rewatching this to see what's Jeffree Star Approved 🤣
Aryani Urbina
Aryani Urbina - 2 måneder siden
Alguien que me traduzca el video jajajaja
Karmen Perez
Karmen Perez - 2 måneder siden
Este chico parece un demonio 😯
Hey Hey
Hey Hey - 2 måneder siden
Rodi Mousa
Rodi Mousa - 2 måneder siden
Omg your very sweet i just love watching you 😀😍❤
Your funny at the same time and honest thats why i love you😘😘😘🥰
canaomira - 2 måneder siden
I'm curious.. did it stay? Last all day?
Kate Finkelshteyn
Kate Finkelshteyn - 2 måneder siden
What are the products used in this video ?:(
Coral - 2 måneder siden
I really appreciate the drugstore makeup reviews :)
beauty and all other's
beauty and all other's - 2 måneder siden
Lots of love from Bangladesh 😘❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘✨💫❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
cait4190 vlogs
cait4190 vlogs - 3 måneder siden
"Lets not let the other shit bother us"
*takes a big fat shit in pj pants*😯😂😂😂😂😂
Elia Guitron
Elia Guitron - 3 måneder siden
Kaela Jones
Kaela Jones - 3 måneder siden
beatriz herrera
beatriz herrera - 3 måneder siden
I literally only trust Jeffree 😩
Payal Bansal
Payal Bansal - 3 måneder siden
The beginning is just kinda cringey
yoshi mania
yoshi mania - 3 måneder siden
Haaa... He said .....hit that nose girl,hit it hard even if your driving in the car. 😂
yoshi mania
yoshi mania - 3 måneder siden
Isabella Lam
Isabella Lam - 3 måneder siden
26:19 when jeffree let out that breath, i literally felt it through the screen lol
QUANTUM GAMING - 3 måneder siden
Jazmin - 3 måneder siden
Love all your videos Jeff. You’re the best! Love you ❤️
vicki scaglione
vicki scaglione - 3 måneder siden
You look beautiful without the false lashes
Anna Barbaric
Anna Barbaric - 3 måneder siden
Since you are not responding to any of my emails on your own personal website, I will just break it down to you and be blunt!! I will never be buying make-up from you because I do not feel the need too compared to the 99 Cents Store and Dollar General. You are not only a a horrible liar, but also a huge hypocrite! Your quarantine video has you recorded that you had never had gotten cheap make-up from the Dollar Store, but you had!! You care so much about your Cosmetic Brand, but are too ignorant and air-headed to even realize the fact that people can still have a full face of makeup for cheap because they have everything, unlike you. Every store has different products and it is constantly changing, but all of the products in the area/region Phoenix, Arizona is all under 5 bucks each, and it does the same thing as name-brand products at the Outlets Malls, Wal-Marts, Grocery Stores, and even online products! I just love watching YouTube tutorials from the Dollar Store/General, 99 Cents Stores, and kids makeup because I had just came to the understanding that I learn more from them than from you. That one video of you from the Dollar Tree has poles on their carts to prevent lawsuits when a cart hits a customers vehicle! That is why many companies hire people to push their shopping carts back inside or at the side of the store!! What would you do if a shopping cart hit your brand new expensive car? Exactly!!!!
Carol Starry
Carol Starry - 3 måneder siden
Do y'all know if he's done CVS Makeup???
Rosie Montoya
Rosie Montoya - 3 måneder siden
I like the 2 and 1 foundation it real good
suushhh bae's
suushhh bae's - 3 måneder siden
How can someone looks so beautiful without brows😳🔥
Artemis Dreemurr
Artemis Dreemurr - 3 måneder siden
And here I was thinking milani was high end 🙃🥴
Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc
Pablo Escobar's Search Bloc - 3 måneder siden
Who’s watching during a second wave of COVID-19 😧
McKenzie Delatore
McKenzie Delatore - 3 måneder siden
I have the same foundation
jay moore
jay moore - 3 måneder siden
jeffree always knows how to pull off a look like yes girl 😍😍
Chloe Higgins
Chloe Higgins - 4 måneder siden
What color is your eyes green or brown or both
Gracie Gummi
Gracie Gummi - 4 måneder siden
Thank you so much for reviewing them. I have to pick and choose wear I spend my money. If I can use something cheaper and opt for the nicer pallet that might be more expensive in eye colors it works.
Roblox_World 13
Roblox_World 13 - 4 måneder siden
HI! how are ya subscribed and liked
Artemis Dreemurr
Artemis Dreemurr - 4 måneder siden
Let me tell you the foundation was not lightweight. It felt heavy and cakey on my face. Definitely prefer maybleline superstay full coverage foundation for the price and because it’s lightweight
Quarantined Girl
Quarantined Girl - 4 måneder siden
The whole of the Milani staff watching this review cheering and popping champagne bottles
Laiba Liba
Laiba Liba - 4 måneder siden
Jefree plz try makeup obsessions refiller highlighters
Prada mom
Prada mom - 4 måneder siden
You look amazing as always. I wonder if you read your comments?
ARPHEUS Dream - 4 måneder siden
Do a full face makeup with the makeup you hate
hxm m
hxm m - 4 måneder siden
He has.
Janell Lewis
Janell Lewis - 4 måneder siden
Serena - 4 måneder siden
Omg he threw that nars like it was free
sonixpanda - 4 måneder siden
Bella Gramento
Bella Gramento - 4 måneder siden
hi how are ya?
Azul Borrasca
Azul Borrasca - 4 måneder siden
Jeffree's informative, entertaining and the most interesting Guru on Youtube
Aaliyah Russell
Aaliyah Russell - 4 måneder siden
👇🏼Who else is watching this in quarantine 2020.
Susan M
Susan M - 4 måneder siden
I love Milani products!!! I’m so glad they are Jeffrey approved!! Yaaa
Dannielle Ward
Dannielle Ward - 4 måneder siden
I always watch Jeffrie he always cheers me u go girl I love all your videos your amazing I love love love that Gucci bag omg any girls dream ..😢..I always miss your giveaway videos i would be jumping for joy and plaster it all over internet he always cheers me up can I just say thankyou been really down because my mother in law died and always cheer me up with hi how Are ya ... I'm even saying it now to my family and friends and u love love love your LV tattoo omg inso want all tattoos you have had done ...basically my dream life... my 😭😢❤xxx
Scarlett Singleton
Scarlett Singleton - 4 måneder siden
Angelica Quartman
Angelica Quartman - 4 måneder siden
Killed this look and this makeup
Fatima Rana
Fatima Rana - 4 måneder siden
Hey jeffree star.... I'm from Pakistan and I like and follow your videos... I really like the way you put on makeup.. After watching your videos I've changed my makeup style and techniques.... 😍
Dez Nicole
Dez Nicole - 4 måneder siden
Just got my Milani today & I am in love!!! Love this vid too... BTW I'm 34 & I had never tried an anything other than eye-liner, eyeshadow, mascara & blush. My skin is near flawless other than undereye circles, so I will be using my Milani concealer only 🥰. Your amazing Jeffree, TY for this vid. I have tried your makeup line as well I loved it, Ah--mazing!!!
Princess Plum
Princess Plum - 4 måneder siden
the milani eyeshadow looks likea dupe for tarte's matte amazonian clay palette oop
Hayden Bunting
Hayden Bunting - 4 måneder siden
Hi how the hell are yah
miguel gomez
miguel gomez - 4 måneder siden