Full Face Using Only E.L.F. Makeup... I'm Speechless!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to another makeup review. Today I'm testing out a full face of ELF makeup products that are new at Ulta! I've heard so many things about their Camo Concealer, I had to try it out! Does cheap affordable makeup actually slay or was it a disappointment?? Watch and see what's Jeffree Star Approved™
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Rachael Teague
Rachael Teague - Dag siden
When your skin tone is literally only matched with the lightest concealer.. 🤧😭
Kristina Beddaoui
Kristina Beddaoui - Dag siden
Jeffree: Has millions of dollars
Also Jeffree: OMG this 6 dollar concealer might be my new thing
Rolls- Royce Phantom Beauty channel
New sub....also subscribe to my beauty channel.....Thanks I'm new to yt.....I have great content coming soon ‼️
Tiani ortiz
Tiani ortiz - 2 dager siden
You are so beautiful babe💓
MA Shadow
MA Shadow - 3 dager siden
Jeffrey can literally sell anything. He has the ability to upsell absolutely anything by how he speaks about the product!
Kelley Rogers
Kelley Rogers - 3 dager siden
Everything came out amazing but the eyes, omg!! I have seen people use 100 pallets that didn't stun like this did. I actually loved it. Thank you JS for reminding us poor bit***s that we can look good too.
Trisha Rebullida
Trisha Rebullida - 3 dager siden
Me watching this video in school trying not to get caught

Madison Clark
Madison Clark - 5 dager siden
Been using the 16hr camo concealer from e.l.f. for forever LOVE IT also reccomend their oil control primer and recently just started using their their eyebrow pencil as well which is amazing...Last yr I bought their 50 dollar brush set which I still use....their bronzer is good and I also have th HD powder overall if you want cheap makeup this is 8.5/10
Jessica Knowlton
Jessica Knowlton - 5 dager siden
I miss videos like this ❤️
Erica Kelley
Erica Kelley - 5 dager siden
Just getting into makeup and you are EVERYTHING for a broke bitch I’m late to the beauty game I’m obsessed and binging you, thank you for making such honest videos!!!
Kate Devlin
Kate Devlin - 7 dager siden
Jeffree is so nice with fans
Habiba - 8 dager siden
Jeffree please make a claire's review
Habiba - 8 dager siden
Jeffree i think you will look very good with blue eyes i think it will really suit u
Dee Monroe
Dee Monroe - 11 dager siden
Hey guys!! I just started a page a few months ago am super inspired by budget friendly beauty, motherhood and spirituality. Please support! https://youtu.be/rmwj1L0SgUQ
Pixiedustplayz - 11 dager siden
Jeffree: I’m goin to use this one, this one, and this one.
Me: WHAT THE HECK A NUDE LOOK? -was looking at the blues-
lils for life
lils for life - 13 dager siden
It sucks cuz I'm 10 and 8 don't have Twitter so can't follow and can go 8n the compition😣😫
Rosa Melano
Rosa Melano - 10 dager siden
This was a year ago...
Eqerem Pasha
Eqerem Pasha - 14 dager siden
love love it🥰😍
Eqerem Pasha
Eqerem Pasha - 14 dager siden
I love your viedos
Nyla G
Nyla G - 14 dager siden
Jeffree: I’m not gonna go haywire because it may be super full coverage
Also Jeffree: Goes haywire
Ashwuni Kumar
Ashwuni Kumar - 14 dager siden
Does anyone know the name of the lip colour he used? Thanks! :)
Vikki Bardrick
Vikki Bardrick - 14 dager siden
I like using elf it's so smooth and wonderful
joannie rice
joannie rice - 15 dager siden
Luv the nails
Gabby_Banks - 15 dager siden
Haters: JeFfReE hAs ToO mUcH mAkEuP wHy?¿
Me: Because he's Jeffree Star, and he's richer than you lol
Mackenzie Clark
Mackenzie Clark - 15 dager siden
Elf is my favorite affordable makeup brand
ashley salinas
ashley salinas - 16 dager siden
Was the foundation a matte one?
Mary Snow
Mary Snow - 16 dager siden
I miss the makeup videos
Michelle Nuñez Pacheco
Michelle Nuñez Pacheco - 18 dager siden
lipstick name, please🥺🥺
Sam D
Sam D - 18 dager siden
Man I miss this energy from him. Been a rough year
Mary Turner
Mary Turner - 19 dager siden
My Mia
Mubasshir Hossain
Mubasshir Hossain - 19 dager siden
Imagine living in a world where you can just grab stuff without looking at the price tag
GAMER FORLIFE09 - 20 dager siden
Kat Lindberg
Kat Lindberg - 22 dager siden
I think you did this same vid 3years ago
asly landa
asly landa - 22 dager siden
Hi dear
If you want to get a $500 Bath & Body Works Gift
Gard then please send an
Emile: aslylanda@gmail.com
Rachel Rush
Rachel Rush - 22 dager siden
Jeffree Star I have a make up challenge for you. I want to see you get really super artistic by using only brushes to put on your makeup such as applying your contour, blush, eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner, and lipstick/gloss.
Kayla Myers
Kayla Myers - 22 dager siden
Sitting here with nothing to do so, im watching some Jeffree re-runs! (Episodes ive already seen but watching again❤) I still love it here. Love you Jeffree! Been following you since Myspace! Now here we are! No regrets!
brianna Juarez
brianna Juarez - 22 dager siden
can u review rcl bueaty
Khatirana - 22 dager siden
"looking plastic" hahahaha... love it! love ELF too!
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson - 24 dager siden
imagine meeting him on the day you dont wear makeup...
Fun with Stacey
Fun with Stacey - 25 dager siden
Who loves his videos

Ridz Yeahhh
Ridz Yeahhh - 26 dager siden
When you try to look nice but you flop
Janeht Quiroz
Janeht Quiroz - 27 dager siden
To bad to I'm broke 😂 I could never afford this shit
IceCap_Wolf - 27 dager siden
I have long nails like urs but I struggle with them, How do you deal with them?
Brittney Danielle
Brittney Danielle - 25 dager siden
It takes some getting use to. I'm at the point where it feels weirder not to have long acrylics on lol
Ilumina17 - 28 dager siden
That pale nude glossy look is so freaking beautiful
Rosemarie Gosselin
Rosemarie Gosselin - 28 dager siden
Does anyone know which lip color he ended up using? There was no sticker
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 29 dager siden
that entire box of concealer is only $5
Tiffany Meyer
Tiffany Meyer - 29 dager siden
Really cool of him to be about his fans... some can be hella rude and not even acknowledge their fans but he took the time to take pics talk to them etc etc... Thanks Jeffree!!
Kailyn Hagan
Kailyn Hagan - 29 dager siden
I love you Jeffery and btw are you Trump or Biden??
XxX_PussyDestroyer_XxX - 24 dager siden
Evan - Måned siden
Demi Marie
Demi Marie - Måned siden
One: I really miss Jeffree. Two: I don't think I have ever seen Jeffree put anything on and look bad!
Destiny Smalls
Destiny Smalls - Måned siden
tamer hammad
tamer hammad - Måned siden
Aint no body watch this!
Ava Boston
Ava Boston - Måned siden
Hi Jeffrey I love u I ha e been a fan for a while now and I love u so much
Ava Desouto
Ava Desouto - Måned siden
I love you and i just found out we have to same middle NAME!!!!!!!
Jason Frazer
Jason Frazer - Måned siden
Hi I'm such a big fun
Brielle Long
Brielle Long - Måned siden

Let’s try it.
cali always
cali always - Måned siden
Nathan awww how sad....we miss you and jeffree together. I wonder if jeffree gets sad seeing these old videos too. I still secretly hope you both find your way back to each other. Jeffree has been thru a lot without you around.
Oreana Evans
Oreana Evans - Måned siden
I look up to you jeffree I love your makeup
Kenia Alberto
Kenia Alberto - Måned siden
I don’t have Twitter ;-;
Iyla Gaming
Iyla Gaming - Måned siden
Nevaehrocks - Måned siden
Heyyyyy girl
Melissa Aldana Navor
Melissa Aldana Navor - Måned siden
I love E.L.F so much. They are one of the best drugstore makeup Brands and like Jeffree said, THEY ARE SICKENING!!! And again, he said that the E.L.F 's putty primer is sold out EVERYWHERE!!!!
Emily Borg
Emily Borg - Måned siden
I aspire to be Jeffree star successful and be able to go shopping and not look at the price tag 🤩🤑
farsthchi - Måned siden
I love that you reviewed an affordable line and it knocked your tits off.
Madison McNeal
Madison McNeal - Måned siden
I use this concealer and it's incredible
Gigi Hadad
Gigi Hadad - Måned siden
no one:
not even jojo siwa:

jefree: "should i go to claires?? next video"
Johanna - Måned siden
Who’s holding the camera in the beginning 🤭
Tia Schaeffer
Tia Schaeffer - Måned siden
What contacts are you wearing? Fave here.
Elisa Dinsmore
Elisa Dinsmore - Måned siden
BALLS. Old video 😂🤦‍♀️
Elisa Dinsmore
Elisa Dinsmore - Måned siden
I've been quite happy with E.L.F. 85% of my make-up is their brand. I would lose my 🤬 if I won the giveaway lol. I'd be like Eddie Murphy in Brewster's Millions 😂
Christmas Tree
Christmas Tree - Måned siden
Jeffery : we hat are you waiting for
Me: my pay day bitch 👑💝
Aleksandar Aleksandar
Aleksandar Aleksandar - Måned siden
When they are taking pictures I like how you can see Kylies face
Ally Grey
Ally Grey - Måned siden
So this will be released Saturday 17th October at 4am for us Aussie’s?
alyssa arroyo
alyssa arroyo - Måned siden
this video is the only reason i bought it and wow do i not have any regrets. i even use it for foundation hehe, i got my foundation color in this and my concealer in lighter color. let me tell u im oily and wearing this makes me fully covered! fav combo!
Big Boss
Big Boss - Måned siden
Elf makeup is made by trumps daughter and it is the best cheap affordable and best price. Ten stars. That's BC it was made with Trump my favorite business man.
Esther Garcia
Esther Garcia - Måned siden
How can you not love Jeffree. He’s funny and so nice to his fans. More need to be like him! I love his products. I’m practicing to do my own wedding makeup with Elf and his products. Wish me luck!! 😬
Rose Jurkowski
Rose Jurkowski - Måned siden
I love that he basically gives a tutorial while testing the makeup. It's great.
awesome lady
awesome lady - Måned siden
I so so so so so so so late
Jayashree Ingole
Jayashree Ingole - Måned siden
Muze apse bohod jada dar lagta hai
Amanda Wortham
Amanda Wortham - Måned siden
This look is stunning on you! Like super Marilyn vibes...
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Lizz Lewis
Lizz Lewis - 2 måneder siden
Hi i am a kid
IHeartMyShittSkin MakeupChic
IHeartMyShittSkin MakeupChic - 2 måneder siden
You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Your eyes blow me away 🤩
Nola Hopkins
Nola Hopkins - 2 måneder siden
I love when he said personable instead of personal
Torrie Springer
Torrie Springer - 2 måneder siden
jamie kagamine
jamie kagamine - 2 måneder siden
What lip shade are you wearing?💖
Elise Noonan
Elise Noonan - 2 måneder siden
Why is jeffree such a queen... i mean like just everything about him, his style the way he walks just EVERYTHING. i love u sooooo much jefreeee
Paula D.
Paula D. - 2 måneder siden
Dark Angel
Dark Angel - 2 måneder siden
Hi Jeffree!! I’m so glad I found you in Twitter and YouTube!! I’m hoping one day to be able to get some of your products, having a little money issues but thank you so much for being down to earth and knowing that a lot of us can’t afford high-end stuff, and thank you again for doing the videos on the drug store brands. It helps those of us who can’t do the expensive brands.
Matt Helmke
Matt Helmke - 2 måneder siden
I Llllllllllooooovvvvvvvvveeee you
Matt Helmke
Matt Helmke - 2 måneder siden
You are so pretty
zana gutic
zana gutic - 2 måneder siden
I fucking love u u speak the true !!!! ❤️
Nadia Nava
Nadia Nava - 2 måneder siden
“Tom Ford, Gucci bye”!!
Aubrey Vetter
Aubrey Vetter - 2 måneder siden
Rossy Vizcarra
Rossy Vizcarra - 2 måneder siden
He looks soo beautiful. Divo Beauty Queen 👸
Rossy Vizcarra
Rossy Vizcarra - 2 måneder siden
He is wild and cool 😎 and a divo
play with Laura
play with Laura - 2 måneder siden
You just click to my heart 💓
Call me Elle
Call me Elle - 2 måneder siden
This was such a helpful video!!
Brooke Siliano
Brooke Siliano - 2 måneder siden
I would love to meet you in person one day!! I love your makeup videos
parapa the rappa fan girl
parapa the rappa fan girl - 2 måneder siden
I am broke and I wish I had at least one dollar or meet you Jeffree
Cori Nii
Cori Nii - 2 måneder siden
That blush is for darker people but I'm living for that doll look✨