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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! In today's video I'm all the way in Big Sky, Montana where I went to visit one of my best friends and also film some amazing adventures! I brought over $1,000 in new Sephora makeup with me so I wanted to do a full face first impressions! But I'm tired of the studio so... I decided to make my own studio in the middle of the woods and see what all the makeup looks like in natural lighting! Watch my journey of how I even got in the woods and then sound off below on what products you liked the best!
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Cristopher Dy
Cristopher Dy - 24 dager siden
You don't have eyebrows
Winona Domingo
Winona Domingo - Måned siden
Jeffree talking to Bird is a mood! ❤❤❤
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - Måned siden
I love watching the Queen of the make up world! Been a fan for shit a decade. Your like this magnetic positive force field. I have anxiety disorders and a multi tissue connective disorder. I truly wish we were friends bc your so rare to be so chill and what a great role model. Strong independent and creative. You would make a great parent💜💙
Judit Kulcsar
Judit Kulcsar - Måned siden
Cute French bulldog I am getting my kid one
Jiggler - 2 måneder siden
Phew what a heck out there 19:21 I’m into u and Larry ...cole quit and hunter still well as ever but he was gonna we had a something and I know I had a balloon for Christmas autism tree I saw the love ballooons they had the best part about it they can’t get enough of people who don’t have any more friends than you can play mobas with the wild roost grain and feed is now closed. I’ll fin the snow day and find the balloon stuff I think /linked it to the beach book 18:05 I just hate how around you the fonz is the way to survive and the wild rift RAGES OM HEAVENS DEW AND CUPIDS VOW I WANNA HAVE BEEN THE GLORY AND THE WILD WILD CARD DUKE CANNON DUKE CANNON DUKE CANNON it’s gonna tear me and mike apart 27:42 well I’m sorry I wanna have y’all had pizza and u can feel I mean OMFG HOW U A GOOD GET JENNIFER LOPEZ it’s I’m a good friend in my world but so sad because you have to be with me back again using the abyss of glory glory for y’all ya back again I a huge jlopez fan I don’t think it’s too wild
Jiggler - 2 måneder siden
So sad to see how much you mean about the.... new stuff I don’t have to go to sleep yet but it’s just 12:30 I got ta get it up down there darkness so low I panic and click a new vid when it not so smooth u have something flow for you this time is like consider my red line you know when I wanna say this is gonna be worth no starla lovin well we can play mobas lol wildrift night I like this place these 22 videos they like sorry if I well I’m not here to scorn morgan and bob dole at the night ranch n boot store the ok corral will get my back in a new Batman movie night if they don’t want to come back again I remember the snow snow Ghandi and snow snow day after Christmas Christmas please don’t forget to smell of snow well I fell into a coma with shopkins being the night it was just it was the best part about it I had no one else in the world but that’s my cart goin to the board ya,e it was sometimes hard to find out when I need to be competitive and even more people like that stuff when it’s sad because they’re all about the women who have been there for a little secret edit 17:15 it’s a good thing they have to be there to get ya
Joyce world tv
Joyce world tv - 3 måneder siden
Jeffreestar i love u pls recognize me.. small Youtuber here
Joyce world tv
Joyce world tv - 3 måneder siden
I love you
Cmarie - 3 måneder siden
16:19 iconic lol
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson - 3 måneder siden
"We love a natural subscriber." OMG I laughed so hard 😂
James McIver
James McIver - 4 måneder siden
Petition for Jeffree to narrate nature programs 😂
Manisha Shrestha
Manisha Shrestha - 4 måneder siden
I need JS approved skincare stuffs badly.
Sassy Ma
Sassy Ma - 5 måneder siden
I have to comment what just happened to me!! I hope I make sense.
....Ok so,... I just felt that the bird could feel Jeffree stars good aura about him, and that's why the bird so attracted to Jeffree...I can sense things about before the video even got to the part where jeffree tells that chic about the bird I paused the video to write this, and came back to edit.
Okay I hope yall got all of that bc it even surprises me everytime this kind of stuff happens to me, it's crazy! Sorry and thanks letting share!
Tanya Jones
Tanya Jones - 5 måneder siden
Do you usually keep your nails shorter when you travel??
MarkOh 420
MarkOh 420 - 6 måneder siden
sitt in the shadows n took a over 100$ pissamound fucking sunscreen
Chris Noneyabiz
Chris Noneyabiz - 6 måneder siden
I don't even wear makeup and I still watch all Jeffries videos because he's so entertaining
Sophxe Bhad
Sophxe Bhad - 6 måneder siden
BAM feelin like hannah montana
Charles Canlas
Charles Canlas - 6 måneder siden
yesss we love a natural subscriber 🤣🤣
Mary Murray
Mary Murray - 6 måneder siden
The bird is probably trying to build a nest in the same place that did last year and y'all are in the way
Kat - 6 måneder siden
The video audio has a ringing to it
chloe ella
chloe ella - 6 måneder siden
Makes me so sad watching this back now Jeffree and Nate aren't together. Breaks my heart.💔
Julie Carson
Julie Carson - 6 måneder siden
It’s hard to tell on camera what the concealer is doing but you still look way better than me on my best day🙂
Julie Carson
Julie Carson - 6 måneder siden
Cheers! You have your Red Bull and I have my rockstar😁
KittyKat143 - 4 måneder siden
And I got Monster
Fatboy 2004
Fatboy 2004 - 6 måneder siden
I love Jeffrees nails like this (normal). I'm not a fan of the over the top Gemstone nails he wears now.
Vexitis - 6 måneder siden
I'm shook that he can just walk into a store and buy a $400 yeti cooler likes its nothing. I want one so bad xD
Holly Burroughs
Holly Burroughs - 7 måneder siden
Bitch that ringing noise grrrr lol and whats up with the new prize who won
Latifa Rashed Ahmad Abdulrahim Alattar
who is here after they broke up
iheartShaneandJeffree - 7 måneder siden
Please do makeup with Shane in a haunted house! Everyone is asking! We love you Jeffree 🖤
Rushanty Monzel
Rushanty Monzel - 7 måneder siden
Loooool Jeffree and this flag 🤣🤣🤣🤣
anna mayer
anna mayer - 7 måneder siden
anyone notice how he never used the star foundation brush??
Romina Marosan
Romina Marosan - 7 måneder siden
in the woods?:) he is right outside of the cabin :))
christina otter
christina otter - 7 måneder siden
The bird is a real Jeffree fan lol
Philip Hinden
Philip Hinden - 8 måneder siden
Gabija Žebelytė
Gabija Žebelytė - 8 måneder siden
want to make money from home @t its legit try it 3-5 bucks a. hour
alyssa022 - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree slowly turning into snow white
Mandy Kelly
Mandy Kelly - 8 måneder siden
I love your dog. 💋
Deja Harper
Deja Harper - 9 måneder siden
Lorennabonita3 - 9 måneder siden
People are taking about the birds and chain saw and all the noises EXCEPT the constant beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep in the background that sounds like a dial tone. I’m guessing it’s the AC unit or electric near their house. But now that he called attention to “you may hear noises” I can’t un-hear it while watching this lol. I’m distracted but I love these types of videos so I can get through it. Anyone else hear it?
Carole-Anne De Kalbermatten
Carole-Anne De Kalbermatten - 9 måneder siden
▪🎄 🏆🎄🏆🎄▪ Nice Moment with You ▪ 🏅🎄🏆🎄💚 🎄🏆🎄🏅
Sebastian Grisales
Sebastian Grisales - 9 måneder siden
6:04 he littering
Kelly Renfrew
Kelly Renfrew - 9 måneder siden
was I the only one that was waiting for a bear to come a jeffree be like 'no bitch' :wand noise:
TomiPicklesss G
TomiPicklesss G - 10 måneder siden
"Cosco, we love herrrr."
Jessie - Caa
Jessie - Caa - 10 måneder siden
You can tell Jeffree is a pure person with how he treats all animals around him✨
Zoraida Hegar
Zoraida Hegar - 10 måneder siden
wooo cool hope no zombie come around , but if a zombie comes around just do do his make up
Chaz - 10 måneder siden
Imagine an elk running up to the camera screaming “OMG JEFFREE CAN I TAKE A PICTURE OF YOU IM WEARING UNICORN BLOOD RN”
Cece's Paranormal adventures
Cece's Paranormal adventures - 10 måneder siden
Hey Jeffree. I’m in Missoula
brooke123 - 10 måneder siden
When he was waving the flag around I was dying
NYX YUE LUNA - 10 måneder siden
Jeffrey I hope you didn’t know but there was a siren going off in the area in the auto
Patti Howard
Patti Howard - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree your so awesome and funny 😄!! Your reaction to things are so cute ..... keep up the positive attitude and fun prospective on life.
Heidi Clapper
Heidi Clapper - 10 måneder siden
If you think this price point is insane ...don’t worry it is 😂😂😂😂 You need to get a house here!
Maria Canto
Maria Canto - 10 måneder siden
I like the way you did your makeup today,
it looks natural!💗💗💗💗💗💗
MrSebastionM - 10 måneder siden
Crying because they broke up. D,:
Kathryn Hall
Kathryn Hall - 10 måneder siden
A sturdy wond , is that what Jeffree said , as he pulled out the wond out the mascara cylinder , lol !
Ádi Somogyi
Ádi Somogyi - 10 måneder siden
“Doing my makeup in the Safari” should be next
C W - 10 måneder siden
I love how you're loving on the birdie 😁. Too cute. I have birdies that visit my balcony and they are absolutely everything.
Monique Garrick
Monique Garrick - 10 måneder siden
When him and Nate held hands!😍
Christian Sperling
Christian Sperling - 10 måneder siden
He is sooooooo lit in this video. Its hilarious!
Erin Kanouse
Erin Kanouse - 10 måneder siden
I loooove you in the wilderness!! I've watched this, your raft video and Alaska videos so many times. 🏞🏔🛸
Diya koli
Diya koli - 10 måneder siden
Filiberto Alvarez
Filiberto Alvarez - 10 måneder siden
I got the tarte primer and my skin got so dry. So I brought it into Sephora and they said, “oh it’s because it has dimethicone. If you have dry skin, you don’t want that.” What?!?!?!
Big Missyxoxo
Big Missyxoxo - 10 måneder siden
I'm absolutely loving that Red Gucci sweatsuit.
Lisa M
Lisa M - 10 måneder siden
Before you rich you throw yur juice cane on floor ? After you rich you do this..🤪😳🤯🤡
TheMachFive Pets
TheMachFive Pets - 10 måneder siden
I could watch Jeffree with nature all day. LOL.
TheMachFive Pets
TheMachFive Pets - 10 måneder siden
LOL! I grew my nails for 6 months without them breaking. Omg, eventually you just can't do anything. LOL. But its so pretty. 😭
Now i have really short nails. Boo.
TheMachFive Pets
TheMachFive Pets - 10 måneder siden
Eeek Boston!! You need a few !
Anita Russum
Anita Russum - 11 måneder siden
That was fun! You look beautiful 🥰
Molly Mason
Molly Mason - 11 måneder siden
Jeffree: I love a natural subscriber 😂 I’m deceased as he would say
Molly Mason
Molly Mason - 11 måneder siden
Jeffree: I love a natural subscriber 😂 deceased as he would say
Cassidy Rose
Cassidy Rose - 11 måneder siden
Jeffree is so gorgeous, he has the face of an angel! 😇💙💖
& his cheekbones are literally to die for 🤩
Renee O'Day OK
Renee O'Day OK - 11 måneder siden
The bird is trying to be aggressive and everyone is like awww cute 😄
The Linds
The Linds - 11 måneder siden
"Hi can I borrow your chainsaw?!" Lost my shit, oh my goodness Jeffree.
DAPHINY - 11 måneder siden
This is fabulous
Tamaki’s Bunny
Tamaki’s Bunny - 11 måneder siden
16:04 Proof that Jeffree is a queen ❤️
Nisha DeAnda
Nisha DeAnda - År siden
There is pollution here ... Forest fires but that’s about it.
Yadi Renteria
Yadi Renteria - År siden
I freaking love you! We are night in day in personalities. What draws me to you is that you are raw and real. But overall your perseverance in life. Keep thriving ❤️
lavrose - År siden
ThankYou Jeffree. This was fun and interesting.
Radhika Gupta
Radhika Gupta - År siden
A humble request can u all shift from plastic packagings to some other materials for mother nature please!
Minako Chan
Minako Chan - År siden
17:28 this laugh gives me life
Yasss Gawwwd!
Yasss Gawwwd! - År siden
I love it! Montana! Sikning! Thank u for showing me The big Huge trees 🌲 of Montana! Rollin In tha deeeeep! Bust out da Ganja! To bad Laganja isn’t with us!💋😜🤪🤩lets do it! Yaaasss Gawwwd!
Sharon Powell
Sharon Powell - År siden
That bird though...how cute was that!
Lea Robles
Lea Robles - År siden
He's really down to earth. Loves all kinds of living things. And Nate supporting him all the way is everything. 💖
Preciosa Roberts
Preciosa Roberts - År siden
Side note: Youtube played a TooFaced ad before the video started? Youtube is Shady
Mel Trowsdale
Mel Trowsdale - År siden
The birds were probably attracted to the mirrors and shiny lenses. Next time, leave a mirror in a shallow bowl of water. They LOVE it 😍
Ari Cari
Ari Cari - År siden
rose Ross
rose Ross - År siden
Only you could make a trip the Hardware store glamorous ❤️ Ace is the place for Jeffree ⭐️ 😂
Emma Francis
Emma Francis - År siden
I absolutely love Jeffree Star ❤️ his personality is everything and he’s such a goofball lol 😄
Silvia Hernandez
Silvia Hernandez - År siden
So adorable jefree chatting with the animals😙😙😙😗
Rachel - År siden
I wonder if that was someone's pet bird.... or maybe just used to being fed by people in that area. So cute.
Hunter Sorensen
Hunter Sorensen - År siden
His boyfriend is so helpful and sweet
Regina Pollack
Regina Pollack - År siden
It's just this crazy, extra, fab, Hollywood shit crossed with genuine, raw, beautiful vibe. And I think I can say that to all of ur vids. Brilliant doll. Luv u and ur fam so much!! Hope u are this comment one day!! I want u to know how much I really appreciate all aspects of u. Luv and support as always.💚
Gabriella Grace
Gabriella Grace - År siden
Does anyone else hear the buzzing?
Amber Spinner
Amber Spinner - År siden
Jeffree you are absolutely stunning where ever you are
Verónica Santos
Verónica Santos - År siden
This is so iconic 🤣🤣🤣
Majestic Alaska
Majestic Alaska - År siden
I live in Alaska and its gorgeous. But, wow..Montana really is beautiful!
JR7 - År siden
We love a Natural subscriber referring to Birdie 🤣😂
Natacha - År siden
You are such a sweetheart..😊
The Explorer
The Explorer - År siden
Why are you gay you little fucking idiot
kimberly tibbits
kimberly tibbits - År siden
Have no idea how i missed this video..but I LOVED IT!! I know your having a hard time right now, I totally understand, been there myself with a couple furbabies..sending you love and prayers..xoxoxo
Chantell Loftus
Chantell Loftus - År siden
I think Jeffree is the only person on the planet that can pull off not having eyebrows and still look stunning!!!!