E.L.F. Jelly Makeup.. Is It Jeffree Star Approved?!

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome Back to my channel!!! Hi, How Are Ya? Today I'm testing out ELF's new JellyPop summer collection! These products are watermelon infused and range from $5-$10.00 only!! Are the skin care & makeup products Jeffree Star Approved?? Grab a Redbull and watch to find out!
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Nibedita Saha
Nibedita Saha - 16 timer siden
Jeffrey Star is a person whom I feel wierd about if he doesn't make a sex joke on his channel
Jade West
Jade West - 7 dager siden
I love how red it is
Barbora Hadámková
Barbora Hadámková - 8 dager siden
Julianna Bondi
Julianna Bondi - 10 dager siden
I love how he’s honest about what’s good and what’s not worth it with any brand expensive or low price.
Laura Maloney
Laura Maloney - 12 dager siden
That elf collection looks so pretty though, I would definitely get that!
mercy main, btw
mercy main, btw - 13 dager siden
"Ok 2019 relax"
Oh honey
Marijuana Girl
Marijuana Girl - 15 dager siden
Jeffree do you make silicone straws? They’re safer for people like me with seizures.
Grace Andrew
Grace Andrew - 18 dager siden
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Lillith Webster
Lillith Webster - Måned siden
sorry but when he said BITCHH at 0:10 it sent me flying hahahhahahahah
Shayla Lummis
Shayla Lummis - Måned siden
ok soo who else had to see if it was jeffree star aproved before they bought it ............ just me ok : )
Annbella Conese
Annbella Conese - Måned siden
I don't use straws
Potterhead00394 - Måned siden
Simran Das
Simran Das - Måned siden
Elf needs to open it's branch in India. India is all about drug store makeup
Callie Hitt
Callie Hitt - Måned siden
I've just discovered you Jeffree Star and i an DO OBSESSED! literally been watching all your videos for 2 days almost non stop I love getting to know you, you seriously are SPECTACULAR!!!!! ❤❤❤❤
tinypeach -
tinypeach - - Måned siden
5:19 that tounge click
tinypeach -
tinypeach - - Måned siden
"i look like a drowned rat"
a crumb of serotonin pls
a crumb of serotonin pls - Måned siden
tell me why jeffree star looks so shiny and wholesome?
Jayne Carr
Jayne Carr - Måned siden
jeffree i am going thru a "friend breakup" and i am being accused of things i have not done and it feels worse than a real break up watching ur videos helps
Brittney Holladay
Brittney Holladay - Måned siden
What does elf stand for? Or does it not stand for anything lol clearly not a guru here
Quang dũng Lê
Quang dũng Lê - Måned siden
Why he can live like that s..t
Marinalda Batista
Marinalda Batista - Måned siden
E I Z A V i A
Marinalda Batista
Marinalda Batista - Måned siden
M A D A R Z E C i M A D U V i R O
Mikka L
Mikka L - Måned siden
Ethan Lockhart
Ethan Lockhart - Måned siden
"Hi gramma, how are you girl?"
INFIRESS MAN - Måned siden
When Jeffree was explaining what the products were suppose to do, i felt like my face was dirty and I needed that those products
kat avery
kat avery - Måned siden
Hi honey
Mother f*cker
thurgesh gesh
thurgesh gesh - Måned siden
I think jeffree should rename the magic star concelear C5 to miss infamous robbery
OuTrAGeOuS PLAY - Måned siden
I’ve Been Remade
I’ve Been Remade - Måned siden
Jeffree’s Nails 💅🏼✨
Haley Kate
Haley Kate - Måned siden
Elf is sooooo under rated it is like 75% of mine and I have a lot of makeup
chonky TOUILLE
chonky TOUILLE - 2 måneder siden
I think elf is more better than Kylie's bc they're cheaper and affordable than other brands that are expensive like SIS
Rose marie Diorio
Rose marie Diorio - 2 måneder siden
Stop cursing honey
Ash - 2 måneder siden
“Looking like a drowned rat”😭
TANVIR Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
TANVIR Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
Abigail Rogers
Abigail Rogers - 2 måneder siden
i love your videos
moniça Mçlean
moniça Mçlean - 2 måneder siden
I love the lip gloss
moniça Mçlean
moniça Mçlean - 2 måneder siden
Jeffree star you are so funny lol 😂😃😃
Hailey Payne
Hailey Payne - 2 måneder siden
Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please! 💜🖤💜🖤
25 subs before 2021?
25 subs before 2021? - 2 måneder siden
Anyone watching this during quarantine?
Devanshi Batavia
Devanshi Batavia - 2 måneder siden
What people need to understand there is fine line between being a fan and being foolish. Why on earth would you buy Kylie Jenner or any celebrity products.
1- They have not researched for years they just became famous and they are doing business out of it not because they have knowledge about skin or make up
2- when I can find better products like ELF or any other drugstore or a big company who has done research for years then I feel no need to buy those ridiculous expensive products.
3- Be a Fan don't be Foolish tomorrow if you are broke these celebs would not come to help you financially, they have enough for themselves they don't need that money ur spending that you might need in future for your family, kids etc.
4- I am not against anyone doing their business but I am creating awareness that people lack sometimes because they are so crazy behind these celebs.
Panda Sisters
Panda Sisters - 2 måneder siden
if u see this, i love u and you my biggest hero
Anjeza Kastrati
Anjeza Kastrati - 2 måneder siden
Trying drug store makeup with Gucci,and talking about reasonable prices.
Kayla Guard
Kayla Guard - 2 måneder siden
Sophie Riese
Sophie Riese - 3 måneder siden
how do you get a PR box?
Marissa - 2 måneder siden
You have to be a beauty influencer and brands send it to the influencers to review their product
L Turner
L Turner - 3 måneder siden
Jeffree your skin is stunning without makeup!! Beautiful
Aistė Juršaitė
Aistė Juršaitė - 3 måneder siden
Hi grandma! How you doin? - Jeffree Star 2019
Zara fawn
Zara fawn - 3 måneder siden
Jelly Frozen ? How cool!!😮
Jeffrey u so funny😁.Love the product review.
I v judged Elf s product too fast 😉🤘💜
appllepann - 3 måneder siden
Me watching this in 2020: Watermelon sugar Iii... 👽
Sophire 07
Sophire 07 - 3 måneder siden
can you review Florence by Mills? I love that skincare brand
Emilia Salandra
Emilia Salandra - 3 måneder siden
Who else thinks Jeffree should make a palette called the pink vault which has eye shadows based off of his favorite bags
Dean - 3 måneder siden
Hi Jeffree darling, wow!!! Elf has truly grown up and gotten serious about their customers skin and I have to say that I have used every brand of skincare regime but I have such dumb assed skin and some areas are very dry and others are floating in oil‼️🤪. The best that I found was Tatcha, but after a few days I would get a spot on my cheeks or chin! 😩😩😩. So I got the Cleanser and moisturiser 🧴 and OMG my skin is the BEST IT HAS EVER BEEN!!! It totally balanced out my crazy dry and oily patches and it has even closed up some big open pores that I had on my nose and my cheeks! I also bought the Primer and I get what you mean about it making your skin really tacky so that the flawless finish that I also bought in the color beige! We are the same base shade babe! I love to put my foundation on with my Mac synthetic foundation brush, and it leaves me so flawless that I look like a Ken Doll!!! As you would say #WorkBitch!!!! Lol 😂.
In fact I bought the full range of products after I watched you review the full face using Elf products and I couldn’t believe how many products I had gotten for such a small amount of money 💰‼️‼️‼️
I love the mascara and the black and brown eyebrow pencil that I also use in my waterline. The only things I didn’t get was highlighter and liquid lip because I use your choking on ice 🧊 highlighter and mannequin liquid lip because it’s the BEST FORMULA AND COLOR LIQUID LIP EVER and I wear it everyday because it goes with everything‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️
I love you Jeffree darling, please come back onto our screens sweetie! Your true fans and loved ones truly love you #UNCONDITIONALLY‼️‼️🔥🔥❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨❤️✨
AllColorsAreBeautiful - 3 måneder siden
For skincare : Go watch Dr Dray
Miss May
Miss May - 3 måneder siden
5:31 Hi honey
6:14 Hi honey
18:56 Skin glass Honey
Miss May
Miss May - 3 måneder siden
Elf :-
E : eyes
L : lips
F : face
[ I just found out lol.. ]
Honeypot - 3 måneder siden
Quarantined Girl
Quarantined Girl - 3 måneder siden
Jeffree literally sounds like he's throwing the make up products onto the table while he uses them lol it's become an iconic sound to me now
Also, 2020?
Thais Beskow De Lima
Thais Beskow De Lima - 3 måneder siden
Love the fact that Jeffree review low cost and good makeup brands, because not everybody can afford expensive brands, but we still want to look like a diva!
Angela Fernandez
Angela Fernandez - 4 måneder siden
I wanna eat the product, it looks thats it I make of strawberry
Super Mom And Gabey Boy
Super Mom And Gabey Boy - 4 måneder siden
I loved the hubba bubba squeeze tubes. The watermelon was my favorite. They need to bring those back.
unlucky lucky
unlucky lucky - 4 måneder siden
how much did the hole entire set cost you???
Emo Gay Rat
Emo Gay Rat - 4 måneder siden
Kylie: don’t use to much glue from the glue stick

Julia Tucker
Julia Tucker - 4 måneder siden
Hubba bubba yes BITCH!!!💙❤
Amanda Ballew
Amanda Ballew - 4 måneder siden
You should so do a makeup palette with e.l.f.
Evan Diplacido
Evan Diplacido - 4 måneder siden
LetJesusTouchUrLife - 4 måneder siden
Jeffree is so handsome. I like watching his videos because I love seeing how he looks without all the makeup. Such a nice jawline. He’s just a handsome man.
Colleen Carey
Colleen Carey - 4 måneder siden
Oh I really want the Elf Fridge so CUTE! JEFFREE so happy your back! 💋
Lily Street
Lily Street - 4 måneder siden
4:05 “looking like a drowned rat”
M ī ł ø
M ī ł ø - 4 måneder siden
Hi everybody welcome back to my channel!!! Hi how are ya?! Now today we are going to be testing out ELF jelly makeup

naturalbeautydiy diy
naturalbeautydiy diy - 4 måneder siden
I could smell berries and strawberries through the skin seeing the packaging even tho it's not ig
• Notgalaxykittens•
• Notgalaxykittens• - 4 måneder siden
Jeffre: “I look like I just had sex with a little bit of glitter” Me: WTF IS GOING ON
Liry Cupcake
Liry Cupcake - 4 måneder siden
I wanted the green and purple straws, but would my mom EVER let me get anything from a guy who wears makeup? NOPE! GEEZ MOM! MAKEUP IS NOT FOR GIRLS ONLY! AND THESE STRAWS ARE PERFECT! LOOK AT THEM!
Maddy Dodds
Maddy Dodds - 4 måneder siden
Elf arrived in Superdrug recently and I was buzzing to use it. Got a contour pallet with blush, and pink eyeshadow..... the pallet doesn’t work at all not even the slightest shade on my face! And pink eyeshadow goes purple with heat
RKkidd617 _
RKkidd617 _ - 4 måneder siden
I feel like Jeffree Star and e.l.f should do a Collaboration that would be awesome
Rida Abbas
Rida Abbas - 4 måneder siden
whats the point of selling metal straws in plastic packaging?
Winter coffee
Winter coffee - 4 måneder siden
his fav word to say is bitch
Manaquitas Inc Custom made granite tops
Me: wait it has an smell?! Hyram DO AN REVIEW
Junkyard Jess
Junkyard Jess - 4 måneder siden
Well it is infused with watermelon and watermelon has a smell so yes that makes sense
Sarah Oneil
Sarah Oneil - 5 måneder siden
When Jeffree said "I got my washcloth" I was surprised he didn't pull out a versace washcloth!
Brynn Lowe
Brynn Lowe - 5 måneder siden
I wanna see jeffree try shein makeup ❤️
Lankybox Stan
Lankybox Stan - 5 måneder siden
The house is real cramped😂
Oh hi I'm still garbage
Oh hi I'm still garbage - 5 måneder siden
Who else is watching this at 2 AM cause we all have insomnia
Bailey Herring
Bailey Herring - 5 måneder siden
so i purchased the watermelon jelly face wash and the iridescent gel eye gloss. the face wash is simple and lovely. the eye gloss however, waayyy more sparkly than i anticipated. unfortunately wasn’t as flattering on me as Jeffree, he has deep-set eyes and it looks SO cute, i don’t. but i have so much lid space, and it’s so awkward on me, unfortunately rip.
Cassity White
Cassity White - 5 måneder siden
Jeffree wearing Gucci in every video
Me wearing a Walmart shirt and shorts
Abigail Huss
Abigail Huss - 5 måneder siden
i have a question how do plastic straws get in the ocean
Junkyard Jess
Junkyard Jess - 4 måneder siden
Abigail Huss you do also realize that there isn’t very much room on land for plastic to decompose because it takes millions of years to decompose
Junkyard Jess
Junkyard Jess - 4 måneder siden
Abigail Huss you do realize that the trash in the dumps is then shipped off into this massive trash island where it sits there until it decomposes (which plastic takes millions of years the decompose) stupid
Abigail Huss
Abigail Huss - 4 måneder siden
Junkyard Jess it decomposes into the ground
Abigail Huss
Abigail Huss - 4 måneder siden
Junkyard Jess they are in the trash so they go to the dump not the ocean stupid
Junkyard Jess
Junkyard Jess - 4 måneder siden
They are in the trash so they eventually find their way into the ocean when the are transported to garbage island
laura_outes - 5 måneder siden
i love youuuuuuu 💜✨
fnaf titans
fnaf titans - 5 måneder siden
Bich is shook
Annabelle Pedersen
Annabelle Pedersen - 5 måneder siden
I was binge watching Kylie skin reviews and somehow I got here!
Tx Rain_BTS
Tx Rain_BTS - 5 måneder siden
But is the fridge jeffree star approve tho?!
Bambi K Shook
Bambi K Shook - 5 måneder siden
Anna Carter
Anna Carter - 5 måneder siden
Imagine that if jeffree talks like this in the videos, what he would talk like getting all of those tattoos.
Honey noir
Honey noir - 5 måneder siden
I am inlove with this channel
Becca Spearing
Becca Spearing - 5 måneder siden
Who else is watching this in quarantine also jeffree NEEDS a palette to be called Hi HoW ArE Ya
Stella Bosman
Stella Bosman - 5 måneder siden
Hii, could you make a video about Florence by mills? Love you😙💖
Sophie The Person
Sophie The Person - 5 måneder siden
Dude 14:32 if you close your eyes he LEGIT sounds like Tim Gunn, not hating on tim or jeffree, love em both
Praséis Garcia
Praséis Garcia - 5 måneder siden
He said drowned rat 😂😂😂 me all the way sis😂😂❤️
Rocco Fiore
Rocco Fiore - 5 måneder siden
Is it just me who thought Jeffree had a hicky😂....just me
Victoria Mendoiza
Victoria Mendoiza - 5 måneder siden
I think this looks so cute but his checks look greasy to me
Naruto Amvs
Naruto Amvs - 5 måneder siden
His water looks rich
jasminee - 5 måneder siden
Everyone that didn’t get the fridge are shaking now that corona virus is holding us hostage in our rooms
Cathy Raley
Cathy Raley - 5 måneder siden
Jeffrey my face is big
Me you're face is perfect and awsome