Drive-Thru Does Our Makeup feat. Trisha Paytas

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today my Barbie sister Trisha Paytas is here and we are doing a new beauty challenge to kick off the New Year that's never been done before! We are going to 4 different locations: Taco Bell, McDonalds, Wendy's and the gas station... And we are going to have the drive-thru employees help us with our makeup! When makeup and mukbang's collide...
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Sagar Anand
Sagar Anand - 2 dager siden
Yassss recommendation ❤️
entropy22 - 7 dager siden
12:46 didnt age well
Daphnie's World
Daphnie's World - 8 dager siden
Daphnie's World
Daphnie's World - 6 dager siden
@Fernando Alonso ya and I am not getting mad at him for that like good for him but I am saying I never thought that he would support a person like that
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso - 6 dager siden
@Daphnie's World he is rich because he put his effort, money and years to build up what he has, so dont tell me that.
Daphnie's World
Daphnie's World - 7 dager siden
@Fernando Alonso I don't care what you have to say he is a filthy rich spoiled person and I thought he was ok until he did a collab with this gi4l
Fernando Alonso
Fernando Alonso - 7 dager siden
@Daphnie's World i dont think he cares hes too busy dusting his diamonds
Daphnie's World
Daphnie's World - 7 dager siden
@Fernando Alonso I...I don't care what you have to say I lost my respect dor him
Mariah shmoked
Mariah shmoked - 9 dager siden
Trisha worried about someone stealing the freezes out of the lambo😂😂😂
Jacob Decouto
Jacob Decouto - 10 dager siden
1:40 when you’re on a diet and you tell your friend you had Taco Bell
Kylee Weaver
Kylee Weaver - 15 dager siden
I love you so much you era my makeup hero you should DM me if you want on Instagram anytime you want you are so cool
iamMTCHLL - 16 dager siden
i love this chaotic energy!!
Wave Empire
Wave Empire - 15 dager siden
yes too bad their not friends anymore
EVANGELINE ASKEW - 21 dag siden
My anxiety could never
addiemarieart - 22 dager siden
Wait wait wait by the name of the total I thought it meant that they were going to hand the fast food employees their makeup and have them do their faces through the drive thru 🤣🤣🤣
Mandy - 22 dager siden
tipping at the gas station is just not a thing. Its just not.
alexander david vanegasdaza
alexander david vanegasdaza - 23 dager siden
Angel Luna
Angel Luna - 25 dager siden
How did I never see this 🥲
HungerGames 75
HungerGames 75 - 28 dager siden
Literally Jeffree is THE best YouTuber out there, he is not afraid to be nice to total strangers, and he is okay with eating cheap food. Lol.
Andres Linares
Andres Linares - Måned siden
I saw the part the gas station cashier dragged Trisha probably 20 times lolllllllll poor Trisha
Chloe Rose Faultner
Chloe Rose Faultner - Måned siden
me thinking my video is on 5x speed
Rachelle - Måned siden
They're actually cute. Wish they were still friends
J - Måned siden
The zoom😩🤣 in on that random man while they were in the gas station 😂
Sophia Franze
Sophia Franze - Måned siden
I wanted those cookies so bad that I could smell them through the screen
Hope Blake
Hope Blake - Måned siden
no mayo? no.... mayo??? Im shocked.
Noelle Hagen
Noelle Hagen - 2 måneder siden
Why is she wearing 4 shades too dark foundation??😳😳
Heather McFarland
Heather McFarland - 2 måneder siden
No girl do not eat gas station sushi
Shay b
Shay b - 2 måneder siden
I guess the black people didn't know he doesn't like black people
Maggie Plays adopt me
Maggie Plays adopt me - 2 måneder siden
Girl were do you get that hair😜😜
Seth Brenda
Seth Brenda - 2 måneder siden
I love ur videos jeffree
MEGAMI STATICS SAIKOU - 3 måneder siden
This didn't aged well
Kaci Neil
Kaci Neil - 3 måneder siden
She talks so fast 🤣
sana naeem
sana naeem - 3 måneder siden
this is how many people love JEFFREE STAR and JAMES CHARLES!
Kendall Keene
Kendall Keene - 3 måneder siden
i stg i smelt that food through the screen
Ziera Mae
Ziera Mae - 3 måneder siden
Irene Shocklee
Irene Shocklee - 3 måneder siden
You’re iconic.
G Bt
G Bt - 3 måneder siden
Thanks for the laugh, u two!
Clara Garcia
Clara Garcia - 3 måneder siden
Trisha Paytas talks so FAST
Sindel Hubert
Sindel Hubert - 3 måneder siden
Back when u could breath on people lmfao
Madison Maldonado
Madison Maldonado - 3 måneder siden
Trisha- “my lips look 3D” girl they already are I-
MYSTERIOUS TEA - 3 måneder siden
The root beer should be diet for Shane Lol 😂 come on Trish and Jeffree! 🤣 I wish you guys would come back and do a full collab of all 3 of you 😭😭 I hate canceling people!
G G - 3 måneder siden
ANd you found out that JEFFREE STAR IS FAKE
Living Dead Girl
Living Dead Girl - 3 måneder siden
“will somebody steal our freeze if we leave it in here” ok baby but the car
CurlyBoyChuck - 3 måneder siden
The gas station drag had me rolling 😂😂😂😂😂
Matilda Hughes
Matilda Hughes - 3 måneder siden
can i just be there? PLEASE!
Matilda Hughes
Matilda Hughes - 3 måneder siden
did trisha go out in only underwear and a shirt when she and jeffree took a picture with that girl??
Michaela Jurčová
Michaela Jurčová - 4 måneder siden
bebe bebe
bebe bebe - 4 måneder siden
Remebering the days before coronavirus
Average Avery
Average Avery - 4 måneder siden
That “I’m not giving money to someone who doesn’t support who I am”... that was a moment
maria scott
maria scott - 4 måneder siden
Now I got to try the baconator fries that sounds yummy
ShannenNight - 4 måneder siden
You use fast food workers as ‘inferior’ people honestly.
You’re a joke
59jlopez70 - 4 måneder siden
July 2020 they hate each other now
La'Shay Nickole
La'Shay Nickole - 4 måneder siden
I Love How Trisha Knows All The New Menu Items At Every Fast Food Restaurant They Went To 🤣💀
Marika Marks
Marika Marks - 4 måneder siden
Trisha is so beautiful....and Jeffree of course when is he not gorgeous!!!!!
Dannielle Ward
Dannielle Ward - 4 måneder siden
I would love to be the queen best friend I'd love that omg self made jeffree I live for that xxx
Jordasaur Tube
Jordasaur Tube - 4 måneder siden
some normal person probably grabbed that "trash" for themselves
Hassib Ezzeddine
Hassib Ezzeddine - 4 måneder siden
Nevaeh Webster
Nevaeh Webster - 4 måneder siden
hi Jeffree Star oh my gosh you are so amazing you expired me to do makeup and stuff like that and now I'm really good at it just like you and you are absolutely better and amazing and I think you were absolutely pretty so yeah goodbye
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 4 måneder siden
Jeffree it hurts my heart when people hate on you. Your such a sweetheart, respectful to others and shit dude your an icon. Your so down to earth. I'll always be a forever fan boo xoxoxoxo
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 4 måneder siden
I love when jeffree finds friends that pay for him and just love him for him. I hate when people think bc someone has money they need to pay for everyone all the time. No I'm a broke bitch but I never once expect anyone to pay for me. So awesome for you girl for taking care of you and jeffree. I love watching you both. Your personalities match well
Rebecca Jones
Rebecca Jones - 4 måneder siden
Listening to "Morphe? YASSSS bitch we live for them" hurts now :(
Žydrūnas Gira
Žydrūnas Gira - 4 måneder siden
Jeffree used to be friends with loads of YouTubers. It's fun watching such content.
Lucia - 4 måneder siden
This didn't age well...
Pygmy Puff
Pygmy Puff - 5 måneder siden
It sucks what is happening between the three of them. I thought that Jeffree was a good friend, but he's not.
Francesca Rattigan
Francesca Rattigan - 5 måneder siden
I hate Trisha
Sexy Dinosaur
Sexy Dinosaur - 5 måneder siden
This didn’t age well ......
Peter 007
Peter 007 - 5 måneder siden
Hey how r ya
Cassandra Ann
Cassandra Ann - 5 måneder siden
Love you.😍😍
Lilyia Vango-bate
Lilyia Vango-bate - 5 måneder siden
Damn trish talks fast
Say Ahh x
Say Ahh x - 5 måneder siden
Trisha was worried about the freezes being stolen instead of the car 😂😂😂😂
MoChiptune - 5 måneder siden
THIS is THE most ICONIC look i've seen Jeffree pull out. like seriously i can't stop looking at him, i want to be him in that fendi and that hair, help me jesus.
Nicole Knorr
Nicole Knorr - 5 måneder siden
Sorry this is not a good video.
Isabella Xu
Isabella Xu - 5 måneder siden
Trisha speaks really quickly and their personalities match so well
crystal#2144 - 5 måneder siden
can we just talk about how they got an extra root beer in Shane's honor. ADORABLE
amber lynn
amber lynn - 5 måneder siden
i love it
sub me for a cookie
sub me for a cookie - 5 måneder siden
Are we not gonna talk about trishas foundation
Sunny Bug
Sunny Bug - 6 måneder siden
Corona would never
shqipe 16
shqipe 16 - 6 måneder siden
Omg the gas station women killled mee
Shayana Sharma
Shayana Sharma - 6 måneder siden
For the whole video she is just eating .... 😂😂 Literally that's like watching my self on you tube
حسن جبار
حسن جبار - 6 måneder siden
SAKAD FKFOWX1995優 - 6 måneder siden
Stacie Brozino
Stacie Brozino - 6 måneder siden
I would love to see Jeffrey as a parent
saw san
saw san - 6 måneder siden
enrique sanchez
enrique sanchez - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree looks like La pelopony
Byron Pereira
Byron Pereira - 6 måneder siden
Literally Anything Yellow
Trisha: OmG iT mAtChEs YoUr CaR
Wolfgirl25 - 6 måneder siden
Am I the only one eating junk food with them to feel included?
evelyn barati
evelyn barati - 6 måneder siden
11:30 has me cryinggg💀💀 “almost ran my foot over”
evelyn barati
evelyn barati - 6 måneder siden
10:20 will be forever iconic
Claire Simon
Claire Simon - 6 måneder siden
yeah i know im late to the comments buttt #cremateddd
Daniele Elsayed
Daniele Elsayed - 6 måneder siden
The reason the middle eastern woman was acting strange was because her controlling husband watches her every move like a hawk . He was also watching jeffree and trish around the store as if they were going to steal .
Poor woman is a victim of abuse . She just hides it well .
Maya Lee
Maya Lee - 6 måneder siden
jeffree: the sun is setting
literally is dark
Emma M
Emma M - 6 måneder siden
Ohh Love that
OH my God
It's everything
Julie Carson
Julie Carson - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree I love you so fucking much!🥰 If I ever get the chance to meet you my life will be complete❤️
Sofie Mai
Sofie Mai - 6 måneder siden
Is trisha walking around in underpants? 🤣
Erik Lewis
Erik Lewis - 6 måneder siden
Love them!!! 💜
Reilly Jordan
Reilly Jordan - 6 måneder siden
Trisha talks so fast🤣
Andian45 - 6 måneder siden
Spicy Chicken sandwich
Andian45 - 6 måneder siden
Trisha has a full face of makeup to start, how does that work?
Fatimad 123
Fatimad 123 - 6 måneder siden
I don’t know why but @ 18:09 and 18:54 made me laugh so much 😂😂
Jonay - 6 måneder siden
I thought he had just uploaded this and i was like “damn, thats sanitary...” lmao
Samantha Tutrone
Samantha Tutrone - 6 måneder siden
jeffree speaks my taco bell language
quesa squad
Samantha Tutrone
Samantha Tutrone - 6 måneder siden
liked for root beer for shane
Anna - 6 måneder siden
T R O Y - 6 måneder siden
I really don't like Trisha, never have. But Jeffree is a fucking ICON in this video!
EDIT : So "WHITE WHITE people" don't know Jeffree? Sorry, Trisha = Trash
Picky Nikkis Tarot
Picky Nikkis Tarot - 6 måneder siden
The fan moment, I LIVEEEEE! Trisha is such a sweet heart ♥️♥️♥️ I seriously love Trish is these videos!!!! She’s such a sweet bubbly person.
LeanaCelemencki - 7 måneder siden
Trisha, my girl, i love you but damn you talk fast. No stress but me as a French Canadian I talk really fast in french and I’m having a hard time understanding what you’re saying but I like you ❤️❤️