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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today I'm taking my GET READY series to a while other level!!! After the hot air balloon I thought.. it's time to come back got earth! I'm going to do my FULL FACE of makeup on a moving raft... on the iconic Yellowstone River in Montana! Can I survive the sun, wind and wild animals??? Watch and find out!
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+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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Sydney Brede
Sydney Brede - 11 dager siden
Montana is beautiful
Akiera Monique
Akiera Monique - 19 dager siden
“ goodmorning everyone “ 😂😂 09:34
jorge carbajal
jorge carbajal - Måned siden
Te Amo Jeffree nunca dejes de brillar Saludos de Mexico🇲🇽⭐!!
Elainna - 4 måneder siden
So nice how he holds your hand to help you in the boat 🌈
kayli hannah
kayli hannah - 4 måneder siden
“C’mon raft” hahah
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 4 måneder siden
Lol telling a fish bitch watch that conselor lol
Heather B. Denture DiVa
Heather B. Denture DiVa - 4 måneder siden
Jeffree is So adorable he is like snow white of yellow stone lol 💜
Lynsi Jane
Lynsi Jane - 5 måneder siden
Love this video, don't know how I missed it ❤️
Shay - 5 måneder siden
Jeffree Is killing me talking to All the animals😂😂
Charlie Leal
Charlie Leal - 5 måneder siden
Oh hi 2020 this is so ICONIIIIIC
Sassy Ma
Sassy Ma - 5 måneder siden
I love Jeffree exspecially when he told the fish thank you for your time. That's was so sweet! Wow fans in the middle of nowhere's ville Montana, in a raft on white waters and I loved it! Thanks
Kenneth G. Arnado
Kenneth G. Arnado - 6 måneder siden
I love this video tho, it's funny
Netanel Spaeth
Netanel Spaeth - 6 måneder siden
Love you sis
Jared F
Jared F - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree’s Ex is such a loser
Anna Costa
Anna Costa - 6 måneder siden
Jeffrey, I love you talking to all those animals while doing your make, you're so funny!!! Thank you for your videos, you cured my depression.
Michael Marrero
Michael Marrero - 6 måneder siden
it is so weird watching this when they no longer together
Amy Brown
Amy Brown - 6 måneder siden
I'm dead Jeffree drinks red bull without a straw 😀😀
Shawna Stahl
Shawna Stahl - 6 måneder siden
Man Jeffree ur so cute!!! Love u sooo much I look up to u
Ariel Rowe
Ariel Rowe - 6 måneder siden
It’s good to see Jeffrey so happy with Nate
Leslhie Ramos
Leslhie Ramos - 6 måneder siden
Miss you and Nathan together
Alondra Sandoval
Alondra Sandoval - 6 måneder siden
Omg I hate him😩😩😩💖💖💖😭🥺😂😂😂 always so funny
Ariana Avila
Ariana Avila - 6 måneder siden
2020 anyone?
Kitty Veinot
Kitty Veinot - 6 måneder siden
Anyone watching this after Nate and Jeffree broke up 😭
Estefania Granados
Estefania Granados - 6 måneder siden
Watching this in 2020:)
Ashley Prokic
Ashley Prokic - 6 måneder siden
How did this video get made a YEAR ago and I've never seen it 🥴
Itzel - 6 måneder siden
Thats whats im saying!
EmmaLee Yeadon
EmmaLee Yeadon - 6 måneder siden
How did I miss him in Montana 🥺🥺🥺
Julie Carson
Julie Carson - 6 måneder siden
Ooh! A bug went in my mouth! Yummy!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣IM DEAD
Meta Pranc
Meta Pranc - 6 måneder siden
2018this was in my recomeded and I have never seen it and I saw that Jeffry was with his boyfriend then saw the years 2018 my face :/
Robin Canup
Robin Canup - 6 måneder siden
LOL!!6:20 OH!a bug went in my mouth yummy!
Robin Canup
Robin Canup - 6 måneder siden
5:03 we live for that view!!Love you Queen jeffre
Gravitation3Beatles3 - 6 måneder siden
somehow this was very humbling. great video!
Terri - 6 måneder siden
Imagine going by them on a boat. I’m deceased
Queen Freddy
Queen Freddy - 7 måneder siden
“Oh a bug just went in my mouth.Yummy!” 🤣😂
Avaya Lee
Avaya Lee - 7 måneder siden
You never fail, you always surprise me! This is exactly the type of quarantine content we need 😩🙏🏼❤️!!!!
MW 02
MW 02 - 7 måneder siden
One of his best videos❤️
SIR - 7 måneder siden
we know damn well that nate used your money to buy that supreme vest lol
Natty Prince
Natty Prince - 7 måneder siden
Hunting fishing and. You hunt jeffrey starr. :)
Nicole Herz
Nicole Herz - 7 måneder siden
Nice Life wow Amazing Jeffrey and these Kulisse omg🌞🤞🤪😉😅😃👍
MåI_Täi NåiDa
MåI_Täi NåiDa - 7 måneder siden
MåI_Täi NåiDa
MåI_Täi NåiDa - 7 måneder siden
9:47 😂
C F - 7 måneder siden
bitch raise your hand if you're watching Jeffree's videos in quarantine
Kellz - 7 måneder siden
Dudes need to fence their waterways!
Lucia Njoku
Lucia Njoku - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree is trying to hard to be funny! It’s not working!
SIR - 7 måneder siden
Lucia Njoku well she’s funny on everything he does.’Jeffree is a mood lol
DrThomas - 8 måneder siden
This needs to be edited to Jeffree saying "Nate bought me a present, with my money". "Oh, and got himself one too".
Philip Hinden
Philip Hinden - 8 måneder siden
Nate always seems so happy on camera. Really sorry for the break up. Jeffree was so happy
People on the inside, please try to get them together again.
Forget the money I think they were really in love.
Dian Anggeraeni
Dian Anggeraeni - 8 måneder siden
Jeffree, you shall try water rafting in Baliiiii 😊😊😊
Meghan Jones
Meghan Jones - 8 måneder siden
jeffree- ik some of y'all want me to drown in this river but guess what not gonna happen 😂😂 (who else is just binge watching)
Ellen Culligan
Ellen Culligan - 8 måneder siden
Carful of the crocs
icecreamsandals - 9 måneder siden
Montana is so beautiful!!
Tristen James
Tristen James - 9 måneder siden
Bring thirsty back!!! 😭😭😭
Mushi Shi
Mushi Shi - 9 måneder siden
So Artistic Jeffrey 🌟🌟🌟💜🐾❣️🌹
Jamie Vee
Jamie Vee - 9 måneder siden
Jeffree talking to the animals kills me. This makes me miss when I go kayaking and camping. I was just hoping they didn’t get into any shallow water where they’d have to get out and pull or something the whole time cuz that’s bumpy.
Csilla Gelegonya
Csilla Gelegonya - 9 måneder siden
You gotta love Jeffree and his adventurous side. He is a funny little thing ❤❤❤
Patti Howard
Patti Howard - 9 måneder siden
This is my favorite video to watch. Keeps me happy.
Patti Howard
Patti Howard - 9 måneder siden
You are so awesome and hilarious in this video ? Love it and love ya too. Keep up the positive attitude girl.
Girl is Grey
Girl is Grey - 9 måneder siden
(Jef-Free) Star goddess out in beautiful nature!
ZenaBumblebee - 9 måneder siden
Jeffree in JEANS! I can't get over it! I'm blown away! What a moment!
Kem Hughes
Kem Hughes - 9 måneder siden
Jeffree was cracking me up talking to the animals in this video...he is so darn cute. I loved his relationship with Nathan😞
Amelia Brown
Amelia Brown - 9 måneder siden
This has to be one of my favorite Jeffree videos ever! (I guess it’s because I love nature) Idk how I’m just seeing it
jersey0513 - 9 måneder siden
It's so cute how he greets the animals ❤️
Kelly Vacher
Kelly Vacher - 9 måneder siden
I just want to be best friends with Jeffree
Tori M
Tori M - 9 måneder siden
Oooh what's up girl, what's your tea bitch! how you doing ?😂😂😂
Mackenzie Irwin
Mackenzie Irwin - 9 måneder siden
Your a queen 😂😂❤️
Shirley Simmons
Shirley Simmons - 9 måneder siden
Always be gratefull. Jeffree and you will never be without
Max House
Max House - 10 måneder siden
Bitch this is literally my fantasy
Jamie Girl
Jamie Girl - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree, ur so freakin adorable!!! I wish I had friends like fun can 1 person be!!! U u
Rosalind Scotton
Rosalind Scotton - 10 måneder siden
I really enjoyed watching this video not so much for the makeup tutorial but for the nature that was surrounding Jeffrey, it was beautiful & peaceful, I loved it. Don't get me wrong the makeup is always on point but the nature was just so calming. Jeffrey just proved that there's no excuse for a woman to be toe up from the flo up, you can do your makeup anywhere. 😀💖👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
Valerie Valerio
Valerie Valerio - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree to the cows:” hey yallll” 😂😂😂 that had me dead bro 💀
k dawg
k dawg - 10 måneder siden
I know they aren't wearing supreme life vests 🙄🤦‍♀️
D Lynn
D Lynn - 10 måneder siden
dude you scared my with that jacket at first
Kara Queen
Kara Queen - 10 måneder siden
I figured it out this was a year ago omg I’m so stupid holy shit
Kara Queen
Kara Queen - 10 måneder siden
Waittt Nate and him are back together waiiitttt someone reply
Kara Queen
Kara Queen - 10 måneder siden
Theyy still call each other babe super cute
Shakinah Quinn
Shakinah Quinn - 10 måneder siden
This is a whole mood. U and ur man chilling on a river. U beat ur face while he catches fish
A S - 10 måneder siden
Oooh jeffree i love you!! You are so hillarious always! You put me in such a good mood and make me laugh literally out loud!! God bless you😁
ALLQUEERS - 10 måneder siden
I’m like a techtuber watcher and here I am watching makeup cool videos. 😎🤙🏻 cool.
Raghad - 10 måneder siden
Nate is so calm..
Alicia G
Alicia G - 10 måneder siden
Strength to You* what a Gorgeous video all around* I Must go there*
Heidi Clapper
Heidi Clapper - 10 måneder siden
That fish interrupted us 😂😂This is my favorite video❤️
Brittany Leach
Brittany Leach - 10 måneder siden
That was probably the funniest video I’ve ever seen! Made my morning here in Oklahoma! 😘
a_roblox_Guy - 10 måneder siden
Going rafting while wearing expensive clothes doesn’t seem like a good idea for me lmao I guess they have nothing else to wear 😂
yipeeyaya - 10 måneder siden
I will miss Nate on your videos. I wish you guys could patch back but I guess that's your personal life. Be strong girl.
7 cats
7 cats - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree talking to the animals makes me happy 😘😍💚💙🤣
Otashi x
Otashi x - 10 måneder siden
You n nate break up, you're welcome for the warning
Madeline Stafford
Madeline Stafford - 10 måneder siden
I wish they were still together 😕
Lololo 1243
Lololo 1243 - 10 måneder siden
Jeffree: hey y’all!
Me: ;-;
Molly Mason
Molly Mason - 10 måneder siden
LOVE how he talks to all the Animals. I just kind of can’t.
Molly Mason
Molly Mason - 10 måneder siden
I laughed SO HARD when he asked the geese how his makeup was 😂 deceased
blonka123 - 10 måneder siden
Such a funny video!! 😊😊😆🤪🤪 loved it xoxo
Bethany Wright
Bethany Wright - 11 måneder siden
I freaking love this video so much.
Chaz - 11 måneder siden
Michael is a snack omg 🥰🥰
MJ Salome
MJ Salome - 11 måneder siden
I love seeing other couples who are genuinely kind to each other and mindful....feeling much gratitude for the boo in my life💖🌈🧚‍♀️✌️
Holly Raynsford
Holly Raynsford - 11 måneder siden
Mary Petrauskas
Mary Petrauskas - 11 måneder siden
I love the way Nate gets to do what he wants Jeffree makes sure of that.
HB - 11 måneder siden
Half way through and this is already my favorite video on this channel ever 😂
Lisa M
Lisa M - 11 måneder siden
Next time she talk to different size of Rock 🤣🤣
Lindsay Florio
Lindsay Florio - 11 måneder siden
Where’s the yacht? If it gets scratched, you can afford another one twice the price. Lol I’m kidding it’s outdoors with beautiful weather and scenery. A yacht wouldn’t fit in.
Jrenee - 11 måneder siden
I just died I love this .. I love how Nate and you support each other .. hard to find ..
kk weatherford
kk weatherford - 11 måneder siden
i wish i could be you even tho i am only 8 and watch you does not mean i cant be amazed!!!!!!: )
Stycie Stephen
Stycie Stephen - 11 måneder siden
I'm sorry but I laughed the moment jefree gets back to the river & his eyes.. 😂😂😂