Cremated DRAG Transformation ft. Gigi Goode

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today the insanely talented Gigi Goode from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12 is here to transform me and put her face onto MINE! Watch her do my makeup with the Cremated Palette while me spill the tea and get to know each other! Thank you Gigi for making me feel so beautiful and sharing your art with us!
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+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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MUSIC: Leat'eq & Aleksei & ELEX ► They Watchin Me - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
Runtime: 29:22


Jaka Rina
Jaka Rina - 5 dager siden
Bish please do a face on miss gigi yaaassss 😍
Ashlyn Taylor
Ashlyn Taylor - 7 dager siden
No one give a single fuuuuuuuck broski
Venky Mauris
Venky Mauris - 8 dager siden
ufff Gigi you can do so much better not JS
Tiana Parmar-Bruno
Tiana Parmar-Bruno - 8 dager siden
Hey I want to become a makeup guru and an influencer, I would love if you could maybe stop by and give my channel a watch🥺 Lots of love T⛅️
(Also love the video Jeffree❤️❤️❤️❤️)
Melissa Lampson
Melissa Lampson - 9 dager siden
I love the 2 looks that GiGi did, you both look absolutely gorgeous!!!
Emma van Beek
Emma van Beek - 9 dager siden
Jeffree has never looked prettier, there I said it. Love you both so much, this collab is a dreaaaaaam 🤩❤️🌹
ÁNGEL AMARU - 9 dager siden
He never looked worse
Marelys Robinson
Marelys Robinson - 11 dager siden
I repeat, you look amazing in drag
Emil Avetisyan
Emil Avetisyan - 12 dager siden
Jeffree looks like Violet Chachki
Audrey Maguire
Audrey Maguire - 13 dager siden
I never received my halloween mystery box along with ANOTHER package even though USPS stated it was delivered along with JSC. I hate having to be so negative because I love this company but its hard to remain unbiased when the company refuses to refund me as is stated in JSC company policies. I need help! Im out $350 and I am a broke college student! I need help! Please!!
Evan - 13 dager siden
DAILY Tik Tok - 14 dager siden
No one :
Micheal Jackson: HEHE
Trisha Thibz
Trisha Thibz - 16 dager siden❤️❤️❤️
Thomas Jalaguier
Thomas Jalaguier - 17 dager siden
Am I the only one here who thinks this makeup and hair makes Jeffree look like a mix metween Gigi and Cher ? Haha
Camero Milan
Camero Milan - 19 dager siden
Ru Paul is the best and I love YOU and GiGi so much fav video by far please more with more Queens I beg of u 🖤🌹🦄🦋
Paula Gopar Eggers
Paula Gopar Eggers - 20 dager siden
Only here it for my queen :(
Carmen Vance
Carmen Vance - 21 dag siden
its Jainson
its Jainson - 22 dager siden
Gigi has tattoos
Zsigmond Tolnai
Zsigmond Tolnai - 17 dager siden
They're fake
KANA KANANA - 22 dager siden
Love that hair bang
Brittney Danielle
Brittney Danielle - 25 dager siden
I need to see Chrystal Methyd so Jeffree's makeup
Nugget.xo_orignal - 25 dager siden
Yassssssss turn gigi into jeffree
Naked Panda
Naked Panda - 29 dager siden
Jeffree kinda looked like Lady Gaga when the eyes were done
Anna Maria Issa
Anna Maria Issa - Måned siden
No offense but jeffree lokks better
Lucho Portuano
Lucho Portuano - Måned siden
Two of my favourite queens.
Cihan Demir
Cihan Demir - Måned siden
Drug Lord for the white lines?!? I'm dead 😂😂😂😂 love u guys. Greets from Cologne, Germany ❤️
Sheri S.
Sheri S. - Måned siden
Love you Jeffree, yaaaaas!!
Madison C
Madison C - Måned siden
Madison C
Madison C - Måned siden
jeffree is a start and those who disagree can go die in a ditch bc I support him through good and bad his YouTube channel is the keeping me sane rn. 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬
Madison C
Madison C - Måned siden
Shablinski da fool
Shablinski da fool - Måned siden
Lord farquad's carreer only went downhill since he didn't get Fiona
Niya Mangfi
Niya Mangfi - Måned siden
They legit wanted to say creepy
Tringer - Måned siden
who are these people
Miss Gigi
Miss Gigi - Måned siden
OHHH M GEEEEEE, Sickeninnnng
Iliana Lombrana
Iliana Lombrana - Måned siden
here for gigi
maansi - Måned siden
God has given Jeffrey perfect structure of face nose eyes chin for head cheeks shape. Idk whatever she gets transformed in ..suits her
The Birdie
The Birdie - Måned siden
Is it just me that forgets Jeffree is biologically a male 🤣
Mahlee :p
Mahlee :p - Måned siden
omg you look like betty boop
Sen - Måned siden
Gigi is the cutest. I just watched this for her. I crave for more Gigi videos.
Miho Olivo
Miho Olivo - Måned siden
why do they look so alike
The Pound
The Pound - Måned siden
Not a little a LOT
E - Måned siden
Kay S
Kay S - Måned siden
tristanz - Måned siden
He turned off comments when he did the video with the black guy lmfao
Victoria Sleeper
Victoria Sleeper - Måned siden
Wow you did Gigi better than Gigi
Celene Diedrick
Celene Diedrick - Måned siden
They look and sound the same
wolfemcbane - Måned siden
Flattest carpet ever TRIPLE CAUTION TRIPLCAUTION OH HEYO TRIPLE CAUTION Gigi can u drive dirt rally in he k to get a hold of kiwis’ ummm nvm I’m tired of the snow on just snow just win just snow justify kudos big dogging for the wild rift is now open Gigi I ain’t carding you I’m a very sad blitzCRANK well Gigi I’m ready I’ll tell u why n who simple request
amberli kappert
amberli kappert - Måned siden
Omfg this is amazing!!! Thank you!!!!
Molly Berry
Molly Berry - Måned siden
Why did Jeffree wear it better😬
Georgia Price
Georgia Price - Måned siden
You both look stunning!🖤
Talita Malcontenta
Talita Malcontenta - Måned siden
You're beautiful girls!! Kisses from Italy
Lily Coleman
Lily Coleman - Måned siden
Still waiting for Gigi to start her own YouTube channel it’s would be so good
vip army
vip army - Måned siden
Just here for Gigi an her makeup tricks
jess s
jess s - Måned siden
elegant and stunning 😍😍
JLynn Harris
JLynn Harris - Måned siden
Gigi looks like an original Charlie’s Angels 💯
Jessica Jean213
Jessica Jean213 - Måned siden
That blush 😂
Jason King
Jason King - Måned siden
Jeffree needs to have Katya on the channel or Alaska
My favourite Stories
My favourite Stories - Måned siden
Aren’t their conversations just weird
Peyson Raine
Peyson Raine - Måned siden
11:08 HACK how to do makeup from Gigi:
1. do these steps
2. start with the eye
3. finish the eye
4. do the whole face
5. lashes
Zarfador - Måned siden
jeffree be going through drama like toilet paper during quarantine
dani obviously
dani obviously - Måned siden
me not following this season of drag race:
me thinking that tattoo sleeve was real:
Franchesca Starrson
Franchesca Starrson - 23 dager siden
I watch drag race and I thought for a minute that Gigi got a whole heap of tattoos 😂
Jeanne Jaro
Jeanne Jaro - Måned siden
Gigi you totally deceived me.
Jennifer Boergers
Jennifer Boergers - Måned siden
So I am coming into this with ZERO background and this was really nice to watch.
Kaitra Vlinch
Kaitra Vlinch - Måned siden
Thumbnail really looks like Michael Jackson
Ada Horn
Ada Horn - 2 måneder siden

එය බිය විය හැකි කුමක් වුවත්මෙය වඩාත් නරක ය
Melissa Creations
Melissa Creations - 2 måneder siden
James Charles auditions for American idol :)
Sophie Kerver
Sophie Kerver - 2 måneder siden
I went to highschool with Gigi 😂 WHS represent
Leilani Morgan
Leilani Morgan - 2 måneder siden
Lum-Bih Tashi
Lum-Bih Tashi - 2 måneder siden
I'm literally obsessed 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍💣
chuuswrlds !
chuuswrlds ! - 2 måneder siden
I came here for Gigi.
Mujer Gato
Mujer Gato - 2 måneder siden
Love it 🖤🖤
Imaan Yousaf
Imaan Yousaf - 2 måneder siden
Hey jeffree star how are you doing today
clory buxton
clory buxton - 2 måneder siden
Turn Gigi into Jeffree Star
Melissa Creations
Melissa Creations - 2 måneder siden
Katy perry wants to travel ✈️
Christopher Disaverio
Christopher Disaverio - 2 måneder siden
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John @ KJV
AJ Quintero
AJ Quintero - 2 måneder siden
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Msf_King - 2 måneder siden
Ghina Zahra
Ghina Zahra - 2 måneder siden
When Jefree said Gigi's orange look is shocked, i also said "YAAASSS QUEEN" while watching 👑💖
abigail leat
abigail leat - 2 måneder siden
Jeffrey are you actually a woman
Jojo Ralte
Jojo Ralte - 2 måneder siden
Thank you y'all for giving your views and making him more rich by hating him 😂😂, y'all think you did something lol he ain't going no where, unlike thirst trap James Charles he doesn't rely on YouTube for his income
Aleah B.
Aleah B. - 17 dager siden
My exact thoughts lol!
Anshe Mercado
Anshe Mercado - 2 måneder siden
Why are there two Jeffreys
•green Paws•
•green Paws• - 2 måneder siden
Just here for the pathetic comments
Adam Clarke
Adam Clarke - 2 måneder siden
Society is fucked when this shite is what it takes to become a millionaire
Stessy D
Stessy D - 2 måneder siden
Diego - 2 måneder siden
I love this colaboration 😍😍
Amy - 2 måneder siden
damn thought it was gigi hadid well bye i guess
Bakalov2410 - 2 måneder siden
20:28 *Shane is screaming in the background*
Cocoa Channel
Cocoa Channel - 2 måneder siden
This was a fail
Hailey Payne
Hailey Payne - 2 måneder siden
Tattoo diaries part 3??????? Please! 💜🖤💜🖤💜🖤
Christine Kanayok
Christine Kanayok - 2 måneder siden
I am a straight women, but I find Gigi sexy in this lmao
Candace Marie
Candace Marie - 2 måneder siden
I KNOW EVERYONE HATES THESE COMMENTS!!! But I’m a small beauty girl just starting off my journey if anyone is interested I’d love for you to like and subcribe to my channel. It would mean the absolute world to me. My next video is going to be with the James Charles palette once it comes & im excited for this journey! Thank you in advance!!!
TSH Stan
TSH Stan - 2 måneder siden
No ❤️
Daniella Lopez
Daniella Lopez - 2 måneder siden
You know what I’m down to do that
Michele Rush
Michele Rush - 2 måneder siden
Amazing!! Love it girls
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez - 2 måneder siden
No hate gigi just don't like how other people try to cancel others just cause of being jealous of them me can't relate
avery on camera
avery on camera - 2 måneder siden
i wish they didn’t try to speak so much and gigi could’ve just painted maybe over a cool song
7u7 Sakura 7u7
7u7 Sakura 7u7 - 2 måneder siden
D-man Game
D-man Game - 2 måneder siden
Анастасия Волочкова аахаахахаха))
Gen Zy TheSlumpGoddess
Gen Zy TheSlumpGoddess - 2 måneder siden
Gigi Goode looks like Michael Jackson in this video, I love it❤️❤️❤️❤️
Ariana Berkeley
Ariana Berkeley - 3 måneder siden
Gigi is so kind and so mature, she isn't here for the drama she is here for pure business & pleasure
Desirée Hayles
Desirée Hayles - 3 måneder siden