Blood Money DRAG Transformation ft. India Ferrah

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! Today the stunning, outspoken and talented India Ferrah is here! You may know her from RuPaul's Drag Race Season 3 & All Stars Season 5! She's here from Las Vegas to transform me and put her face onto MINE! Watch her do my makeup with the Blood Money Palette while me spill the tea and hit the trees! Thank you India for making me feel fabulous and sharing your art with us!
+ SNAPCHAT: jeffreestar
+ TWITTER: @jeffreestar
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MUSIC: hayve x ROY KNO ► Give Up On You (Feat. imallryt) - (courtesy of NoCopyrightSounds)
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•KØßØ_ETN• - 52 minutter siden
I don’t know how people can still like Jeffree after what happened, also his views are in the trash 😜💅✨
Hadiyanto Saputra
Hadiyanto Saputra - Time siden
please help me 200 dollars to return to my country. because of the plague I can't go home. my savings have run out and I want to go back to my country. please help me please please help
navaldez - Time siden
Can you do mask proof makeup? I wanted to order orgy pallet but I stopped using makeup now that I wear a facemasks all the time.... but with Christmas coming..... and if I knew how to make my makeup stay in place 😊
AMML - 2 timer siden
RiDyCY - 2 timer siden
I heard that this guy protected other guy who had sexual relationships with under age fans... Is it true? And if it is than why do people still follow this fake persona and buy his products?
Omer Akram
Omer Akram - 3 timer siden
Wtf is even that?
Ali Saad
Ali Saad - 4 timer siden
india so snakeeeeeeeeeeeeewevi can't
Jordin Rockett
Jordin Rockett - 5 timer siden
Honestly his videos ain’t the same anymore..
J&J MMVXIIIMI - 5 timer siden
I think jeffree copying beyonce marketing strategy😆😅🤣😂✌️ ✌️ ✌️
ケーキ悲しい - 5 timer siden
Is it just me or do I feel like James Charles is becoming friends with every celebrity and over here is Jeffree Star failing
Evia Hughes
Evia Hughes - 6 timer siden
Please review Lisa’s make-up
One piece is the worst anime
You’re a man
Christian Brazauckas
Christian Brazauckas - 6 timer siden
0:04 sounds like turkeys 🦃
tyler walker
tyler walker - 7 timer siden
hey jeffee my wife adores you so much and she would love to meet you someday she would absolutely flip if she got the chance to meet you and i learnt alot of makeup stuff to
la lang
la lang - 8 timer siden
congrats James Charles, youre almost at 25M! you go girl.
la lang
la lang - 8 timer siden
oooff down to 16M?
Miming Cooks
Miming Cooks - 9 timer siden
You are just so disappointing.
quixotic 333
quixotic 333 - 9 timer siden
i knew i didn't like india but this is a new low
Jikook and Chanbaek is real ok?!
Umm ✨no😍✨
Alina J
Alina J - 10 timer siden
Need RARE BEAUTY Review!!!
alizae avery
alizae avery - 10 timer siden
Ms girl is FLOPPING
been a week and barely hit 1M
and the makeup is shit the bottom lashes aint it
Crystal Saavedra
Crystal Saavedra - 10 timer siden
Hey, my sister and I have a small business and are really excited about it!!
You can find us on Etsy just search up CozySeekers!!!! ❤✨
Dani Day
Dani Day - 10 timer siden
What are they?
Reva Asbury
Reva Asbury - 11 timer siden
Love it!!! ❤️
Ashley - 11 timer siden
Hi everyone! I just started an instagram page that shows products/food that are vegan/natural and cruelty free! it’s @naturallychoosingvegan
rogurt - 11 timer siden
And why are the dislikes low? Rise up people with brain cells
Mariaan Jacobs
Mariaan Jacobs - 11 timer siden
Why are you people judging by numbers only... You are the fake ones, have you ever been through the effort of seeing where Jeffree came from!!!! Swim in the shallows and you will drown in that little pool.
Mariaan Jacobs
Mariaan Jacobs - 11 timer siden
Hi Ms Star, I love the way you are yourself without apologies, I saw the way that you were used by "friends", but still you are unfazed and keep on going.
You inspire me to be true to myself, no matter what.
Big non invasive hugs
Troy nonaQ
Troy nonaQ - 12 timer siden
I can't believe I wasted time building your mansion on the're a real scumbag
Asunatostada :v
Asunatostada :v - 12 timer siden
James has more subscribers than jehova starfish yet again.
Anon Y'Mous
Anon Y'Mous - 13 timer siden
Never really had an opinion on India Ferrah but now I will admit I dislike her. Jeffree is and always will be problematic.
Fernando Moreno
Fernando Moreno - 14 timer siden
Jeffree you should review the couture beauty diamond lipstick which is the most expensive lipstick retailing at about 14 million dollars per tube!
mori - 14 timer siden
the views to subscribers are hurting
beautiful cutie pie
beautiful cutie pie - 14 timer siden
Wow hes losing subscribers like crazy.
Adi Haviv
Adi Haviv - 14 timer siden
Miss Vic
Miss Vic - 15 timer siden
Jeffree's definitely doesn't look as nice. Lashes to big and eyes way to dark on bottom.
Callum Eccles
Callum Eccles - 15 timer siden
I love you Jeffree ❤️
Mare - 16 timer siden
Does anyone know if there is going to be Xmas mystery boxes.
Future Dad
Future Dad - 17 timer siden
Eww what are those things?
Joseph Soosay
Joseph Soosay - 17 timer siden
This is so cringy
brittbaby21 - 17 timer siden
Omgggg I’m from Dayton Ohio!! My best friend was a dj at the masque!!! ❤️🥰
Evan's garden420
Evan's garden420 - 17 timer siden
David Tv
David Tv - 18 timer siden
Ok i hate jeffree but i fucking love india farrah
Queen of angels
Queen of angels - 18 timer siden
jeffery we need to talk did u appear in deuces music? 0.0 if so u killed it i still listen to him
Elena Friedrich
Elena Friedrich - 18 timer siden
How would I get something signed from u I have a friend here in fort Collins Colorado and he admires u so much..Hes name Is CJ and is is young I think about 19 anyways he works 2-3 jobs but he’s trying to get his nuts together ..He is absolutely Gorgous and with what extra he has he makes it work ..anyways he’s smart and very sweet ,,He works at a gas station I go to and we became friends because he reminds me of a young u..I was wondering he loves makeup and pretty stuff I was wondering if you could send me a autograph pic of u and maybe some free samples for him ...text me and I’ll give you my address ,,if u have makeup samples or anything it would really be sweet ..I think if he had better makeup to work with he could really pull it together..not asking for freebies just try to make this gay boys dream of making it come true and some incentive from you would’ve awsome anyways ...He’s names is CJ and he is amazing beautiful boy ...My name is Elena and Iam an a 53 year old woman that has been not an extreme fan but you amaze me..ok well email me at friedrichelena80@gmail .com and I would love to get him something from u to make him smile ..Iam a maid so I can’t pay u much but let me know how much samples and a autograph would be k ...I hope you pups are good and your soul is healing ...Hugs and more hugs ..Elena
coolswagytbro - 18 timer siden
Are those both boys I’m so confused
Smh smh smh
Mr. gRich
Mr. gRich - 21 time siden
Imagine how pathetic this guy must feel inside.. knowing how many times he's had to sell his soul, get on his knees and transform himself into this plastic surgery disaster just to amass a few fans and small bit of sheckells. PATHETIC!!!
Sravya Naru
Sravya Naru - 23 timer siden
The people still supporting you after all you've woah..are just supporting him into doing another scandalous act....very DESPERATE 😪
Brandi Miller
Brandi Miller - 23 timer siden
The bugs bunny hoodie tho 🐰 💕
Demonic Wolf
Demonic Wolf - Dag siden
Tbh I don't like the style, sorry. It's just way too much makeup.
Tania Brown
Tania Brown - Dag siden
Next time get a colored queen in
okaminess - Dag siden
“She’s looking good. She’s coming together.” God, these elves are so dank.
jay taylor
jay taylor - Dag siden
Queen 🙌
Joni Kennedy
Joni Kennedy - Dag siden
I would love to see a moon palette 🎨 using colors of the moon 🌝 in case you like ideas in comments 😂
April Chavez
April Chavez - Dag siden
The color reminds me of you know the chocolate mints for Christmas that's exactly what it reminds me
April Chavez
April Chavez - Dag siden
We love you jeffree star ⭐⭐⭐⭐
Kristopher Paramo
Kristopher Paramo - Dag siden
OMG Jeffree can you do a video abt visiting your old high school pacifica!!!
Ashley Carrollton
Ashley Carrollton - Dag siden
For those asking about outfits, sells some awesome ones!
shelly lynn
shelly lynn - Dag siden
Ur twins i swear
shelly lynn
shelly lynn - Dag siden
So my hubby and I the last year we could afford to do presents he got me ur blue blood lipstick kit and I cried if u watch u and Roland's interview u know we been threw alot but I cried and wish 1 day I can do what u do makeupwise and put my lip colors to work I did give a friend 1 cause she loves u 2
shelly lynn
shelly lynn - Dag siden
Ohio yes
Cam i
Cam i - Dag siden
lol it lowkey look like shit
Cam i
Cam i - Dag siden
no i take that back. it highkey look like shit
Mele Murrell
Mele Murrell - Dag siden
Is it true that you said the N-word Jeffrey and can you put in your comment section I love you by James is still better sisters for life
Talia Janette
Talia Janette - Dag siden
Dahlia woulda rocked that snatch game as Jeffree
salvador sanchez
salvador sanchez - Dag siden
Lol fuck the haters, bitch you are da best❤️
Glowing Gamer
Glowing Gamer - Dag siden sorry jeffrey letting u know i didnt make this,wanted to show u
Handsome Angel Life And Fun
check my channel.
Ava Carlson
Ava Carlson - Dag siden
Hey bud, you wanna explain about the victims you hurt and how you paid them 10k as hush money? And why you’re a sex offender? Not only that, you made up that boyfriend drama to cover up what you really did. And you can thank @shawtymalec on TikTok for showing me who you REALLY ARE! 🤮🤮🤮🤮
Minnah Khan
Minnah Khan - Dag siden
New name for jefree's palette 'lawsuit'
Minnah Khan
Minnah Khan - 8 timer siden
@quixotic 333 what u mean
quixotic 333
quixotic 333 - 9 timer siden
i cant tell if you like him or not cause i can't decide to laugh or not
Alyjofficial - Dag siden
this look tho!!!
Quesha Harding
Quesha Harding - Dag siden
Yant Donnelly
Yant Donnelly - Dag siden
Jeffree Trash is so nazi and ew
cochito30 - Dag siden
I think they have the wrong outfits on after the transformation.? Because the tops are different and it looks like Ferrah is wearing the JL top.
connie Ward
connie Ward - Dag siden
Down over 2 mil views omg
The Ravenclaw Den
The Ravenclaw Den - Dag siden
Jeffree... you're a star..... obviously but I saw you haven't seen Rewind The Musical!!!! I know it's a year late but you're in it and it's WAY better than YT Rewind 2020, and since YT isn't doing a Rewind, could you do a reaction video?
맘마 - Dag siden
Dave Leggett
Dave Leggett - Dag siden
I wanna ask what happend to Shane it he ok bc like he's not posting on hes YouTube or tiktock?
Emma Brass
Emma Brass - Dag siden
At least you did one good thing by not deleting hate comments
Chase De Leon
Chase De Leon - Dag siden
Girl please respond to the tweets about the palette cutting people's fingers. 🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡🗡
Lady Ru
Lady Ru - Dag siden
i love you Jeffrey star whatever they say.. i love all of your pallete.Best regards, stay safe
Kay B
Kay B - Dag siden
Girl, Jason lee and Bobby lites talking about you right now
Veronica Munos
Veronica Munos - Dag siden
Happy Late Birthday Jeffree 🎂 💗
Sashane Wilson
Sashane Wilson - Dag siden
umm👀😒the weirdest video I've ever watched in 2020🤷‍♀️
Camryn Thompson
Camryn Thompson - Dag siden
Before he used the brush on the powder it was like why is flashback mary here and I think James broke in lmao
cona mils
cona mils - Dag siden
j e f f r e e s t a r s a y s n i g
JessicaRuby - Dag siden
I’m seeing more comments about how fucked up he is, guess he couldn’t pay his assistants enough to delete every comment 😳
Magali Vega
Magali Vega - Dag siden
Para mi una paleta debe haber colores cobre y naturales, rosas Y azules, verdes y dorados negro blanco. Morados y rosa.
Gamas q eso colores de fuerte a colores pálidos y pasteles y colores bebés q son suaves para dar la apariencia de ser sensual y tierna y inocencia
Annette MM
Annette MM - Dag siden
can we go back to good old makeup reviews?
Zainab Ali
Zainab Ali - Dag siden
*im new btw to jeffreestar*
whats with all the tattoos
its freaking me out
why does he look so pale too......
T U.
T U. - Dag siden
gross lmao
Amina Azmi
Amina Azmi - Dag siden
They look ahmazing!
mcnee1ce - Dag siden
ew indiah is the worst, why would jeffree even bring her own? I actually LITERALLY gagged..
The Two Weirdos
The Two Weirdos - Dag siden
Jessica Gng1289
Jessica Gng1289 - Dag siden
Where do I get that robe ?
Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan - Dag siden
Who are you whats your work can I know My age is just 16 don't know you why you have so much follower
Szymon Lampa
Szymon Lampa - Dag siden
He is losing his views
AKHIL - Dag siden
Please donate me iPad Pro 12.9 space grey
sara23ization - Dag siden
This look tho!!! I-CON-IC
Peglegplauge - Dag siden
I will honestly say that this just popped up on my feed and it's an older video, I have been subscribed forever and have hit the bell 🔔 notification ,but why is it that I'm seriously only getting notifications a week after?
sara23ization - Dag siden
I’m getting so anxious about the winter mystery boxes! I wannnnnt!!