Addressing RUMORS About Me While Testing New Makeup

Today I'm testing out ALL brand new makeup while addressing rumors about myself. Love you guys, remember that even though 2020 has been the most challenging for us all, there is light at the end of the tunnel.
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Runtime: 31:52


Tre Turner
Tre Turner - 14 timer siden
all yall talking shit, nobody asked you to be here, you're just spreading negativity for no reason
Tre Turner
Tre Turner - 14 timer siden
yall lil bitches talking shit, when you cant back shit up
connie Ward
connie Ward - 17 timer siden
Miss you 😥❤️
lashalle woods
lashalle woods - 18 timer siden
The hair is giving me Nicki vibes
Alexis Collins
Alexis Collins - Dag siden
I don’t know anything about makeup I’m just here for the tea ☕️
Kelsey Conway
Kelsey Conway - Dag siden
24:10 It’s the trying to open the package for me
Panda bim
Panda bim - Dag siden
It's so funny see many people wrote hate comment to Jeffrey and said he manipulated, fake and dumb yet they still watch and follow Jeffrey star that make him more famous and get money for views..dude you're the dumb one..
M e M e uwu
M e M e uwu - 3 dager siden
i forgot he exists
Ebony Faith
Ebony Faith - 3 dager siden
Buh-bye Felicia.
Beautimo - 3 dager siden
When will we get JSC Make up wipes?
J De
J De - 5 dager siden
And now you can buy conspiracy palette at Tj Max. A store he said brands go to die much like his ex friends cosmetics. Hmm... 🧐
Aiden Brooke
Aiden Brooke - 6 dager siden
Great video!
Alfi Dd's
Alfi Dd's - 7 dager siden
I hope you were like the old you. Now you look sad and lifeless. It feel like something is missing 😣. Nope i'm not on anyone side. I don't even know what happen. I just love you💜. The best thing we could do is 'ignore' , no one is right and no one is wrong. A mere 'Human' has no right to judge human, cause no one know what really happen , the root , where it start? It's just a law. When we(human) dead those law will not apply. I love who i want to love , i hope i will never hate anything nor anyone. Love you Jeffree 😁
Mackenzie Parkening
Mackenzie Parkening - 7 dager siden
Hey ma! I've been a fan of your music since I was like 12.
Anna Martens
Anna Martens - 7 dager siden
I really think he is the best like he is so funny and believe it or not he is very positive and teaches people to not care about what other people think of you. Like he should really be a thyrapst.
Audrina Gamblin
Audrina Gamblin - 7 dager siden
Not him moaning in the vid but bleeping out curse words Chile-
nachoz - 8 dager siden
hes not sorry for what he did, hes sorry he got caught
Tiana Parmar-Bruno
Tiana Parmar-Bruno - 8 dager siden
Hey I want to become a makeup guru and an influencer, I would love if you could maybe stop by and give my channel a watch🥺 Lots of love T⛅️
(Also love the video Jeffree❤️❤️❤️❤️)
Mattie Crowder
Mattie Crowder - 9 dager siden
Sm0LDEMONBEAN - 9 dager siden
I usain bolted to the comments seeing that all the comments are negative lmao I love it
SOPHIE ZAMORA - 10 dager siden
Jeffree star you are the best I don't care what Sh*t people say about you rock girl go with your fire self.
Kayla Nicole
Kayla Nicole - 11 dager siden
If y’all don’t like him, then please just either don’t watch his videos or block him and forget he exists. The only reason y’all think he is a “terrible person” is because he is a social media influencer and has his life online. Do you understand how many people have said the n-word? I know 14-18 year olds that say it in passing. But no one says anything to them. Please get off y’all’s high horse because ONCE AGAIN it’s the internet and you don’t know what happened or who said what, and when. Your comment just makes you look dumb because if you hate him so much, why are you watching his videos? 🤣
mel parton
mel parton - 12 dager siden
Cynthia Howell
Cynthia Howell - 12 dager siden
I don’t give a shit what people say, I adore you. Even if your online personality is fake as fuck I still love you and we all have plastic in our lives.
Arpita singh
Arpita singh - 12 dager siden
Imagine being such a failure you hire editors to delete negative comments LMAO.
Karma bitch karma!
A Z - 12 dager siden
I only do minimal makeup for special occasions, but I can't use the makeup remover wipes my mom uses, because they severely irritate my skin, especially around my eyes, so I use a washcloth, but that irritates to, because I have to rub more to remove the makeup, and I'm fine with the way I look without anything extra, so unless it's a special occasion, I go completely natural, I maybe style my hair a little, and that's it other then clothes.
Audrey Maguire
Audrey Maguire - 13 dager siden
I never received my halloween mystery box along with ANOTHER package even though USPS stated it was delivered along with JSC. I hate having to be so negative because I love this company but its hard to remain unbiased when the company refuses to refund me as is stated in JSC company policies. I need help! Im out $350 and I am a broke college student! I need help! Please!!
Ff R
Ff R - 13 dager siden
Micro blade your eyebrows. Thank me later.
iconic tea
iconic tea - 13 dager siden
Hi guys watch India Kill Jeffree with setting powder!
Zain - 13 dager siden
Christy L
Christy L - 13 dager siden
$15 buck make up wipes? These YouTuber brands kill me how they burst on to the make up brand owner scene with established luxury prices. They need to chill lol
Ileana Contrades-Oshiro
Ileana Contrades-Oshiro - 14 dager siden
If your here just to read the comments than like this comment 😂👇
Faith Clingenpeel
Faith Clingenpeel - 14 dager siden
It’s funny to me how many people think their hate comments are hurting people but you’re just boosting the post with views and making the poster more money 🤷🏽‍♀️ 😂 not to mention you taking the time out of your day to post hate really says something about you and your life 🙊
Moribee - 14 dager siden
Why is he advertising to non English speaker
Sarah Kraus
Sarah Kraus - 14 dager siden
I love you James
Lady Unicorn
Lady Unicorn - 14 dager siden
I really am happy you’re jumping into make up again ❤️❤️ you’re such a beautiful person and thank you for taking time out of your day to film with Chris🔥
Christy L
Christy L - 13 dager siden
I hope this is sarcasm and not the most delusional, ass kissing statement I have ever read.
o w
o w - 15 dager siden
25:47 "eehh"
o w
o w - 15 dager siden
20:13 " I love liquids"
o w
o w - 15 dager siden
5:54 look lol
Aesthetic playz
Aesthetic playz - 15 dager siden
I need to let my anger out but I love you to much🥰💙💕
Natalie Olsen
Natalie Olsen - 15 dager siden
𝒦𝑒𝑒𝓅 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒽𝒶𝓉𝑒 𝒸𝑜𝓂𝓂𝑒𝓃𝓉𝓈 𝓉𝑜 𝓎𝑜𝓊𝓇𝓈𝑒𝓁𝓋𝑒𝓈 😒
ann o'shea
ann o'shea - 15 dager siden
It's "cray-on" 😝🤣
Ciel Rombouts
Ciel Rombouts - 15 dager siden
To anyone reading this: pleeeease don't use make-up wipes!! they're so bad for the environment (and for your skin honestly). use a cleanser or a micellar water with a reusable cotton swap instead! :)
Christy L
Christy L - 13 dager siden
I didn't know that. But I still wasn't about to hand over 15 bucks to some corny NOburn influencer/salesman for a couple of wipes anyways 💀
Roami Blu
Roami Blu - 16 dager siden
28:02 I love his face.
Roami Blu
Roami Blu - 16 dager siden
One lash: Clockwork Orange! Starring Jeffree Star!
Kenzie Foxx
Kenzie Foxx - 17 dager siden
Hey Jeffree! I'm a student drowning in debt; I've started an OnlyFans to help! It would mean the world if you could give me a shout out in hopes of growing my following to afford bills! (Sorry for the spam, I'm desperate!)
Xenia - 17 dager siden
K Mp
K Mp - 17 dager siden
Well I haven’t read any of the comments and actually watched the video because well I really want to know your first impression particularly the o/s eyeshadows. Anyway, bitch you look good.
Blue Eyed Mischief
Blue Eyed Mischief - 18 dager siden
“Can stores start opening again *crys”😂
Misty Dee
Misty Dee - 18 dager siden
Happy happy birthday Mr.J STarR
Chvrs coffee
Chvrs coffee - 18 dager siden
Look at this dude, manipulating kids to think that he's a good person. 🙄
menhera chan .08.26
menhera chan .08.26 - 16 dager siden
@Dark scale yeah you really are a kid, if you won't even say fuck😂
Jan Sport's Lost Win
Jan Sport's Lost Win - 17 dager siden
True af
Dark scale
Dark scale - 18 dager siden
Shut the duck up
Ale M.
Ale M. - 18 dager siden
hiii poor people
altai roots
altai roots - 18 dager siden
2020 is 2020 depressing 2020
Subliminals EXE
Subliminals EXE - 18 dager siden
That hair is HMMMM! *Chefs Kiss* GAAWWWDD! (My way of saying I STAN)
Christy L
Christy L - 13 dager siden
What about it? It looks cheap and flammable.
tarek tr
tarek tr - 18 dager siden
مين العربي هون👇👱‍♀️👭👬
Tracy Cordova
Tracy Cordova - 18 dager siden
I love you big. I love you being 100 percent you.
خالد صفاء
خالد صفاء - 18 dager siden
Brichanise Terrell
Brichanise Terrell - 18 dager siden
Romans 10:9
If you declare with your mouth,Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved 💕
#LoLa Hackers Lov
#LoLa Hackers Lov - 18 dager siden
متأكد انت ولد او رجل لوك القهر يكو كويت 💔💔💔💔😒😒😒🙅من العراق 💋✌✌
لمار الحلوة غمازات
زربان خرة انت
Zaza Z
Zaza Z - 18 dager siden
Rwan الملكه
Rwan الملكه - 18 dager siden
ملوكه الكويتيه
ملوكه الكويتيه - 18 dager siden
Almasa Almasa
Almasa Almasa - 18 dager siden
ولا واحد عربي هاذ شيسوي بروحه 🙃😂😂
Donald Smith
Donald Smith - 18 dager siden
هاذذ ولد
meriem dahmeni
meriem dahmeni - 18 dager siden
You are a boi
حسن طالب
حسن طالب - 18 dager siden
محمد [m24]
محمد [m24] - 18 dager siden
What's your vac?
Hüseyin Özmen
Hüseyin Özmen - 18 dager siden
Are you girl or boy
هيوڤة المهيوڤة mar5
ياااااااااع انَـَY̷̳̜̩̐̌̋O̷̳̜̩̐̌̋U̷̳̜̩̐̌̋ـَتَ مقرف 🤢🤢🤢
ẄĦǾ ĂГΣ ΨǾƯ - 18 dager siden
احلى من بنت عمي 🌚
Rukia Alnaimy
Rukia Alnaimy - 18 dager siden
Girl or a boy you I hate you 🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢
بلال الحديثي
بلال الحديثي - 18 dager siden
حسوني العيساوي
حسوني العيساوي - 18 dager siden
حسوني العيساوي
حسوني العيساوي - 18 dager siden
jory sweet
jory sweet - 18 dager siden
يع يع يع وت هو أو هيأ والد أو بنت🤮🤮
{••MONSTER IRAQ••} - 18 dager siden
Is the man's time over?😰
Dkd Jshs
Dkd Jshs - 18 dager siden
Fabiola Basurto
Fabiola Basurto - 19 dager siden
Is it just me with Jeffree Star she looks like a guy and a ghost like she doesn't even look like James Charles like at least James Charles nice and she's made you look very scary so I like a man do not follow her because like what the hell
El mundo de Joseylif y Valeria
KIM ROZY - 19 dager siden
🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎🏿👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎الله ياخذك ان شاء الله يارب 🤲🤲🤲🤲🤲my mslm my
no lvyo angels my Lvyo arbk my mslm
KIM ROZY - 19 dager siden
ويع يا دلع
De Pop
De Pop - 19 dager siden
شفيك هالطةعلقطةهىفطنحعيطىع منها ابنى نافع اتك
Ziamal and Murtaza Sherazi
Ziamal and Murtaza Sherazi - 19 dager siden
Wow your hair is nice 😗
sgad hsean
sgad hsean - 19 dager siden
ليث الجابر
ليث الجابر - 19 dager siden
الكبر مسوي روحة مرة وهوة رجال
Wafa Window
Wafa Window - 19 dager siden
اي مجانين
عباس عباس
عباس عباس - 19 dager siden
. ورد
صوفيا الكلش
صوفيا الكلش - 19 dager siden
في احد عربي
Wafa Window
Wafa Window - 19 dager siden
علي علي
علي علي - 19 dager siden
علي علي
علي علي - 19 dager siden
علي علي
علي علي - 19 dager siden
Suporna Tanchangya
Suporna Tanchangya - 19 dager siden
توحه الشمري
توحه الشمري - 19 dager siden
مصطفى التميمي
مصطفى التميمي - 19 dager siden
yaso Alqurishy
yaso Alqurishy - 19 dager siden
لعنة الله على هذه الاشكال
ايات و مصطفى
ايات و مصطفى - 19 dager siden
استغفر الله استغفر الله
عبدالله عبدالله
عندك خوخ مدن طه صثضزءسذ2ككجططط
Coochie Man
Coochie Man - 19 dager siden
Why is such a popular youtuber paying youtube to advise themselves
Nilkantha Bhattarai
Nilkantha Bhattarai - 19 dager siden