ABH Riviera Palette... Is It Jeffree Star Approved?

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HEY EVERYONE... Welcome BACK to my channel! In today's video I'm testing out the new Anastasia Beverly Hills Riviera eyeshadow palette! I'm also trying out their new Dewy Set spray and the loose highlighters! Are they Jeffree Star Approved or nah?
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Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 2 dager siden
lol...omfg!! just gotta go do my mascara and lashes and suck off Nate real quick...omfg. that so had me gagging...well I guess you was prolly gagging a bit too..lol. love ya
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 2 dager siden
Super jealous that literally any freaking color blend looks flawless on your eyes...I just can't and every time I try to do the Smokey eye I feel like I have myself a black eye
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 2 dager siden
Being that I'm just starting back up with make up I'm kinda hving a hard time. there is so so many new things out there and new ways to look basically flawless. I heard Jeffree say a couple will be pressed pigments and others just eyeshadow so what's the difference...oh and also I have a hooded eyelid what's the best way to apply on hooded lids...Thank you to anyone who can answer me. ❤❤ ❤
Brittany Dusch
Brittany Dusch - 2 dager siden
I want this bag...I wonder if it's still stocked. its beautiful and I'm starting to use makeup again and really am planning to dive into Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I'm excited. Love ya Jeffree ❤ your beautiful babe!!
Alice Angel Beauty
Alice Angel Beauty - 8 dager siden
Feeling pregnant lol 🤣 girl... If you only knew the struggle of being pregnant. I'm 7months pregnant and cannot close my legs fully when I sit down I feel like I just have a huge beer belly 😅 🙈
Hunter Cuyler
Hunter Cuyler - 11 dager siden
"if i see one more brown neutral palette, i'm going to rip out my hair"
makes a brown neutral palette one year later
Hunter Cuyler
Hunter Cuyler - 12 dager siden
"assessory" 1:02
Imaan Yousaf
Imaan Yousaf - Måned siden
Hey jeffree star how are you doing today
Katherine Cuadra
Katherine Cuadra - 3 måneder siden
Love how he used the word “Orgy” and said he was tired of neutral brown palettes and a year later the Orgy Palette comes out. Love to see it
Rosey Bennett
Rosey Bennett - 3 måneder siden
I dont give a fuxk about the drama .. I love jeffree videos ... no one else like him he is a queen and his videos crack me the fuck up... I do miss these just old school reviews !! Ok work haha
klara hrvanovic
klara hrvanovic - 3 måneder siden
Me actually believing JEFFREE that he’s gonna do two looks😅
Maya Rodriguez Huanca
Maya Rodriguez Huanca - 4 måneder siden
por favor pongan subtitulo en español amo tus videos
Quarantined Girl
Quarantined Girl - 4 måneder siden
100% watching for Jeffree
0% watching for products
Quarantined Girl
Quarantined Girl - 4 måneder siden
When I'm feeling down, I watch Jeffree star videos
Gayla Maxwell
Gayla Maxwell - 4 måneder siden
So could we just call a spade a spade.
So what he’s really trying to say is it’s vinyl!!!!!
Musa Bolla
Musa Bolla - 6 måneder siden
Anthony A
Anthony A - 6 måneder siden
You know Jeffree is doing charity work when he is putting out a palette with 24 shades retailing 52$ and ABV puts out a 14 shade palette retailing 42$
Christina Moller
Christina Moller - 6 måneder siden
Highlighters!!! ❤️
Rebecca Mellito
Rebecca Mellito - 6 måneder siden
Ok is it the lighting or just me but Jeffree keeps calling that color pink when I see a deep purple
Ash allen
Ash allen - 6 måneder siden
I love that palette
Rodi Mousa
Rodi Mousa - 6 måneder siden
Jeffree the icey hilighting is amazing
Micah Taira
Micah Taira - 6 måneder siden
Micah Taira
Micah Taira - 6 måneder siden
Galway Girl
Galway Girl - 6 måneder siden
i absolutely love it that two days ago i used this palette for second time and i literally used this same colours xx
dani obviously
dani obviously - 7 måneder siden
jeffree closing one eye:
the other eye not moving at all:
joshua mendiola
joshua mendiola - 7 måneder siden
Why didn't he mention the kickback in the pan when he dipped into sails?
Audrey stamm
Audrey stamm - 7 måneder siden
14:16 "it almost looks like snow" hehe.
Melissa Boomer
Melissa Boomer - 8 måneder siden
Guys if you can’t afford the palette ! I got mine today from winners for $19.99 ! And omg it’s amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Jayde Meeks
Jayde Meeks - 8 måneder siden
Jayde Meeks
Jayde Meeks - 8 måneder siden
My favourite eye look Jeffree has ever created 😍 it’s sickening 💥💥🔥
Siti K.
Siti K. - 8 måneder siden
if it's not JEFFREE STAR APPROVED, i ain't buying or putting that on my face.
Amber Hernandez
Amber Hernandez - 9 måneder siden
Jeffree Star I love watching your videos .
Alexandra Morgan
Alexandra Morgan - 9 måneder siden
So this is just a bisexual pride look lol,
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez - 9 måneder siden
The pink the purple and the brown shouldn’t go directly around the eye
Chrissy Vuta
Chrissy Vuta - Måned siden
@Fjorgyn you've clearly never heard of pressed pigments. those aren't supposed to be applied near the direct eye area.
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez - 6 måneder siden
Fjorgyn and I never said Jeffree was a dumbass ... sometimes we miss these little things. Jeffrees a fucking queen and I love that bitch sooooo continue
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez - 6 måneder siden
Fjorgyn first of alllllll , I’m stating the facts that are labeled inside the eyeshadow packaging !!! I’m not an idiot I know they’re meant for the eyes but those specific colors were set as a safety concern many people including myself have gotten rashes and color staining from it
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez - 6 måneder siden
It stains the eye and it is hazardous, there’s a little sheet of paper inside the box when you open it. I am saying this because I own this palette and it causes irritation
Cristal Hernandez
Cristal Hernandez - 6 måneder siden
Fjorgyn because it’s a hazard it’s in the eyeshadow box but people don’t read. Don’t cuss at me!! I’m just stating the facts
HotEmoToaster - 9 måneder siden
Jeffree: I'm gonna go suck off Nate and I'll be right back!
*we all felt that*
PsychicJuliana Sanders
PsychicJuliana Sanders - 9 måneder siden
I love this!!!!! Thank you Jeffree!!! Love you!!
Abz Star
Abz Star - 9 måneder siden
I bought the riviera palette today for £25 from TKMax! What a bargain, I’m so happy! Gonna be using this a lot during spring
Multi fandom hamster Who loves jaffa cakes
They call colourful something that isn't an "everyday" look, but I use crazy colours nearly everyday, so what am I? LOL
Sophia Cooks
Sophia Cooks - 10 måneder siden
he should put a store, with employees and just him and Shane Dawson's pallets, brush baggs, brushes and mirrors just thought it would be cool.
Thekarmasiren - 10 måneder siden
Found this palette at Marshalls for &25! Can’t wait to play with it
maddy's slime channel
maddy's slime channel - 10 måneder siden
Kirbey M
Kirbey M - 10 måneder siden
the kat von d metalic crush sucks
Naya Studer
Naya Studer - 10 måneder siden
Lmaooooo he said wooo I’m feeling pregnant 🤣🤣🤣
Sarah Clark
Sarah Clark - 10 måneder siden
Your skin always looks air brushed and amazing. Do you have any tips you could share? 😋
kindredlamar - 10 måneder siden
I wonder why they sell this palette at TJ Maxx and stuff now ://
LuxurCr3 Tv
LuxurCr3 Tv - 10 måneder siden
When u say oh hi how are u I live
Eri Flowers
Eri Flowers - 10 måneder siden
If i bought makeup for every time jeffree says hi or hello id have a whole ulta or Sephora in my room .
FD Hanee
FD Hanee - 10 måneder siden
I really want to buy the dewy set spray and when it got jeffrreestar approved now i really want buy it😍
Hadley Magaziner
Hadley Magaziner - 11 måneder siden
8:10 : “just kind of delicly”
Hadley Magaziner
Hadley Magaziner - 11 måneder siden
How the fuck does that vinyl work
Alyssa Allen
Alyssa Allen - 11 måneder siden
ABH is a brand that NEVER disappoints. At least for me.
JJ DEL REY - 11 måneder siden
I just got this pallet for Christmas! It’s the nicest pallet I have and I’m so excited to use it!!!!!
Elizabeth Cox
Elizabeth Cox - 11 måneder siden
Just bought this pallet from TJ Maxx and already have the setting spray and highlights. I’ve already played around with the pallet but I can’t wait to try Jeffrees look ☺️❤️
LeanneCouture1 - 11 måneder siden
Hes the best. I don’t even have a slight interest in that makeup the Colors are too much i just love Jeffrey.
MKEL03 - 11 måneder siden
Just bought the pallet at T.J.Maxx for $24
Genevieve Young
Genevieve Young - År siden
Is that a conspiracy pallet prototype, in the pink makeup bag? Around the 1:18 mark?!??
Maria Saenko
Maria Saenko - År siden
10:04 Jeffree lowkey hinting his Blue Blood launch lol
Juliet Easton
Juliet Easton - År siden
How come revolution does a glitter topped palette for £10. Life on the damce floor. So if what u say is true about glitter tops being expensive then surely they wouldn’t make any profit. Google it. I got one and its not gritty just a smooth glitter top the same as the highlights. Not being a hater or shit just wanna know why its the case. Xxxx
Julie Theis
Julie Theis - År siden
"I'm feeling pregnant" - a mood.
Haley Salgueiro
Haley Salgueiro - År siden
i watch jeffree do this and I just want him to do my makeup like PLEASEEE
J.V.R. - År siden
W7 made a dupe of that palette 👍🏻❤
JayCaLog - År siden
I always watch your vlog then after i watch it, literally i go right away in sephora and ulta to buy all you Approved! ⭐️💕🛍
Dylan Allan
Dylan Allan - År siden
Subscribe to my channel please y’all
I will give u gift😍😍😍😍😍😍

Abonnez vous a ma chaîne pour avoir des cadeaux 😳😳
Selena Placencia
Selena Placencia - År siden
why does the pallets look like the box the conspiracy palette comes in?
Angel Subba
Angel Subba - År siden
Destiny Waters
Destiny Waters - År siden
Love bags, buttt can you pretty please make a makeup bow that doesnt look like a tackle box? That would be rad.
Dylan Ginther
Dylan Ginther - År siden
Jeffress haters now forced to stock his items during thr work hours
Bam bitch
Nat Kuhn
Nat Kuhn - År siden
I tried this makeup, I used waaaay too much purple lmao
Kirsten griffey
Kirsten griffey - År siden
Ugh Jeffrey I love your products sooo much they all look so bomb. I hope one day I will get a change to try them 😍
Catelyn Moldenhauer
Catelyn Moldenhauer - År siden
Jeffree: i would literally do a look with just blue
everyone else: bLuE bLoOd
Jazmine Vaval
Jazmine Vaval - År siden
Catelyn Moldenhauer best eyeshadow pallet EVER
73Stargazer - År siden
14:10 love that face!
Sherry Alexander
Sherry Alexander - År siden
Ha haaaa!!! I'm not feeling good right now Jeffrey but you make me laugh so hard
NatNat Nati
NatNat Nati - År siden
Why in the World, is this triple packed?
Dysfunctional - År siden
Alright say it with me!!
Who can’t relate
who can’t relate
Sheila Edgington
Sheila Edgington - År siden
Did you ever think of putting some pockets in the make up bags? Just to keep things a bit more organized.
Salina - År siden
What’s the difference between pressed pigments and eyeshadows?
honeygirl12 - År siden
Salina pressed pigments are extremely pigmented and usually shouldn’t be used for the eyes as they stain. Eyeshadows are better for the eyes and don’t stain. Usually pressed pigments could be good for body art and stuff that you plan to remove. That’s what I think they are.
Laura Vernall
Laura Vernall - År siden
What made you get into make up, xx
Rachel Reynolds
Rachel Reynolds - År siden

Absolutely Nobody:

Jeffree Star: I’m feeling pregnant 😂😂😂
Luxury Doll
Luxury Doll - År siden
Place my order thank you 🥰😇💖
Lisa Becka
Lisa Becka - År siden
Your confidence and honesty is amazing!
Sophie Blue
Sophie Blue - År siden
If only make-up artists wouldn’t encourage consumerism
mimo kurd
mimo kurd - År siden
Wtf ...where is your eyebrows !!؟؟؟
mimo kurd
mimo kurd - År siden
honeygirl12 - År siden
mimo kurd he shaved them off
AK GANG - År siden
Now idk if this is on purpose or merely coincidental but your outfit and back-drop matches the pallet perfectly!!! Love that!!!! Ur a true icon JEFFREE I Stan to the fullest 😍🤩🤗
PloP10 :L
PloP10 :L - År siden
You should review Trisha Paytas Glitter Bitch box
aubrey Aubrey
aubrey Aubrey - År siden
I always listen to you and end up hating everything you suggest except from your brand. This palette sucked ass! Shadows super thin and shimmers are so dull even hard candys shimmers have more glitter and impact
Princess-Eva - År siden
You look like a FUCKING High-Fashion Alien! SO FUCKING COOL!!!!
bay baystar1018
bay baystar1018 - År siden
hi free lipstick how are ya
Ashleigh Cote
Ashleigh Cote - År siden
Who’s here after he deleted the foundation review?
Alana Imboden
Alana Imboden - År siden
I’ll wil get the palette definitely thanks Jeff
Humboldt {Reckless} Beauty
Anastasia is the brand needing your help? Not Mac hmmmmm?
Chaps 99
Chaps 99 - År siden
What's a pressed pigment
ryan johnston
ryan johnston - År siden
Straight boys where you at??.🤢...so gross
ryan johnston
ryan johnston - År siden
Are u trying to spell loser?
Zack Baird
Zack Baird - År siden
ryan johnston oh look. A looser
Brady’s Gammy
Brady’s Gammy - År siden
My great grandmother just orgasmed in her grave over this look. Wish you would’ve brought it a tiny bit more towards outer eye. Perfection as always!
Dylan Ginther
Dylan Ginther - År siden
Living dying gagggging over thissss loook!!!!
Nilay Benli
Nilay Benli - År siden
10:03 I didn't realize it before but he was talking about blue blood here. ugh his mind
smiley racs
smiley racs - År siden
I love You Jeffree Star😘 Pls Help to grow my channel I'm new here on youtube World😘 I love Your Style GOd Bless
Nora matuszewski
Nora matuszewski - År siden
So why can't I find the colors of the highlighters!?? Jefree u forgot to show us the back of the highlighter color, couldn't hear exactly the names!😣
Caislin Canisi
Caislin Canisi - År siden
Is the world ending? I have ads popping up in between Jeffree's videos.
mchiriac 29
mchiriac 29 - År siden
Fuck You bich
tifa khan
tifa khan - År siden
Love your make up